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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Wizards

The Knicks have a bit of a harder stretch coming up, so it is very important that they take care of business against a bit of a spiraling Washington team that will actually have its full starting lineup for the first time in a long while (unless I’m missing someone).

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I guess I’m the only one left stupid enough to watch this game. What a shit show to start.

So this was the trap game. Makes sense. KP looking for garden glory. Beale not wanting to miss playing here too.

Knicks lose this one by 15

I don’t think the Wiz will shoot 60% from 3 all game, so i’m not worried… yet!

Those loose ball fouls hurt. Mostly great shooting though. Kuzma’s three was impressive.

Isn’t it amazing how these guys come into MSG and hit everything? Our defensive philosophy doesn’t change. A little bit of me believes in the home court disadvantage for us bc guys get super up to play here.

We badly need a dead eye 3 point shooter. We just don’t have that guy in the rotation.

Next Hart contract has to have a rebound incentive. No more taps to nowhere, please.

I was excited that Sims was coming in because I thought Thibs had finally seen enough of Hart. Turns out it’s because Mitch is hurt.

Seems like we’re lucky to be down only 8…

Well, if they weren’t hot from 3P in the 1st quarter this would probably be a 2 point game, so i don’t know which team is having more luck.

Yeah, we need a good game from Sims. When he picked 2 quick fouls i got worried, but then he cooled down… to match his expression. 😀

I feel like when we are out on the break we rarely find open 3’s on the wing. It feels by design.

Depends how serious it is…it can be very painful and make it impossible to grab a ball…

Absolutely awful Randle game on both ends. His process on offense has been dogshit, let alone the results.

That was one of the worst defense plays Obi has ever executed … and then just fading under the basket … wtf was that

Signs of life from the non-Randle group. Keep him on the bench at least to start the 4th.

If the Knicks can find a way to make a few 3’s they could claw back. Can’t win a game in this NBA with 4 3’s.

i was going to make that ghost comment. rj even ignored him streaking and pointing for the lob to instead lead jalen brunson under the backboard. are we absolutely sure obi exists.

You can tell Obi just isn’t having as much fun anymore… he’s no world beater but he puts up with quite possibly the worst franchise and scheme for his growth and opportunity …

Old enough to remember when Obi Toppin would give us life in games like these. Dude’s been invisible for months.

Wizards are big and can shoot … at least for tonight … we are slow and shitty and can’t shoot

Obi likely isn’t good… I’ve come to that conclusion… can he ball out against scrubs late in season, sure… he’s like the rest of these guys you wait for development … before you know it they’re 28 and barely on rosters… this feels like Obis destiny

Last time i checked only tanking teams had a losing record at home and… the Knicks!

Looking at the schedule actually 4 of the next 5 games are on the road so that’s even better.

Kuzma made Randle look like a tree stump

IQ is lively. Wizards are not a terrible bad team.

So now we get to mount our huge ridiculously implausible comeback where we make a ton of threes and the other team alternatingly iso’s into a terrible shot, misses free throws, and fouls us on 3PA, right?


That was very lucky to not have it go in when they got the board so many time, so this is huge.

Okay, after those blown tip-ins, maybe there’s still a chance!

“They call the foul on Randle?!” Dude, he straight out smacked KP’s arm to knock the ball out of bounds. How was it not a foul?

Major props to Kyle Kuzma for donating a million bucks to Flint, Michigan.

Luckily, Randle’s playing enough minutes to keep his 15+ rebound streak going!

Mitch appears to an important element of our team from watching the last quarter

Also Clyde is the best

Knicks from 3pt range 7 for 26, Wizards 16 for 42. That’s the only stat needed to describe this game.

Tremendous game for Clyde tonight, topped off by the cherry blossom uniform humor.

“Mitch appears to an important element of our team from watching the last quarter”

Before he got hurt, Mitch’s +/- was -12 in 9 minutes so his absence wasn’t the main problem tonight…

The Wizards are better than their record. Beal has missed a bunch of games and when he was playing they were often missing other players. They moved the ball well tonight.

I can see them making a little run at us the rest of the way if they stay healthy and maybe add some defense at the deadline.

KP’s length was definitely an issue for us at times when players were trying to go inside. Guys were stopping their drives and throwing it back out or shooting off balance.

“Before he got hurt, Mitch’s +/- was -12 in 9 minutes so his absence wasn’t the main problem tonight…”

I wasn’t paying close enough attention tonight, but the Wizards are not such a great matchup for Mitch. If he guards KP or they play 5 out by not playing Gafford he’s going to get taken out of the paint or give up some open 3s. That reduces his value defensively and on the boards.

vs Cleveland

Could be an ugly scene by early next week…see if Thibs is still clinging to this joke of a 2nd unit…

just started season 3 episode 1…

ha, hard not to be a big fan of North Hollywood Henry…

one of my favorite characters to come along in a while…

toughest thing about the first two seasons of Barry though – trying not to think about how much the guy Bill Hader looks like Hughie from The Boys…

I don’t know…maybe a lot of white people do kind of look alike…

Well the good news is that we moved up a couple of draft slots on both picks…

And the Hawks won’t be desperate for a win after beating the Mavs!

At least the Knicks didn’t lose by making a clear path foul on what should have been a take foul down 1 with 7 seconds left, like the Lakers did. Two free throws, an actual take foul and two more free throws later, it was a five point deficit and game over.

This team is both maddening and completely boring. If a team could be useless middle management, that would be the Knicks. Please blow it up, Rose.

This team is not going to be blown up. Either they will trade for a star or tinker around the edges.

We’re definitely a part of the Great Middle in the East. I don’t think there is a whole lot of separation between NYK, MIA, ATL, TOR, WAS, CHI, and IND assuming something close to full health. Anything can happen in these last 36 games. My guess is (and has always been) that we wind up somewhere in the play-in, with a ceiling at #6 and a floor at #11. If I had to bet right now it would be something in the 9-10 range.

Which is ultimately fine by me, It would mean incremental improvement in a substantially improved EC.

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