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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Heat – Eight Days a Week?

The Knicks head to South Beach to take on the Heat as the Knickerbockers both try to knock the Heat out of any real possibility of getting the #5 seed, while also A. trying to win their eighth straight game and B. trying to inch closer to taking the #4 seed from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Knicks’ recent play has led to the return of the 49-win tracker!

Are the Knicks on track to win 49 games? I think they have a very good shot at it now, really. They’ll need 12 wins. They can totally do that, especially if they keep winning seven games in a row like this.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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49 was your bet on the wins prediction thread? Mine was 41, and i’m very happy it turned out to be wrong.

Heat fans should be arriving in about 1 hour, and departing at approximately 9:45

Let’s get excited people!!

Our closing lineup:

* 4 players averaging 4.0+ asts/36
* 4 players shooting 34.7% or above
* 3 elite defenders
* 4 elite rebounders

They can drive, pass, shoot, defend. Lots of versatility. This team is built for the playoffs where teams try to exploit your weak links. The Knicks have very few.

Also, if you don’t like blockquote, you can do a string of dashes to make a line. It’s low effort and clearer than quotes

we should be putting love into the pnr against mitch every play instead of iso’ing rj on gabe vincent

Looks like they’re not going to let Brunson shoot…

Unfortunately that means that Barrett will…

In fairness to Heat fans, a basketball game is the worst way to spend Friday night in Miami. Even all the Knicks fans aren’t there!

Gotta let RJ get his shots in early so he doesn’t feel as bad when he gets benched for the last 30min

Thank god that’s Barrett’s second foul. Take him out before he tank commands this one!

That endless dribble ending in a cough-up was just putrid.

If this team was really as dedicated to winning as Thibs says, someone would step on RJ’s foot and make sure he twisted his ankle. This guy cannot be on an NBA court for a good team.

Tough foul on Quickley. That clip gave you a sense of what kind of physicality Butler possesses.

I kinda feel like we’re just fated to lose this game because things have been going way too well for us of late, and probably way too poorly for the Heat. Kevin Love always seems to ball out against us ever since that 30 point, 30 rebound game.

Also, it’s one of those nights where Brunson is a 60% FT shooter.

I feel like the heat gave given us all they have this quarter and we’re still on top.

Randle says Pagliacci is an ignorant so-and-so.

Sorry, 1st quarter Julius, I forgot you’re actually the best player in the league these days!

Unlearning 30 years of fan PTSD is a long journey indeed.

all nba julius it seems…he’s just so incredibly loose and confident out there…

like he’s taking full advantage of his physicality and added incredible composure…

we all need ju’s therapist in our life…

Brunson on Wednesday: 39 points on 99% TS

Randle today: “Hold my beer.”

Hopefully we’ll keep possessed Julius for the playoffs.

Can we just take a minute and appreciate that we have TWO guys who can just completely take over games.

I will never understand why anyone would think RJ is/was better than IQ

Also, what was the music that MSG went out too. Love that. Very Ibiza after party.

Anybody know of a good way to stream the game or where I can watch it? Just moved and don’t have cable yet

One reason I’d like to go to the finals is so the Knicks City Dancers can show the rest of the world what real choreography (and actual dancing) looks like.

I will never understand why anyone would think RJ is/was better than IQ

I thought we weren’t doing this anymore? 😉

You’re right, though. I hadn’t been paying enough attention to Immanuel’s improvement this year.

Quickley reminds me of a good shooting John Starks and I’m in love with him.

It’s mind boggling. We just scored 37 points in the first quarter. Then we started scoring in the second quarter and Miami had to call a time out. My mind is definitely boggled despite being on a plane and only being able to follow the box score via slow internet.

Raven , yes 100%.

JollyRoger, are you willing just to watch and ignore the Chinese commentary over the local stream? If so try

Kudos to the kid — three good minutes of Barrett. If it would only last…

This team used to screw up the break all the time. With Hart running it I knew we were going to get an easy basket. He does so many things well. What a robbery!!!

I wonder what RJ would play like if he got in the kind of shape Randle is in this summer? It’s got to be possible to add a little more explosiveness…

Good RJ sighting! That’s a nice surprise to keep the team afloat while Randle rests a bit.

RJ is scoring because everyone else is doing good work on the defensive end. Team effort!

We criticize RJ for not being a great athlete but compared to the Heat wing players he’s Vince Carter.

