Knicks Morning News (2022.11.23)

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    Antetokounmpo’s Bucks beat the Lillard-less Trail Blazers, Brunson carries the Knicks

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    Fournier really could be an net positive for another team that has better defensive personnel and less of a roster crunch. He would probably start for the Lakers. I am not sure he is THAT negative an asset.

    Who says no to this trade:

    Quickley + Fournier + Mitch for Westbrook and all the Lakers’ tradeable picks (2 unprotected 1sts + a couple of 2nds).

    I’m not saying I love the idea of trading Quickley for picks – I certainly do not. But if the Knicks have an actual trade target in mind that would make Quickley redundant (ie. a Donovan Mitchell-like player — I’m not sure who that is right now), then obv those Laker picks are extremely valuable in trade, or even to keep one of them for ourselves.

    And re: Mitch – Sims + Hartenstein can certainly hold down the fort at center.

    For the Lakers – Their defense would be great with Pat Bev + Quickley + AD + Mitch. Lebron could make that work offensively most likely. And they’d retain some upside for the future with Quickley and Mitch.

    Other permutations could be something like replacing Quickley with Rose and taking back fewer picks ie. one of the unprotecteds + the 2nds, or potentially trading worse picks for better picks (ie. Rose + Fournier + Mitch + one of the protected 1sts for Westbrook plus the 2 unprotecteds). Or something like that.

    Am I nuts?

    Also – those trades would give us nearly max cap space this coming summer with Mitch + Rose + Fournier +/- Quickley coming off the books and the cap expected to be $134MM. Perfect situation for us to sign Kristaps as a free agent!

    I do think you’re nuts for suggesting we trade Quickly. But I like that second option better. Problem is, D Rose is hurt again, so not sure they would want him really to replace Westbrook?

    I have no idea what the Lakers are doing right now. Punting on the season in the hopes they can then get free agents (Kyrie) in the off season makes zero sense to me with Lebron being how old he is. Maybe they think they can pack him up once they’re officially out of the playoff hunt and he’ll be rested for next season? If they had their first round pick, it would make a ton of sense because then they could get a high lottery pick for the future OR use that pick for a superstar trade to pair with AD and Lebron. But if I was them…I’d be looking for help NOW, this season because Lebron is aging quickly at this point AD is looking good again and it’s still early in the season for them to win 4 or 5 in a row and get back on track. They need shooting desperately.

    Fournier has some value… probably as 6th man in a Euro League… maybe a starter in China… somehow this guy still generates a twinkle in peoples’ eyes… if he actually could shoot, my opinion would change.

    if he actually could shoot

    He’s having a rough start but he shot 40 percent from 3 last year at high volume. He can definitely shoot.

    The Lakers aren’t trading their two firsts for Quickley and Mitch, probably not even one of them.

    I do think Quickley has decent value around the league and could probably fetch a good team’s first. I think the Clippers can trade their first this year, and I could see them being interested because you can only expect so much from John Wall and Steve Ballmer laughs at your luxury tax.

    But we’re not getting two unprotected firsts from the Lakers or anyone else. I love Quickley, but I mean, that’s like halfway to a star package.

    until he knocks down a few timely 3’s THIS YEAR… I just dont think he’s going to get the PT to do it now…

    I like Quickley, but why would anyone trade a first for someone who hasn’t proven he can crack .400 from the field?

    If the Knicks trade Quickly I’m throwing in the towel unless it’s for some kind of unprotected pick that’s almost guaranteed to end up in the top 5 or part of a much bigger trade that lands an obvious upgrade. Other than the top few picks, when you make a selection later in the 1st round you are lucky if you come away with someone that can play both sides like Quickly. We were very fortunate (and smart) to pick him up where we did. He’s not done getting better either.

    Re: Brunson and Randle being similar, hard to know where to start with this one…

    The AIOs:
    BPM: 3.7 for Brunson, 0.5 for Randle
    RAPTOR WAR: 2.1 for Brunson, -0.3 for Randle
    ESPN RPM: 3.96 for Brunson, 2.35 for Randle

    Scoring Efficiency:
    Brunson’s PSA: 82nd percentile among guards
    Randle’s PSA: 62nd percentile among forwards, 36th percentile among bigs

    Brunson’s DBPM: 0.0
    Randle’s DBPM: -1.1

    Brunson’s Overall RAPTOR Defense: 0.0
    Randle’s Overall Raptor Defense: -4.3

    Knicks’ Defensive Rating with Brunson on, Randle off: 94.5 (100th percentile!)
    Knicks’ Defensive Rating with Randle on, Brunson off: 115 (27th percentile)

    My impression of this is not that Brunson isn’t defensively limited–he absolutely is–but it seems much easier to account for his POA issues than it is for Randle’s inability and/or unwillingness to either protect the rim or close out on shooters.

