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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons – HOME OPENER, PEOPLE!

The Knicks play their first game at Madison Square Garden tonight as they host the Detroit Pistons, who are bad, but not as bad as the Orlando Magic, so the Pistons come into this game with a 1-0 record.

After a strong performance against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Knicks basically HAVE to win these next three games against shitty opponents to show that they can compete for the playoffs this season.

HOW IS MY WIN PREDICTION LOOKING? I think my prediction looks pretty good after one game, as the Knicks hung in there against a clearly superior Memphis team (missing some key players, but they had plenty of good players still) and could have won had a few things gone their way. So that is a good sign for this team having a winning record this season.

Okay, as part of our all-poll content, here are some polls…

Who will win tonight's game?

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Who will have a better game tonight?

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Who will miss more shots tonight?

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Who will be playing center for the Knicks in crunch time tonight (if there is crunch time)?

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Who do you think will have the best career out of these three players?

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Let’s go, Knicks!

106 replies on “2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons – HOME OPENER, PEOPLE!”

We won’t be seeing old friends Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel tonight, as they’re both out with injuries, but we might get to say hai to Kevin Knox!

From The Department Of Random Numbers:

During pregame they showed a stat I didn’t know.

RJ Barrett is the only player in NBA history who had 11 30-plus points game in a single season played at the age of 21 or under.

Maybe that’s why he’s so divisive in League’s FOs and why “casual fans” that don’t watch all Knicks’ games like we do have a less “nuanced” opinion about him.

I’m worried about this game. I think I’m going to start drinking early tonight.

I just poured a big-ass martini and I can’t get the game on because… old TV?

RJ Barrett, as much as I enjoy shitting on him, is one of the most up-and-down players I’ve ever watched. Very John Starksian. I do think there’s a really good player locked up in there, it’s just a question of whether he can unlock that player.

Just in from the stadium where my team lost to our arch-rivals at home. What a bummer!
I’m hoping the Knicks can give me some joy to compensate!

Gotta love the dishin and swishin to start. Ball movement has been mostly great to start the season

Maybe this will be like the first game where Cam starts off by making a couple of bad plays then goes ham

Obi to Reddish for the slam was not something I was expecting to see. Ever.

I think my favorite part of this game is Clyde’s overall excitement.

Obi will pass on the break, if someone keeps up with him 😉

Breen: “Some really good offensive execution, Clyde.” — When was the last time we heard that?

Someone (for those not watching, Rose) has been practicing his three pointers…

Okay, Barrett just “got a good shot off.” Credit where credit is due.

If you told me that the Pistons are shooting the same percentage from 3 point land than from the FT line, I would think they are doing well.

Cunningham and Ivey are going to be really good. But not yet, thank god.

It’s Good Barrett tonight. “Half as many shots, twice as many points.”

I don’t really see it from Cunningham, at least in terms of being a number 1 overall pick.

Ha, Bags drives past Fournier, Thibs calls a time out as if that’s not supposed to be a thing.

Max, you hate all refs. Admit it.

Quick with five points in like 15 seconds.

I would love for the Knicks to play the Pistons every day. That’d be fun.

Came in with them up 29. They cut it to 12. I felt bad but now I feel better.

The youngs have looked really good.

Very curious about the usage numbers at the end of this game. Eye test says very balanced indeed.

Just gonna say this. Thibs’ rotations are fun. He’s got Barrett in there with Obi and Quick and Hart.

While we’re having fun the Wizards are 2-0 and Mathurin is really good.

Oh sure, but we can still have fun!

Quickley and Brunson with 17, Barrett and Obi with 16. Randle with 15. Pretty nice points spread.

Just what the doctor ordered,
a nice stress free win against an inferior team,
with a lot of players bouncing back after a bad first game.
We’ll done guys.

After last couple of days of tough Yankee losses plus the OT loss in Memphis I really needed this relaxing Friday night.

I mean Detroit sucks but it’s nice to beat up on teams that suck at home. Nice game by everyone

Considering all their recent high draft picks and talk about their great future this was a pretty embarrassing display by the Pistons.

Great to see a lotta ball movement and unselfish play. So much better than beating Detroit behind a monster night from just one of our guys.

Nothing like being at MSG on a Friday night, everyone is a little bit wasted and we can even joke about Thibs bizarre insertion of RJ and Jalen at the end of the game

I mean Thibs wtf??

Jokic just casually throws the most audacious passes you will ever see while these espn chuckleheads talk about anything but what is happening on the floor

Ja Morant has 47. Was going to write a post about how the Rockets might win.

Mathurin really did have a good night. Lot of interesting young guys in the league right now….

Also, I don’t know who Citizens for Sanity are but this ad they just aired is a fucking disgrace.

But don’t you know. Having a bunch of high lottery picks on your team guarantees you a bright future bc all high lottery picks turn into superstars!!!!

Denver’s bench is playing GS to a standstill if they can hang with teams without Jokic on the floor they are going to be a real problem this year.

I guess the counter to that is they already lost to Utah.

The ad was on the MLB game and was about how illegal immigrants are going to murder you.

A top 5 defense cemented with Mitch/Hart, our signature bench mob, low turnovers (jb influence), offensive rebounds, and the 3 falling at a high clip, – we’re going to blow out a lot of teams at home.

None of these games mean much beyond we have a chance to be good. But all signs are pointing up!

Missed the game to attend a film festival screening of Glass Onion, the Knives Out sequel, which is AWESOME.

Happy we blew out the pistons and that a bunch of guys redeemed terrible showings in Memphis. Box score suggests Cam fell back to earth. Did he look bad, or was it just that everyone else had it going, so he had fewer opportunities?

Did he look bad, or was it just that everyone else had it going, so he had fewer opportunities

My two cents…

His first two actions were a dumb turnover and a botched defensive assignment, then he more or less did right the ship..

He didn’t force too much and for the most part stayed in his “lane”, many of his shots, including a couple of badly missed threes, were from the extended garbage section of the game.

He wasn’t brilliant as in the Memphis game but he did his part well enough and his alley-oop on Obi’s assist was the play of the game.

This level of play can be useful even when Grimes returns, it gives us more flexibility to play matchups and can help if/when someone “doesn’t have it”.

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