Thing is, I do think it’s possible RJ could become a plus player. But it would be somewhat surprising.

Finally a couple of shitty plays by Hart! Almost reassuring to see, his impression of an all-NBA player was getting way too convincing.

Trivia: Jalen, Julius, Melo, Patrick, Bernard? Could it be that easy?

I don’t think Lin got it.

I want Jimmy Butlers knee guy

Insanely difficult baseline floater there from JR

Butler has to be the worst great player to watch. Nothing fun at all about his game.

I can’t believe anyone was stupid enough to think Josh Hart isn’t worth one lottery protected first.

We’re playing at home, right? Let’s go Knicks! Let’s go Knicks! Let’s go Knicks!

Been watching opposing teams’ streams for awhile now, and there is a palpable difference in how they talk about us these days.

The Heat broadcast team has been going on and on about the potency of our offense and it’s been delicious to listen to.

Great close to the half. I think we’re grinding them down and we’re already up plenty.

We only scored 34 points in the second quarter. What a disappointment.

Gotta stay locked in the 2nd half. Don’t even let the Heat sniff a comeback.

I honestly don’t what the hell is happening. I feel like I am in a bit of shock actually.

Josh Hart is making me reevaluate life

And the Nets are beating the Celtics. Which is nuts because they were down like 44-22

Also, just give Josh Hart a blank piece of paper and let him write whatever numbers he wants, then sign him.

On the other hand, Quickley sucks. Minus one in the plus-minus.

I love plus-minus. It’s like free cocaine. incredibly stupid but fun.

It just feels unreal to have a Knicks team look so solid.

I know! That’s what’s weird about this streak. It’s been a number of games since we’ve even looked at all beatable.

When I posted the other day that the Knicks would go 15-3 if they beat the teams that had a worse record than them I didn’t think much of it. Now…..????

Just going to offer the obligatory acknowledgement that this will probably be the absolute peak of our season and we will end up losing this game in catastrophic fashion

Y’all see that look Jimmy Buckets gave Julius? They’re plotting already.

That too-low pass from Grimes to Jalen is a good example of what we were talking about – had to bring it up and then shoot, missed

Celtics Nets was like 20-3 and I put the game on during halftime and the Celtics were getting booed by their own fans and MIkal Bridges had 31 points

One of our classic collapses feels so incredibly due right now that I won’t feel comfortable until it does happen

Owen, I demand that you predict we’re going to finish off the blowout we were working on in the first half!

This one is going to hurt

(Unless Randle’s season long heat check continues)

Nah KBA, as much as blowing this game would suck it wouldn’t be close to the worst loss of the season.

Just going to offer the obligatory acknowledgement that this will probably be the absolute peak of our season and we will end up losing this game in catastrophic fashion

Damn you Owen

Luka made pretty damn sure that the worst loss of the season is already on the books so it’s pretty much found money from here on in.

“losing this game in catastrophic fashion”

Jalen Brunson is saying fuck you right now.

Brunson has some sort of ankle sprain. Damn it!

Is this confirmed!? If so then goddammit, it’s the worst loss of the season.

Well, Owen, if you were trying to take the heat off Z-Man, you succeeded.

Hopefully Julius got the heat checks out of him. No pun intended.

Ok, we’re still alive, somehow! Thanks to the refs for that very very generous call, it alleviates a bit of my hatred against Butler’s constant foul baiting.

I’m at the pig and whistle near the garden. Be here till the end of the game, in case, Hubert wants to settle things once and for all.

Hasn’t been vintage Mitch tonight.

One of the least impactful games I can remember from him

No chance we’re winning this game with Brunson out. Randle has shot so well that the chance of Bad Randle emergence is close to 100%.

We’ve already seen the signs on his last few takes. Worst loss of the season.

I bet Mitch is also hurt from when he went down grabbing his knee.

If Herro doesn’t keep hot, we’re going to win this.
(i’m trying to reverse the Owen jinx)

I’m at the pig and whistle near the garden. Be here till the end of the game, in case, Hubert wants to settle things once and for all.

I can’t believe you’re drinking and posting on a Friday. How unusual.

But ok. I’ll be right there. Let’s fight.

I’m the 6 foot 8 inch mean-looking Eastern European. When you see me, punch me in the face.

The fact that the Heat get so much production from these scrubs annoys me a lot, I can’t wait until Spoelstra retires or just leaves Miami.

I seriously don’t understand why people hated Harden so much for the foul baiting, but won’t comment on Butler shooting this many. It’s just infuriating.