    I agree. I would be VERY upset if we traded IQ. More upset than if we traded Obi honestly. Watching IQ progress, even if it’s been an uneven progression, has been one of the more enjoyable things to watch with this team the last few seasons. I also believe he is right at that point where he might put it all together.

    We’ve seen good shooting from him. We’ve seen much improved defense. Much improved handle and passing and rebounding. But we’ve yet to see him put it all together for a sustained period of time. But I feel like it’s about to happen with him.

    >The picks are much less interesting than the fact that, as of now, we would have three first round picks. <

    I like the Dallas pick a LOT more now than I did when we made the trade. I wasn't expecting Cuban to be this incompetent.

    I think they'll do the same things they've been doing.

    1. If there's a player above they want, they'll make an offer of multiple picks to move up.

    If it's rejected or there isn't anyone they want to move up to get…

    2. If there's a player they want that's worth the salary commitment, they'll make a selection.

    3. If there's no one worth selecting they'll trade down or roll the pick(s) out again.

    This is supposed to be a good draft. Mu guess is that unless they make a blockbuster trade they are going to come away with at least 1 player out of this draft.

    Look, I hate the idea of trading Quickley from a watchability perspective and it’s not hard to see a nightmare scenario where he immediately puts it all together for whatever other team.

    Thing is, I will make a narrow, backhanded defense of the front office if they do it: their screw ups have put us in a position where *depending on the return* we have to consider it.

    With Quickley making genuinely next to nothing, we’re a bad team (don’t argue, 23rd in net rating speaks for itself). The front office hasn’t been able to take advantage of the production we’re getting from him on his pittance of a rookie-scale salary. Soon he’s going to get paid real money. How are we supposed to *improve* as incumbent roster spots take up more of the salary cap?

    We necessarily have to make changes to the roster, no one doubts that. Ideally they would involve players other than Quickley, who has been productive and has shown potential for growth. The problem is trades are a two-way street, and there’s good reason to think the other potential trade candidates fall into either the “we won’t trade them” or the “no one wants them” bucket.

    I don’t even necessarily endorse the idea and I would expect a serious return, but anyone who views it as a non-starter better have another realistic trade(s) in mind because we all know this 15 man iteration is on the express train to nowhere and it would thus be pretty dumb to lock it in.

    Re: Wasserman, if we get Dick, Smith, and Bates out of the next draft, that would be a dream come true for most same GMs.

    I like all three of them a lot, except I think #12 is maybe too high for Dick when you can get Ausar or Keyonte there.

    Also, Terquavion looks like he could be Anfernee Simons 2.0 and Emoni resembles a strong shooter with upside for once.

    *Asterisk* time, though—it’s still way too early to know for sure on any of these guys!

    But Christ, can we not just select and keep three players from one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, Leon? Is that really a bad strategy?

    *Asterisk2*—There is plenty of time to develop these guys in the Gleague, Leon, if you think there’s a roster crunch.



    “I think they’ll do the same things they’ve been doing.”

    More terrifying words have never been spoken.

    “2. If there’s a player they want that’s worth the salary commitment, they’ll make a selection.”

    You are literally the only person I have ever heard posit that the “salary commitment” is some kind of risk in the context of draft picks.

    Strat, these guys are only guaranteed two years! The NUMBER ONE OVERALL PICK gets a hair over $10M AAV! This is just not a thing at all.

    “3. If there’s no one worth selecting they’ll trade down or roll the pick(s) out again.”

    I guarantee you there will be someone “worth selecting.” It’s extremely hard to think of a first-round slot in literally any draft ever in which there was not.

    I think what you meant is “if they’re not confident they can find one of the players worth selecting, they’ll trade out.” This makes the proposition a lot more frustrating, because so far Leon Rose’s “trade outs” have involved degrading the value of the traded pick.

    TNFH which stat confirms that their scoring efficiency, usage, and shot distribution is not similar?

