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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Future Knick O.G. Anunoby’s Raptors

The Knicks head to Toronto to avenge a recent tough loss they had to the Raptors at the Garden. Since they’re on the road, the Knicks should be in good shape for a win in this one.

Hopefully they can get a good look at future knicks O.G. Anunoby.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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To be clear from last thread I’m not saying IQ is definitively better than RJ, just that the currently better player is debatable.

I’m glad we have both right now and would happily stand pat at the deadline. We need both to usage soak.

Fwiw, RJ seems to fit in better with Randle & Brunson (albeit IQ has a small sample). There was a lot of my turn, your turn last game.

reference kemba…not to say this is his path, but, if someone couldn’t get a job playing basketball in the US – where else in the world would be the best spot to go play?

city, country, league

The Knicks have the better record and better results in their last ten games than Toronto per the ESPN preview, but Toronto is favored. That is odd to me. Even though I agree this will be a tough game for us.

Steph Curry, Julius Randle – pretty much the 2 greatest 3 point shooters in NBA history

Randle is killing but the rest of the starters are too small and slow for the Raps.

I was about to say it’s fun watching record setting offense from a Knick but then a three was changed to a two so he didn’t tie the record for threes in a quarter. But it was still fun watching.

Back to back idiocy to close the quarter. I’m enjoying a really nice bottle of Chianti. They are screwing up this great buzz. Damn it!

Disgusting end of the quarter. Instead of a two for one we got a minus two for one

“Randle is killing but the rest of the starters are too small and slow for the Raps.”

It’s a tough matchup for us and those long athletic players on Toronto are no accident. That’s Masai’s profile these days.

OG must not want to come to the Gah-den, because he’s definitely not showing out.

We sure as hell don’t need Gary Trent, but the man can definitely score the ball.

Maybe we should ask for 6 first rounders for Julius on that contract locked up. 😂😜

I love Wally but Wally should be commentating in North Korea. He would feel comfortable there.

You can sort of understand why the Raptors record is so poor, their bench is putrid.

I love Wally but Wally should be commentating in North Korea. He would feel comfortable there.


edit: oops, yeah, i don’t love wally…not so sure i even like him…the whole north korea stuff works for me though…

A bottle of Chianti and the Knicks knocking down 3s make beautiful music together.

Thad Young is straight out of the Pleistocene. I remember him being much more jacked back in the day

IQ picking up his 3rd foul forcing Deuce to play final few minutes of the half killed the Knicks.

This game has taken a major turn for the worse

And the Hornets scored 51 points in the first quarter? What a crazy NBA season.

Randle’s shot selection really deteriorated after that hot start. That’s his typical pattern. It’s funny because RJ’s shot selection usually deteriorates after a bad start.

A quick perusal of the plus minus numbers suggest we need a buttered croissant out there

That’s some bullshit from FVV. Did not call bank

Mitch can’t bring that ball down

Huge break in the final seconds of the quarter to be up 3 instead of tied going into the 4th.

Randle??? What an F’n moron. Why don’t you just hold the ball straight into a critical TO?

Gonna give props to Mitch this game. He was looking troubled the last few, but he’s been a man among boys again tonight.

I should be able to change the channel right now, but no lead is safe with this team.

There are mistakes and there are moronic plays that defy tolerance at the professional level. The Knicks commit multiple plays that fall into the latter category every single game. It’s so sickening.

Really unbelievable. The Knicks literally can’t get the ball in, it’s like they’re kindergartners. And not a single actual offensive set in the last couple of minutes. Not one.

The Raptors have a very good defense when they lock in because they have so much length and athleticism, but this is pathetic.

Their defense also becomes non existent late as well…. We haven’t gotten one stop … not one in last 3 minutes

It’s really both sides of the ball late … they foul or give up points … no stops

Raptors defenders have their hands all over the ball handlers on every play stop whining.

This challenge doesn’t make sense… the ball goes out of bounds on Barnes anyway … they can foul now or foul in the next 2 seconds … what’s the difference …

Now if this becomes a jump ball situation because it’s overturned .. the rule is fucked

If I were married to Wally I would stab him to death in his sleep and no court in the world would convict me.

Can someone clarify if they would have jumped that up on an overturn even tho it clearly went out on Barnes

Catastrophic brain farts of the night: IQ putting up a quick shot on an offensive rebound, Mitch reaching in on FVV in the backcourt.

They ran the Hart-Mitch thing out there, which looked utterly ghastly and yet the Knicks ran up the score despite a comedy of errors. So what do I know.

I’d have thunk Sims with his size and quick feet would have done well against their front court. But again…

***If we have to give up RJ I would have second thoughts. He will mature, and when he does I think we’ll be glad we held onto him.***

RJ Barrett’s NBA age is 7824 minutes. That’s pretty old. I don’t have the time nor the subscription to stathead to put that amount of NBA experience into proper perspective, but cherry picking a few historically famous late-bloomers: Lowry made his jump around 5000 minutes played, Gerald Wallace made his lead around 3500 minutes played. Billups right around RJ’s current 7800 mark, and Jermaine O’Neal also around 7800. So the door isn’t closed to Barrett becoming a real impact player in the league, but has anybody really morphed into a player of pro significance after 8000 minutes of negative BPM (or any other metric that captures the picture)?

the answer to various versions of this question is going to be demar derozan…. he’s not the only one but the closest comp…. which also does not mean exact comp…

Yeah, DeRozan is a good one. He’s had a unique path. But even DeRozan, by his 9000th minute, was an all star. Barring an amazing next 6 weeks, Barrett isn’t likely to match that.

The end of that game was preposterously bad. Knicks were running a prevent offense without that one bucket from Brunson I think they lose this game.

Whoever said that about the refs was right. They let the Raps get away with a lot once they were way behind and it was late. During the comeback against the Bucks there was a play where Siakam just shoved a guy out of bounds. It’s a nice hack I guess.

I do give them credit for running a press. Takes me back to Pitino.

If you are going to put Mitchenstein out there I feel like Deuce should not. be there orchestrating.

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