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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Kings – (Just Like) Starting Over

Time to start a new wining streak, baby!

By the way, what happened to the thing where, like, every other pop song was a parenthetical? Like “Escape (The Pina Colada Song),” “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” “It’s the End of the World (And I Feel Fine),” “Break On Through (To the Other Side),” and, of course, “(Just Like) Starting Over”? I don’t seem to see that as often nowadays.

Anyhow, the Knicks start a big four-game West Coast trip against the surprisingly good Sacramento Kings (that the Kings and the Knicks are two of the top seven teams in the NBA by record is…well…you know…weird), who are scoring like crazy but have a bad defensive squad. The Knicks are scoring like crazy, as well, but defend better, so hopefully the Knicks pull this off.

Jalen Brunson is on track to return to playing tonight, which is fun!

How’s the 49 win prediction looking? As that one dude once said, “Loo-king good.”

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I hesitate to bury any team with Steph Curry on it, but the Warriors are a mess. 77 points to the Ja-less Grizz?

I just don’t see how they right the ship and go on an extended playoff run, something is really off with that team.

I just don’t see how they right the ship and go on an extended playoff run, something is really off with that team.

Probably by relying on the kind of super-elite shooting that has gotten them right back into this game from 18 down at the half in less than 4 minutes.

“ Probably by relying on the kind of super-elite shooting that has gotten them right back into this game from 18 down at the half in less than 4 minutes.”

Yeah but they ain’t winning this one regardless

Btw, anyone going to the KFS watch party Saturday? I’ll be in NYC so I’m thinking about going

Welp, five minutes in my early impression is we’re gonna get destroyed by about 25.

Man, this SAC team is fun, and I think it’s an excellent matchup with us.

*** Warriors are a mess.***

Are you referring to the play where Steph inbounded to Klay, who’s back was turned, and Dillon Brooks picked it up, dunked it, got into Draymond’s face, and Green didn’t punch him? Because that play had pretty much everything you would t expect from the Warriors.

They really have an impressive offense. But we should have been killing them inside. We have to respond to the double teams and get a good ball to the open man

Feels like we’re totally outmatched here. Shades of 2021 first round against the Hawks.

Ja making himself a Ewing Theory candidate again

It’s weird because he’s a good player and his backups are underwhelming. Marcus Camby at 24 was better than Patrick Ewing at 36. Morant-depending on defense-is at worst Memphis’s second most productive player.

Ja is a great player but they never seem to miss him.

Kind of felt the Kings might throw a knockout punch there but still in it

I am having feelings for Josh Hart. Everyone else, woof. Other than Brunson

The Harts are trying to keep us in this game but everyone else seems intent on bricking every shot, what the hell.

Alright, I’m out. It’s not just that we’re getting destroyed here, but that it’s just blindingly obvious that this is the start of a 5+ game skid.

Can’t hit the ocean on offense but still scored 53 points. D was good only when the bench came in. Horrible otherwise. Tough to watch. Hope they pick it up in the 2nd half, otherwise we are in for a long night. Kings are the best offense in the NBA for a reason.

Btw, I’d trade our sloth for a bag of chips at this point, but I am not sure anyone would take him.

Offensive rebounds gave us lots of opportunities, but Brown’s strategy exposed us: pack the paint, and let them beat you from the outside. Well, Knicks missed a TON of open shots in the first half, not to mention already six missed free throws. Still, we put up 53 points. The Knicks problem tonight is defense. No D, no W.

“Time to start a new wining streak, baby!”

Brian, I can’t tell whether you meant winning or whining, please clarify…

I noticed that Brunson was trying to loosen up that foot, now I’m worried…

I’m about 1.5min behind’s live updates, so this is gonna be very late, RJ needs way too much of a runway to get down hill.

Grimes makes snap swing passes, it gives shooters an extra second or two.

Gotta pick it up on D. Make the feel you, make them miss shots. You can’t beat a team when you let them shoot over 60% from the floor. Particularly when you don’t shoot well.

Our starting wings are 0-9 from 3. With Brunson out, our starting wings & 2nd half starting PG are 0-13 from 3.

Whatever happens, we need some stops and I don’t know if this team has it in them. Randle is getting fully exploited.

A for effort in this quarter.

If I wake up and they won this game I will be ok with it.

Sims might be a better match for Sabonis than Hartenstein. Sabonis keeps blowing by Hartenstein.Sims should be able to slide with him at least, of course Sabonis will probably just flip it over Sims. Also, Sims will be terrible stopping any other action.

Give them and Thibs credit – they are fighting, they don’t quit. Hart is playing out of his mind. His best game as a Knick.

Grimes hit one from his cold zone

I should have gone to bed. Sucked me back in

Defense looks a lot better. RJ is on the bench. I don’t think he can navigate screens at all, the Kings use a lot of screens.