    Which is all I was focused on…

    Z-Man, do you think if a first baseman and a shortstop have the same wRC+ they are similarly valuable?

    in my estimates… this does look to be a weakish draft.. altho it’s early and things can change drastically as some highly regarded guys start playing more….

    the thompson twins are the biggest mysteries and they look the part but.. a)they’re playing in overtime elite which is basically an and1 exhibition… and b)they’re already going to be 20 yo in january… amen’s probably a little better at this juncture but i think they’re both a bit overrated …. probably worth a flyer in the mid first but likely to get picked in the lotto….

    there are some interesting names but we just haven’t seen enough to see whether they’re for real… but i do think keyonte george will eventually play up to top 5 ….. it’s basically wembenyama and scoot #1 or #2 also and there’s almost no chance that changes….

    probably a good year to tank for one of them.. but alas…

    Very few of Brunson’s baskets are assisted, he is creating those shots for himself. Randle has a much higher percentage of assisted baskets, and most of those assists are being delivered by Brunson himself.

    To be honest, Z-Man, I don’t remember exactly what the original point was, no snark. If we’re comparing Brunson and Randle as offensive players I think it’s pretty relevant to point out that Brunson is tasked with getting more difficult buckets.

    The original point was simply that they had nearly identical usage rates, shot types, EFG percentage, TS percentage, and points per 36, and the conclusion is that they are similarly efficient in terms of scoring, and Randle’s number is from game to game seem much more consistent re: wins vs. losses, that’s pretty much it.

    The fact that Randle gets more assisted (easier) buckets seems relevant to that conversation to me. (shrug emoticon)

    The comment I was responding to:

    “Brunson has actually been very inconsistent. His TS% is .673 in our 9 wins and .511 in our 9 losses. Randle’s splits are .597 and .571. Otherwise they’ve been quite similar. Both are lousy defenders, and both score better inside than from 3. And both have lousy on/off numbers. (hmm, who’s usually on the court with them?)”

    The characterization of them as “similar” seems pretty badly wrong, given the context. I also have no idea what the relevance of Brunson’s alleged “inconsistency” is supposed to be. High usage players who take difficult shots will always be more “inconsistent” than guys like Randle. Brunson is assisted on 24% of his shots, Randle is assisted on 60% of his.

    To be clear, I think it’s a positive development that Randle has increased his number of assisted shots. Julius Randle: Shot Creator has led us nowhere. The fact that he now gets a lot of his baskets off of others has made him more productive, even if it has also clarified that he’s overpaid.

    But…these guys are not “similar.”

    If the conversation was about who is the better player, I would agree. Specifically, if it was about who is more efficient when in iso mode, I would also agree. And if we were discussing who was better at making other players on the floor better, which is traditionally the role of a point guard, I would also agree.But I think it’s hard to have a conversation about Randle outside of those questions because, well, it’s Randle.

    One can qualify the actual numbers all they want, but the numbers themselves are virtually indistinguishable. I don’t see how that could possibly be refuted.

    Djphan, you think this draft is “weak”?

    In terms of star power, sure, I don’t think it’s very different from past drafts once you get past the top two. But I think there are a lot of potentially good-to-solid starters in the next 20 or so picks.

    Of course, what we need desperately is a star, but getting 1-3 quality starters wouldn’t be such a bad outcome if we don’t tank (spoiler: we won’t, at least on purpose.)

    Trading IQ and Fournier is a mistake right now (yes I would do it for Frank’s hypo with the Lakers but I don’t think that is realistic). The roster personnel and the draft pick accumulation only makes sense for a mega-trade given the historical MO of the front office, They hired Thibs so we know tanking is off the table; they traded current draft picks so we know they view them as potential trade chips, and given the Mitchell chatter over the summer we know that no one on the roster was untouchable IQ and Fournier are more valuable in a mega-trade than whatever draft capital or cap flexibility trading them in isolation would bring. Also, in IQ’s case, he is by far the number 1 candidate to increase his value over the course of the season.

    hubert the td analogy isn’t nuts but mind the gaps. the two differences you acknowledged are important, but the biggest difference is cadence. iq obviously has two major flaws. he cannot get all the way to the rim efficiently, which hurts in more ways than just his own scoring. and he is not shooting 3s well enough for who he is. it’s admittedly gonna be quite hard to fix # 1, and his improvements to date have been modest. the ft rule change definitely waylaid one of his outs.