Bruno, it’s because Butler at least has the decency to foul bait on twos, like our forefathers did.

I mean, if we lost this it would be far from a bad loss but I REALLY want this one

Bruno, Harden did the same thing over and over and over again until you ground your molars into powder. At least Butler does various things to draw fouls.

It’s not much, but it’s all I got.

Well, no matter what happens. It can’t be all bad tonight because the Celtics lost to the nets…

Why Z-Man? We were never catching the Celtics but could still be caught by the Nets.

I wonder how many lurkers are going to come forward and lay into Owen if we lose this.

I don’t even know which one of the Martin twins this one is, and the fucker keeps scoring.

Do the Heat ever stop just throwing themselves on the ground inside the paint to get free throws?

If i saw it correctly, Jimmy looked like he hit Mitch in the head going to help Martin get up. Now that would be a dirty play.

Can’t see how we win this. Jimmy Butler just gets free throws every possession from now until the end of the game.

jfc there was literally no contact on that last one.

I absolutely can and will hate on Butler for the fake bravado every day of the week.

Hahahahaha. These are not your grandma’s Knicks. Hahahaha. Now get Brunson some ICE!!!

I don’t think we’d have to give up more than one first round pick to get rid of Randle

Can we please vote to have a fucking cease fire between posters and enjoy this magic for the rest of the season!?

Next up Boston – one of the 3 games where the opponent has a better record than the Knicks. THAT is gonna be a huuuuuuge game!

Heat fans must be fuming, all 100 of them that were in the arena at the end.

Lol ok, Z-Man. I’m here. Come outside. I’m the guy with the flashlight checking IDs. First punch is free.

What is this feeling I am experiencing right now, fellas? Is this… joy? Is it possible to feel joy regarding this basketball team? Because it sure as shit feels like joy!

In days of yore we would have been on the losing end of that craziness.

A new day has dawned!!

This makes up for Tim Hardaway’s bullshit game winning 3pter in 2000 that basically won them the division.

I mean, the rumbling bumbling stumbling quality of that last possession, quintessential Randle

The Heat had 15 more free throw attempts. Total garbage and we still won!

DRed gotta be RJ last year vs Boston. But before that shit probably gotta go back to JR Smith’s 2 buzzer beaters in the 54 win season.

Hey BBA, you have to start naming the wins, because we refuse to lose from now on. 😀

I’m still very surprised we won…

not really rooting for a particular team, but looking forward to watching jokic and ja go at it…

wow, brunson, julius, mitch is a really strong 3…back that up with quik, jhart, ihart and grimes…

go knicks…

I’m just pissed Cyber cause my brother and I were planning on going to the game tonight but he had to go out of town for work. Last year we went to the game the Knicks got blown out and missed the comeback win, hoping if we make it to the game on the 22nd we don’t get a repeat scenario from last year lol

I think the team was bored by games where they lead from the beginning till the end and tried to give us a thriller win. Mission f*ck*ng accomplished. And being from the 90s, i hate Miami the most. Great win!

What’s kind of funny is Randle had a classic Randle turnover that led to the go ahead Herro basket.

If he doesn’t make that shot that’s what we’d be talking about.

That’s our best game winning shot since . . .I don’t even know.

Jeremy Lin on Valentine’s Day? Allan Houston on the same court?

We’ve seen a lot of those shots go against the Knicks, but rarely do you see the Knicks get one of them. That was pretty amazing. And Mitch with the clincher. Wow.

I know you’re not my #1 fan BBA but I gotta say I fucking love your long memory and encyclopedic knowledge of distant regular season games.

Also, it really was nice to see the crowd go nuts for it. Miami really has some of the worst fans in terms of supporting their team.

Also the craziest thing about that possession, as terrible as it was, once that shot went up I knew it was good. It looked perfect.

Hubert the real sad part is I have an external hard drive of around 100 Knicks games from 1990-2000! Virtually every single playoff game plus a bunch of regular season games, I have them separated in individual folders for each season.

If there was a Jeopardy category for Yankees and Knicks history from the mid 1980’s to present day I’d be Ken Jennings lol

And Randle’s son doesn’t even have to go to school tomorrow. He can stay out late tonight for the post game. 😂

People made jokes about Randle being in the three point contest- he’s 27 of 54 since the break.

What happened at the end of the game that was spectacular? My internet cut out when we descended below 10,000 feet

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