Kept the best offense in the NBA to 22 points in the 3rd quarter. Nice! Let’s hope the Knicks have enough energy to continue pushing in the 4th.

11 points left on the free throw line in the first three quarters. Absolutely unacceptable!

It’s important to remember that we’re just straight up better than the Kings

Brunson out. Quickley MIA. Barrett his normal self. Missed free throws.

..and only down 1?

Mike Brown seems like a really fun coach based on the 30sec interview they had

23.8% from three with less that 6 minutes to go. How many open shots? Man oh man!

And we’ve absolutely brutalized them on the offensive glass… The possession that led to the RJ 3 to tie was something else. Since then… Not so good.

Should have known better than to turn the game back on just because it was tied — bam, immediate 7-0 run. Sorry guys.

I always complain that IHart gets the worst whistle in the NBA, but have to admit some of the fouls he commits are plain stupid

Quick started reading Knicks clickbait about how expensive his next contract is gonna be.

Fatigue sets in the fourth. Bad decisions and turnovers. Sad. They gave it all they had.

Is there anyone more likely to turn the ball over in a key possession after TO than Randle?

A vintage Dubious Handles moment to end the game, unfortunately.

Sacramento is pretty good so I won’t be too bothered by this, but it sucks that it feels like we lost the game more than they won it.

The last 2 games you get a good idea of this team down the stretch without Brunson. Not pretty.

It’d be nice to have a 3pt shooter when we’re down instead of RJ going for 2 every time

It’d be nice to have a 3pt shooter when we’re down instead of RJ going for 2 every time

It was baffling.

Grimes had a nice spurt there but we need more from him. And if IQ plays like this, we ain’t winning.

Props to De’Aaron Fox, he was tremendous.

I thought he was going to be a superstar in the NBA. Then he looked so bad as a rookie. Then he rebounded as a sophomore and I thought, “Okay, here it comes!” Then years of poor play and I was out on him and then, suddenly, “Oh, okay, superstar time!” Crazy, man. You know that’s why these types of players always get drafted high even when you don’t know if they’ll ever learn to shoot, because if/when they do…hoooooo boy.

As awful, absolutely awful their shooting was, they still scored 117 points. They got about a million offensive rebounds. Where is the problem, then? They gave up 30 points in the first, 39 in the second, 31 in the fourth. Yep.

Grimes should have played more in the fourth. IQ the chief culprit with Randle right by his side. That’s two straight stinkers from them- its going to be a very interesting weekend without Brunson.

I am more upset by the loss to the Hornets that this one. Tonight, they lost to a good team. Plus, they would have won, had their shooting been simply poor to awful, instead of awful to unprofessional OR had their first half defense been respectable.

We know they are not a good shooting team. It’s their defense that gives them Ws. They are still undefeated when their opponent scores 110 points or less. It is 27 or 28-0, if I remember correctly. One needs no more stats that this one.

I’d love to see what the live odds for IQ for Sixth Man of the Year have looked like over the last few days. I bet it was some rollercoaster shit.

If you wanna take something positive from this loss, Josh Hart was fucking awesome.

* Kings are really good at exploiting bad defenders

* Why did Atlanta give up Kevin Huerter?

* We really took the efg%/ORB split to the extreme tonight

I’m not worried about either loss in the macro sense. Randle and IQ played like shit and Brunson got hurt, that’s gonna lose you games, and yet they were still in it at the end. That’s not something that worries me overall. If Randle and IQ go into slumps and Brunson is really hurt, then okay, I’ll be concerned. But for now, whatever, not really much of a big deal, and it was impressive they came as close as they could to winning. In fact, Sacramento and the Western Conference, in general, have to be embarrassed as how hard it was for the Kings to put the Knicks down tonight. A super cold Knicks team still almost pulled this out based on sure grit. That’s not what you want to see while playing another team as the #2 seed in a conference. If you’re a #2 seed and the other team is cold as shit, you better win that game outright.

They fought till the end, never quit, despite poor first half and shots not falling all game. Not many teams would do that. That’s another positive.

Yeah, the West looks like garbage this year. Where would Denver rank right now if it played in the East? 4th? 5th?

Why did Atlanta give up Kevin Huerter?

I was just saying the other day that the Kings have been on the other end of these inexplicable trades, and now they’re on the winning side. The Hawks just decided to dump a key rotation guy for simply money reasons, right before the rest of the team forgot how to shoot threes. Hilariously inept from ownership in Atlanta to push that trade. No way was that a GM deal.

The only thing that concerned me about this game was RJ’s train of thought at the end going for twos with no timeouts and time running down. That showed a shocking lack of game intelligence.

“That showed a shocking lack of game intelligence.”

as gomer once said…”surprise, surprise, surprise”…

The thing that concerns me about RJ-the sloth, is RJ himself. He is on the trading block this off season for sure, as has been since last summer, from what I know.

Last note of the night, Mitch went out with 5min left in the third and didn’t come back. We were down 14 at the time.

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