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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Mavericks. The Knicks Head to Their Home Away Home, Which Is, You Know, Anywhere But Home

The Knicks head to Dallas to take on the Mavericks, and since they’re away from the Garden, they’ll have their road court advantage that they’ve had for some weird reason this season.

So hopefully the Knicks beat the Mavericks, which will also help to make the Mavericks’ first round pick better for the Knicks this draft.

Let’s go, Knicks, get back to the winning streak!

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— Julius ‘Randle’ Caesar

Unfortunately, Raven, gotta report that that quote is from Mark Antony in the play.

Here’s one for Julius Randle Caesar: “I am as constant as the Northern Star.”

Damn it.

Nice quote tho for JR. Feels like ‘I am a stable genius.’

Brunson news is a huge bummer for both watchability and winnability.

The Derrick Rose Game?

Can’t watch the game but watching your guys quote Shakespeare is fine.

What did Mitch do?

Grimes better start missing. This efficiency is absolutely tanking his usage.

Sticking Randle on Bullock is funny. We’re stealing the Hawks’ strategy against us.

I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Thibs put in Svi. He can really shoot and the bench needs scoring.

I should have known it’d be Rose. And a thirty point quarter without Barrett or Brunson is good. But I don’t know if we can keep it up.

Stuck on the Mavs cast, big homers but they did their homework and talk the Knicks factoids as well as anyone.

Barrett out for the game, no specifics. Randle on the bench with three fouls in the first. Rose sighting. This is gonna be a weird one.

To quote another ancient: Are you not entertained?

Surviving the non-Randle minutes is somewhat impressive but then again the Mavs are playing a bunch of guys who weren’t good enough to be New York Knicks

Gotta love the shorthanded effort tonight but not sure how sustainable it is. Glad we didn’t trade Mitch for Isaiah Stewart and a 2nd.

I generally have no complaints about Randle’s play, but those heat check 3’s drive me fucking nuts

Grimes’ defense has been pretty bad the past few games but loving his aggressiveness on offense tonight.

All in all excellent 1st half for the Knicks but the dreaded 3rd quarter is on the horizon.

Randle should be fined $100K for each time that he takes a shot in the last 10 seconds of a quarter that is not an assisted bunny.

Man, really gonna need to watch this later when I’m free.

Mitch post-ups?!

IQ with 11 assists at half!

Grimes only 4-5 misses from a big game!

Wow. What a half.

Mitch posting by design!! (WHAT?).
Grimes with urgency.
Sims gotta simmer down, though.

Big story to me is that IQ is totally locked in tonight. I’m starting to trust his instincts and court vision even when his shot is not falling. Lotta nice passes and team management. (no jinx, please)

I still think we’re pretending to be a fast team that can score at will (which led to sadness and madness in the last few games), but let’s make it so. WE CAN SCORE AT WILL 😉

It is a fun game, although it helps that no matter where you look there are Knicks everywhere…

Hart played a bit. 2/3.

PS — without RJ and Brunson, the ball is (seems to be?) going to every single Knick before a shot. Of course, we want those guys back, but it’s worth noting the (eye test) result. Whether we have enough shooters to finish will be interesting to see.

Non-Deuce Knicks are 16/24 from three

Edit: read the box score wrong, but it’s still 13/25 which is crazy

I guess with Brunson out someone had to take shoots, Unfortunately for Mavericks the guy is more efficient.

I have aired many grievances about the 2021 drat so it’s only fair I say we very well may have picked the single best player left on the board at #25

Okay Q4. This is the thing we’ve all talked about. We can stay with folks, but can we close? Let’s go!!

Watching the Mavs really gives you an appreciation for Luka, because you get to see how terrible the rest of them are

“Hahn is such an upgrade over Wally filling in for Clyde.”

Well to be fair he’s got a pulse and speaks English…

Deuce has the yips from 3 but he’s had multiple successful switches on to Luka tonight and has shown some other forms of life on offense. He’s tough to quit.

Hart is just a generic big if he isn’t passing like in LA. Not sure what to do with him

*whispers* this game isn’t great for the theory that we desperately need RJ Barrett’s usage

I sort of don’t think there’s any point of caring about basketball games with these new refs.

Thibs is new doc rivers of late game coaching … and the free throws… deuce hits both and this game is completely over …

Man, my feed stopped working and Dallas did something, I don’t know what, to get it to overtime

> Man, my feed stopped working and Dallas did something, I don’t know what, to get it to overtime

Satan came out on the court and said the Knicks will never win a championship due to the sins of the owner. He gave the Mavs a 2 pointer with 1 second left.

Who cares if the pick conveys, it’s just gonna get traded for future 1st rd picks with a million protections.

The Knicks collapsing in the last minute of this game down 2 starters means they’re not better when they’re fully healthy?

(maybe this is a bad time to bring it up, but the foul the guy rather than let him shoot the 3 strategy took a hit there…)

Ugh. It was an amazing game until the last 26 seconds. They’ve got to make the foul shots if they want to close out games. But there was a lot to like in the way they performed in regulation. Tough L.

The Knicks scored 7 points in the last minute of regulation while blowing a 9 point lead, which is insane.