    but he has made some really nice improvements in other areas. since his rookie year he’s taken a real leap wrt to passing and defending. and this year he’s been rebounding like he’s jason fucking kidd. td has almost the opposite dynamic and looked legit worse as a junior 25 yr old as he did as a rookie.

    iq’s path to being a really good player (i think he’s already as decent rotation player who could work on some good teams) definitely requires him to shoot. and i mean like 38pct on higher volume. there’s enough there to reasonably pray for it. and while he’s never going to be kyrie at the rim, he’s shown enough overall improvement that he’s not a terrible bet to make modest improvements even there.

    i just think there will be more than one gm who would be willing to bet on a 23 yr d who is already playable and has shown a good trajectory in 2 1/4 yrs and whose blue sky but reasonable shooting case gets you a genuine two way player. if we dealt him for a mediocre first i would def not celebrate.

    everyone here seems more enamored with cam and obi (could be misreading that) but i would bet on quick being a good player on a playoff before those guys in a heartbeat, even tho he’s still somewhat of a long shot.

    “everyone here seems more enamored with cam and obi (could be misreading that) but i would bet on quick being a good player on a playoff before those guys in a heartbeat, even tho he’s still somewhat of a long shot.”

    I agree, but this is also why IQ might be the only one who could fetch anything in a trade.

    Katz’s piece in the Athletic has a number of interesting points. I’ll put em all here:
    Jalen Brunson has arguably the deadliest floater in the NBA this season.

    After sinking eight shots from floater range during Monday’s 34-point performance against the Thunder, [Brunson] now has 65 on the season, 15 more than anyone else in the league. He’s shooting 58 percent on those looks, too. Of the 51 players averaging three or more attempts from floater range per game, only Kevin Durant and Nikola Jokić have a better percentage.

    The Knicks are allowing 1.48 points per possession after committing turnovers, according to, which would shatter the previous record for worst in history.

    And on Barrett:

    A year ago, with the Knicks preparing to play in Oklahoma, he fired off a text to his trainer vowing he would end another woeful shooting slump. He decided that day he was done with jumpers and would dart at the rim constantly, instead. He left that Thunder game with 26 points on a season-high-tying 11 shots at the rim.

    Fast forward to Monday in OKC. After five games of relying on his jumper and after an 18-game start with limited paint infiltration, Barrett got back to what he does best. He attacked. This time, he finished with 25 points and took 10 shots at the rim, a season high by three.

    At this point, one could mention the respiratory virus/infection Barrett dealt with for most of the road trip. He could be starting to feel better.

    [I suggested earlier that Obi’s recent problems might be illness-related, based only on the fact that everyone I know is sick and Obi’s failures look like a motor problem, something he’s never had a problem with before.]

    Randle is a perfect example to be used when making an argument against modern day analytics vs. eye test. He puts up good metric KPIs that get him paid but at the expense of winning basketball games.

    Randle lacks defensive insticts but, more importantly, the ability to quickly make an actionable decision that results in the highest probability of successful outcome. People get upset when he takes two dribbles to think. It’s not his fault; it’s just genetics; he’s wired that way. Would have been a HOF player in the 80s with his skillset, size and athletic ability.

    I think there’s too much worry about this team being trapped in mediocrity when we haven’t even been consistently medicare for over 20 years

    “I think there’s too much worry about this team being trapped in mediocrity when we haven’t even been consistently medicare for over 20 years”


    Also, like half of the league right now is somewhere between 10-7 and 7-10. The idea that we’re trapped here when we just got here is kind of silly. Young players can improve. The team as a whole can get better on both sides of the ball with continuity and experience together. We can add free agents. Even one good mid level or mini-level signing can be a big upgrade if it’s the right position. We have lots of first round picks to work with. Trades can happen.

    And again, take away like the top 5 or 6 teams and the bottom 5 and everyone else is basically in the middle right now. Parity is much wider than it was even a few seasons ago. If you look at all of those middle teams, we’re one of the ones that has the most young players on it’s team and future picks. It would not take too much to jump to the next level. After that, who knows.

    The picks are much less interesting than the fact that, as of now, we would have three first round picks. Though as Fred Katz pointed out yesterday, having to make three first round picks is a Leon Rose nightmare, because we do things ass-backwards around here.

