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RIP Willis Reed, The Captain

Throughout the history of the Knicks organization, they have only had six players make the All-NBA first team. They’ve only had five players finish in the top five in the MVP voting.

However, in a league dominated by star players for the most part, the Knicks have only had a single player win MVP, and that man, the Captain, Willis Reed, is now gone.

Let us hope that the Knicks go on a nice playoffs streak to honor Reed.

All my old Unsung Knick History posts are gone, so I reposted the story of Reed and his famous Lakers fight here.

And here‘s a piece I wrote about the unusual circumstances behind the Knicks getting Reed in the SECOND round of the 1964 NBA Draft.

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Both Reed and LaRusso were ejected, and were each fined $50. Head of the NBA referees Dolph Schayes debated suspending Reed, but luckily for Reed, the Knicks had footage of the encounter and it was clear that LaRusso had started it, so Reed was cleared.

My god. Imagine the punishment Willis would have gotten post-Kermit Washington or post-Malice in the Palace.

I can say with certainty that Willis Reed is the sports hero of my lifetime. A little piece of my heart died today.

I have an original of George Kalinsky’s “We Are The Champions” photo in my hallway. It’s hung there for 16 years, and I walk past it every day multiple times. But this morning I actually stopped and looked at it and thought “Willis is so cool, drinking that celebratory beer instead of dicking around with any silly champaign”. Then I log on here a few hours later and read that he’s passed away.

Coincidence? Probably, but all the same, I’m glad I had that moment. Hope he is in heaven right now enjoying another celebratory beer (cause he wasn’t going to be able to drink them at the Garden anymore, anyways).

Now Paul George is hurt. Man, the Western Conference cannot catch a break.

Great story Bo, and great articles Brian. Also thanks for the links, Knick Fan and Z-Man. I guess this is the best to sum it up, from the NYTimes:

“Even as the league’s M.V.P.,” Bradley continued, “he knew that the individual was never as important as the team, and that points were transitory, championships were forever.”

As I was doing my steady cardio on Randalls Island this morning, I passed another regular, who was walking his dog. After exchanging the usual ‘mornings’, he went on to say, ” What a shame about Willis Reed. What a great man.” We had never spoken beyond ‘mornings’ What a legacy Willis left.

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