“Okay Q4. This is the thing we’ve all talked about. We can stay with folks, but can we close?”

Not … yet.

Just saw the replay of Luka rebounding his own missed foul shot at the end of regulation. Grimes and McBride both had it and fumbled it right to Luka.

The Knicksiest of Knicksiest plays, one for the ages.

Guys, ridiculous loss obviously, but 3 of these 4 losses were fluky. Siakam dropped 50, Bulls free throw meltdowns, and Luka’s historic night and injuries did all this.

It sucks and is the Knicksiest outcome possible but this hasn’t changed many of my thoughts regarding the team.

It really came down to McBride going 5-6 instead of 6-6 down stretch from line … tough free throws…

That’s it. Time to start trading some folks. Outside of Brunson and Grimes, everyone is expendable, especially given how many players they left unplayed on the bench. That was a trash loss and Thibs need to go.

Our old friends had a few chances to really F us and they couldn’t … bullock and Timmy couldn’t buy one

I don’t like the backpedaling D on dinwiddie.. it was giving him his rhythmic advantage… the shot he practices a billion times … quick jab to basket .. a dribble … pull up 3 from dead on … toooooo comfy

Yeah man frustrations aside this 4 game losing streak really has been flukey while the winning streak was pretty legit when you look at the point differential, the Knicks at 18-17 are actually slightly underperforming their expected record. But it’s just so emotionally draining watching losses like this and it just re-emphasizes the bullshit we’ve had to watch and deal with since the day JVG quit as head coach.

Derrick Rose officially well done… I think arcidiacono could give us more at this juncture

Tough loss. This is what “play the kids” looks like. They will grow from these end of game experiences.

It also gets tiresome when almost every game the best player on the court plays for the other team.

i mean we managed to dodge the other teams’ best players during the win streak and the season…. and overall we’ve basically had one of the easiest schedules in the league if you account for that….

lady luck will take things away as much as it will giveth… and this is sort of what that looks like…. and we’re still ahead all things considered….

if you want an indication of how good we are… we are now 18-17 and amongst 4 teams between the 6th and 9th seeds with half a game separating everyone… that’s much closer to where we should be than whatever that win streak was….

If you had told any of us before the game we’d lose in OT without 2 of our starters, and that Grimes, Quickley and Randle would all have great games, we’d be pretty satisfied

It was obviously the nature of the loss that was vomit inducing, but big picture, a lot of positives.

I mean, when Jalen Brunson misses the game entirely and RJ Barrett gets hurt a minute in and you go into overtime and yet still only play nine dudes? That’s just dumb. It’s just flat out dumb. It’s “Winning today’s game matters more than anything” thinking, which is, you know, dumb. What the fuck is up with this bullshit?

I don’t knock the players, they played a heck of a game in this loss. It was a thrilling game, and Grimes was magnificent, but you lose a starter a minute into the game, while playing without another starter, and you still only play nine guys? This is just clown shoes.

Was going to wait until tomorrow, but I’m about to ingest a very large amount of single malt so who knows when I’ll get up.

Two reasons we lost (well, more than that, but two big ones):

Randle. Last four minutes, the Knicks stopped playing the beautiful game (someone mentioned earlier how everyone was touching the ball before shots) and went to dreadful Randle isos. Over and over and over again. It was maddening and incredibly ineffective. And guess what? We lost a nine-point lead in moments.

Miles ‘Douche’ McBride. Yeah, I said it. For 44 minutes he was perfectly cromulent, couldn’t hit a three to save his life but so be it. But when they went away from passing it around to the Randle isos we watched him literally catch Frank Disease — from Frank no less! Deer in the headlights, the entire Mavs team played off him daring him to shoot and he wouldn’t. Allowing the Mavs to pack the paint. If Randle goes iso-mad you have to surround him with three knockdown shooters, and we only had two. Plus he was just too short for Dinwiddie, he guarded him well enough but Spencer just rose up over him time and again for his shots.

I actually blame both of these things on Thibs, for not actually recognizing the slow-motion car crashes that were occurring.

And now time to drink. Cheers.

I 100% agree with Brian. You just can’t play this few guys less than half way through the season. I understand shortening the rotation after the Cam fiasco. I wouldn’t let Cam’s unprofessionalism cost me my job either, but they need more depth. If there’s a trade to be made, they need to go ahead and make it. If there’s no trade somebody’s got to get out of the doghouse. Does anyone know why they traded Feron Hunt?

This game was also a sad reminder of what we don’t have. The Knicks absolutely threw the game, but the Mavericks have the dude who can get a 60/20/10 triple double to carry this garbage dumpster fire of a roster to such an unlikely win. It is what it is.

Remember before the season, when we all said that the roster didn’t make sense, that they had too many guys and they couldn’t play them all? And we all said, “This roster is built for a consolidation trade” and then they just…didn’t do that. And then instead they just…stopped playing guys. That was dumb. This is dumb.

We should petition the league to make games a minute shorter. We’d be unstoppable.

But seriously, how the fuck does this shit keep happening?

Was super interested in watching a replay of this game, but knowing the ending…

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