    With three first round picks this summer, Leon would use one to unload Evan Fournier, one to get out of the second year of iHart’s deal, and then trade the last one for a future first (protected for picks 1-28).

    One of the phrases I love and have borrowed from Thibs is:

    “your priorities will be defined by your actions”.

    Watching him and Leon place a materially wrong amount of “weight” on the atributes or ingredients of what makes each player succesful at their speciffic position (role) have continuously defined and exposed their priorities. I dont care what they say…I’m watching what they do.

    Next move will be very revealing. If they trade Quickly, this goes contrary to their prior priorities and decends into panick, short term decision making and/or making up shit as they go along.

    Leon took over a team that had Mitch, Randle and RJ on it, TWO max slots of cap space and a ton of draft picks.

    Other than being the highest bidder on the market for Brunson, what value did he create for the team?

    What has he accomplished because of his ability to see what that other GMs missed? – Aside from playing hide and seek with the NY media, what is Leon’s core strength as a GM?

    My two cents: At least a 10 posters here would have had equal or better results three years later.

    ptmilo, that’s a fair assessment. The thing with IQ is that he only seems to be able to do one good thing at a time. When he was shooting well and getting to the rim as a rookie, he wouldn’t pass. When he became a good passer, he stopped getting to the line as much (admittedly the rules caused this more than anything). Now that he’s rebounding, he can’t put the ball in the basket.

    He is a much better prospect than Toney Douglas, and I agree he’s the best prospect on the team; but I threw that comp out there to show that the production has not matched our esteem.

    In theory, I can see a contender being willing to trade a late first for him. Milwaukee or Philadelphia, for example, make sense. But they don’t have picks to trade til 2029. The Clippers are committed through 2028. The Lakers need so much more.

    For the teams who do have picks (Boston, Phoenix, Memphis Golden State) he’s a big opportunity cost for them. They could get a much more sure thing with a first round pick.

    I think he is worth one in theory, but it would be hard to actually get one.

    Leon took over a team that had Mitch, Randle and RJ on it, TWO max slots of cap space and a ton of draft picks.

    Too many people conflate the Knicks win-loss record under Mills/Perry with the condition they left the team in. Leon was dealt a great hand and squandered it. Masai Ujiri or someone of that ilk could have knocked it out of the park.

    the top 2 in the draft and maybe top 5 seem interesting enough… there’s nothing really beyond that tho and that’s the problem… guys like kelel ware or gg jackson or emoni bates are not gonna cut it…. the biggest problem tho is the returning class didn’t have much either and that generally adds depth to a draft and I just don’t see much happening on that front…

    there will likely be a few names rising past the new year… there always is… so the ink isn’t dry but if you want my opinion as of right now.. this isn’t a great draft unless you swing into the top5 somehow and multiple mid firsts in this environment isn’t quite all that.. at least yet…

    On Brunson vs. Randle defensively- Brunson’s been better for sure BUT: you really have to take into consideration the fact that the Knicks have actively schemed to hide Brunson. Every time a point guard has blown past RJ- that’s on Brunson. Last year, once Burks was starting the Knicks just switched everything on the perimeter, now I think their paying much more attention to individual matchups and trying to switch back more than they used to which has caused problems. Maybe it’s an overreaction by Thibs but Brunson has been a structural problem defensively. The on/off numbers are good but let’s see where we are at the end of the season- if Randle actually starts to give a shit defensively he’ll close the gap considerably.

    I’ll add that when the opposing teams alpha isn’t on the floor the matchups go back to normal which may be why the on/off numbers are so skewed- Randle minute distribution has him almost always playing against other teams starters so when he’s in the other team’s alpha is also in and weird matchups commence. But I’ll repeat that Randle has been a bigger issue- you can complain about who Brunson’s guarding but you also know he’s going to be more or less where he’s supposed to be and will give solid effort- two things that you absolutely can’t say about Randle this year.

    This mfer said consistently medicare

    it’s okay DR ed…what’s really important though – do you prefer ham over turkey, what is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish – and, favorite kind of pie?

    Woulda been quite funny if we had a team of aging vets…

    But looks like Swifty gets a double dunk on this one.

    If Jalen Brunson keeps this up, he’s going to be the most watchable/rootable Knick since ________________.

    Throw Lin out and it’s basically Tyson and obviously DLee.

