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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Thunder

The Knicks head to Oklahoma City for the conclusion of their West Coast trip. If they win this won, they’ll have a winning record on the trip. Since Thibs’ seat has become a bit hotter, it is therefore pretty much guaranteed that the Knicks will win this one, as we will never be rid of Thibs, so they have to win just enough games to not fire Thibs, so this will have to be a win.

The miraculously healed Grimes will be playing a lot tonight with Cam Reddish and Derrick Rose out.

Let’s go, inevitable win!

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RJ has had two superfast drives to the basket, one for a dunk and one he lost out of bounds. Keeping an eye on maybe a new ‘thing’ he’s trying…

This is a very fun and non-hateful version of the Knicks. Unfortunately even with that, we’re only up by 2.

Clever move by RJ. He held the ball for so long the Thunder finally grew bored and got a three-second defensive call.

I love that Obi took that last shot from 70 feet out and fucked up his 3PT%.

All Obi does now on offense now is run to the 3pt line, doesn’t even bother cutting to the basketball anymore even on fast breaks.

I think Deuce deserves some minutes even when Rose comes back…

Also nice to see signs of life from the Knicks as a whole

Grimes reminds a little of rookie Shump- if you put the ball down in front of him he’s taking a swipe, fouls be damned.

I think we lead the whole league in at least one stat – Most Blocked Team

charlotte by a mile. we’re 18th at 5.3 blocks against / g.

I would be more excited about this if OKC had any semblance of a rim protector (besides Bazley owning Obi).

Two out of 25 from three previous to this game, 2-2 from three today.

I don’t know whether to be happy or angry.

charlotte by a mile. we’re 18th at 5.3 blocks against / g.

Thanks. So being a Hornets fan is even more frustrating. 😉

Okay, with that lob to Sims, I forgive Barrett for everything.

Thunder announcers say the Knicks are second in lobs for dunks in the NBA.

Okay, with that classic drive into traffic and throw up (as in barf up) a desperate, shitty bunny, I no longer forgive you, RJ.

Down in AZ…watching on my phone…some energy tonight…see if they can keep it going for the entire 48….
At least Grimes looks like he belongs…

Grimes is playing great. The kids are defending like maniacs, even with the occasional blunder. Just fun to watch. Randle hijacked the offense there for a bit, but he was feeling it so hard to argue with the result.

Leaving players open for 3Ps is not a good strategy, can someone warn Thibs about this?

Brunson absolutely keeping the Knicks in the game this quarter.

Thanks for staying up late with me, Cyber…

Weird eye-test failure. Both teams have made 7 three-pointers. Feels like the Thunder made 7 this period…

Thanks for staying up late with me, Cyber…

One eye open, the other is already sleeping! 😉

Got sloppy…but they’re keeping the lead….something tells me this us a last possession game

Regardless of how this turns out, having RJ, Grimes and IQ all play well is huge

Obi OTOH …

Damn it, 14-15. Way to ruin my post, Brunson.

It was Muscala, he put Brunson with “no legs”, like RJ on the previous games 😛

Who was doubting Brunson on the previous thread? Please keep doing it, because Brunson gets mad and comes energized to prove you wrong! 😉 😛

Well…on tomorrow’s thread we can blow smoke up thibs’ tushy….

Mitch got Pipped by Sims

Brunson is the best player we’ve had since …. Ewing? I guess Melo but I’ll still take Jalen

If Grimes had shot better and RJ had turned it over less it would have been just about perfect. Quick and RJ making shots- beautiful.

Considering how bad they’ve looked at times plus the brutal November schedule to be 9-9 at this point is a fairly positive sign. For those of us who thought they’d be able to win in the low to mid 40’s nothing so far should really change that outlook although you could say the same if you thought this was only a high 30’s win team.

Basically so far we don’t really know anything yet lol

I really like all the little positives that guys like Sims, Grimes, McBride and Quickley bring. The hustle. Active on defense. All of that stuff.

I would have signed off for 3-2 on this road trip and 9-9 overall after playing 11 games on the road and 7 at home. A few of the teams ahead of us have had a much easier time with more games at home.

Now we have the rest of the week to get Mitch and Cam healthy again and everyone else to freshen up, work on their games, and sort out the rotations.

The emergence of Sims is giving us some flexibility at the C position. That opens the possibility of making a more meaningful move using one of our three Cs along with one or more of our surplus Gs. I like everyone and hate to see anyone go, but sooner or later we are going to start consolidating the young talent and surplus picks.

My only real complaint at this point is the minutes allocation for RJ. I know Thibs doesn’t want to rattle his confidence, but we have too many players that can do that job as well or better. So when RJ is not going well or taking foolish shots, he has to be held accountable like everyone else.

RJ and Julius both had 25 points on 16 shots. They deserve their props tonight. IQ too. But Brunson was the MAN!

The defense was overall much better. Shai still had a very good game and Dort dorted, but holding them to 8-24 from 3 was massive.

Does Giddey ever miss a floater?

Unsung heroes: Sims had 7 rebs (3 ORebs) and 6 points in 15 minutes. Deuce couldn’t hit a shot but his scrappiness was a factor in his minutes. Hart looked much tougher on the boards than he has in prior games. Grimes had only 8 points on 10 shots, but he battled on every possession and gave SGA all he had.

Really nice win, and a great capper on a difficult (and sometimes alarming) trip.

i’m with you Strat…if there is any skill/creativitty in this front office…there are pieces there that might possibly be used to get a new configuration that might be workable…let’s see if these guys can pull it off as this current config is not the right mix….

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