    Jalen is playing great and is miles better than Randle. Done with that convo until Randle levels up.

    IQ has been frustrating but still very much a believer.

    DRed – If you were sneakily hinting about disaster striking the Knicks and us needing Medicare as a result thst makes a lot of sense to me.

    They changed the IPhone keyboard at some point in the last 18 months and I make so many more typos..

    ***If Jalen Brunson keeps this up, he’s going to be the most watchable/rootable Knick since ________________.***

    Ronny Turiaf. (I’m not even joking, I loved that guy. He was hilarious and awesome in every way).

    (Full disclosure, I haven’t actually watched Brunson play for the knicks. Maybe he’s more rootable than Turiaf. Or Landry Fields, for that matter. Or Marcus Camby. Or Lin, of course. And DLee. (I think that’s my complete list of rootable knicks over the past 20 years. 5 whole players. Yeesh.))

    To be honest he’s the most rootable since Randle two years ago. Yes, perfect Randle was not sustainable and some here were rightly wary but A: Randle absolutely competed on both ends as hard or harder than Brunson is now. B: He completely changed the energy in the garden- no MVP chants for Brunson yet. C: Cute family at the games- dad Randle was highly rootable. And finally, it was the middle of the worst of Covid and the Knicks pulling an exciting year out of their ass when everyone was stuck inside- largely because of Randle- was probably better for my mental health than Lin, Brunson, and Chandler combined. Sure, between the playoffs and last year he gave every bit of that good will back but for for me Randle that season was the most rootable Knick since the 90s. Amare before Melo was brief but sweet too.

    Portland, Memphis, Milwaukee, Dallas, Cleveland and Atlanta.

    Anyone see a Knick win in there?

    Probably Portland, with Dame out…

    Portland is winnable. The Knicks played Memphis tough in the opener and no Bane so there’s a shot. Plus the Knicks have had Luca’s number- he just 2-6, so that’s winnable as well. I think 2-4 is likely but 4-2 wouldn’t shock me- even good teams lose road games sometimes. I have to admit 1-5 wouldn’t shock me either- I mean given how good Brunson’s been I can still
    see this team getting it together and winning 45+ plus but I can also see them completely falling apart and winning in the low/mid 30s. Who knows?

    Fair point, Nicos. Hard to think back pre-playoff meltdown, but it was ultra-exciting for all the reasons you mentioned.

    Linsanity is obvious the absolute wall…hard can top that…but did anyone really think it was sustainable? At least, compared to Brunson?

    KP’s first 11 games of 2017-18, when it looked like we finally landed a franchise player…alas

    The Amare’ stretch of 30 point games pre-melo…

    I suppose there should be a separate category for luvable scrub….or low-usage player…or flash-in-the-pan (Shump had me for a while)…or precocious neophyte (IQ? Obi? Mitch? )

    “The Knicks played Memphis tough in the opener and no Bane so there’s a shot”

    JJJ is now back, so that mitigates the loss of Bane a bit…

    I thought a bit about who to root for in the BOS-DAL game because of the draft implications. At the end of the day, fuck the Celtics. GO MAVS!

    The Knicks are allowing 1.48 points per possession after committing turnovers, according to, which would shatter the previous record for worst in history.

    I think this is likely powered from all the Randle “didn’t get a foul call” turnovers, when he’s incredulously staring at the refs instead of running back on D.

    I don’t know if he was my favorite scrub but the Knick I probably had the most irrational “I think we might have a player here” reaction to was Chris McNealy back in the mid-eighties as my excitement was based entirely on the fact that he was really jacked- he wasn’t actually athletic and couldn’t play worth a damn, but he definitely looked like an athlete, at least while standing still.

    just hit episode seven in season one…

    I know donald glover mostly from spiderman: homecoming…

    I had heard of this weird and geeky show atlanta…

    watching episode seven, I’m starting to get it…

    I remember when Knox was drafted. Reports were that he was very young and would take a while to develop. I didn’t think that meant five years, but it seems to have meant that. DSJ is in his sixth year and is finally getting good. It makes me think we shouldn’t think our young players like Quickly are necessarily close to the final product

    Knox’s WS/48 is .001 higher than last year after his great game last night. Going to wait for him to prove it in his stat line.

    Burks also had a great night and has been fantastic of n his first 150 minutes this season. Almost at .200.

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