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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Grizzlies – OPENING NIGHT, PEOPLE!

Okay, folks, the Knicks begin their season in Mmephis playing a good Memphis team that the Knicks played very tough against last season, so this could be a nice upset win to start the season off with.

Or it would be a loss.

Whatever, it’s still good to see some actual basketball! Woohoo!

Okay, as part of our all-poll content, I’ve decided to give you FIVE polls for opening night! A multitude of riches!

Who do you think will win this game?

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Who will have more offensive rebounds tonight?

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Will Obi play more than 20 minutes?

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Will Cam play more than 15 minutes?

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Will Obi, Grimes and IQ all still be on the Knicks at the end of the season?

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Let’s go, Knicks!

341 replies on “2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Grizzlies – OPENING NIGHT, PEOPLE!”

Thibs said Cam will get first crack at the Grimes minutes, but I’m not sure if that means the entire game or a first half look.

NY, Mitch, Yes, No, Yes. I vote with my heart, always. 😀
Go New York, Go New York, Gooooo

Tonight might not be a good guide to Obi’s minutes going forward. He’s coming off an injury. So unless he looks great, he might get fewer minutes.

I’ll be following the game but my sole focus tonight will be on the Yankees. Of course if they’re down big early I’ll switch over to the Knicks game….

I just figured out how to use my Xfiniti remote (rarely used) for both the Yankees and Knicks. I learned how to add favorites and record!

Since I moved to Florida, I stream most of the games NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings and NFL Sunday Ticket. So this was the first time in 6 months that I needed it!

Lets Go Knicks! My votes:

Tonights winner: NYK
Most OReb: Mitch
Obi 20 minutes: no,
Cam 15 minutes: No.
Obi, Grimes and IQ on the team at the end of the season: No

“I just figured out how to use my Xfiniti remote (rarely used) for both the Yankees and Knicks.”

Now explain it to me. 🙂

I never use it.

With JJJ, Brooks, and Z. Williams all out, this is actually a winnable game.

Myles Turner injured an ankle landing on a ballboy’s foot during warmup… fluky!

Ballboy wants Indy to get the best possible chance at Wembanyama 😛

First time Live nba game on Tv for me! Via league pass app sent to tv box.
Beer and snacks ready

My Guess: The Mitch Game

Randle with his typical bring the ball up the court, don’t look if there’s teammates free (Fournier was, and waving) and just goes for his trademark fadeaway long 2. It didn’t take long.

Ja looks dope. Like you started with Iverson and let a statistician tweak it from there.

Not a great start, but the offense looks much more organized, even with Brunson out now. Some coaching has happened somewhere.

I’m not watching super intensely (between pitches and during commercials), but by the eye-test preseason Randle has carried over?

That strip of Reddish. Woof

Don’t know who this Aldama guy is but clearly is going to have a career night

Randle is playing well in my opinion, looking to draw some defenders then pass. He’s been the best player for NYK so far

I guess we can look forward to a series of posts every time Cam misses, turns the ball over, misses a defensive assignment, takes a bad shot etc.. all because we gave up a blessed mediocre pick for him and turned him into the most hated Knick. I’m at the point where I’m hoping we trade him just so I don’t have to read this nonsense while I’m rooting for him to improve and help the team win games.

Hartenstein is in the right place a lot of the time, but he just has slow reaction time so he often doesn’t make the play. Seems like he let several rebounds get away from him in that quarter.

Reddish was open from 3 again at the end of the quarter, but Quickley hogged and launched instead.

If in a quarter where we’re not playing well, we end it only 2 pts behind, that’s a good sign.

Strat – It’s fun. That’s all it is.

I mean, all of us being wrong about Cam would objectively be quite funny. And it would be awesome too!

Why is Strat defensive of Cam Reddish of all people? Is there some Phil Jackson connection I don’t know about?

“I’d rather Cam play good so I can stop complaining about how bad he is”

Except that he’s having a decent game so far for a bench player.

Yes, Strat, other than the incredibly boneheaded turnover he made he’s been good. That’s part of what we are joking about

“Why is Strat defensive of Cam Reddish of all people? ”

Because the Cam hate is mostly about giving up a pick for him.

All the injuries have slowed his development and he did make real progress season to season anyway. He still has a very good chance to become a good rotation player for us. So I’d prefer to not focus on the mistakes with lazar beam like dedication and look for signs of further progress. He is on our team and made some good plays while he was in there for a few minutes.

Ok Strat, I am rooting for him. But that transition shot attempt was some AAU horseshit

Perimeter defense seems rather lacking. We’re taking all difficult shots, they’re working the ball around and getting open looks from 3

Getting those open looks from three, RJ gotta hit them. There is no plan B for him.

PS — Taylor Jenkins = Wyatt Russell + Jason Clarke 😉

Making wins predictions on Opening Day of a new association season is like going to the grocery store after not eating for two days.

Randle has done some less than ideal stuff but for my money, not much to say about this besides “they’re way better than us”

Brunson, RJ and IQ are 3-18, hard to win this way…
But there’s still a lot to play… if we can stop Aldana and Konchar…

Brunson seems to have joined the fight.

Surprised that wasn’t a goaltend by Randle but awesome play

RJ is breaking my heart. And to have the guy picked above him shredding us makes it doubly painful.

The shooting is rough. I also think Memphis is getting a better whistle.

It’s frustrating because I don’t believe much in Memphis and they are missing multiple players. I think they backslide this year. I am guessing mid to high 40s for them and a 6-9 seed.

One of Memphis’ strengths is they are very deep (although they lost a bit of that over the summer)

The fact that Thibs has RJ guarding Ja makes me think Grimes is going to be starting sooner rather than later if his foot cooperates.

Honestly so far this is just like last year with all the guys shooting the most not making baskets

So far Ja and Bane vs RJ and IQ has been painful to watch, let’s hope in a better second half…

I’m not worried, this game wasn’t in my predicted 45 wins… 🙂

I liked Kyle Anderson and losing JJJ obviously a big hit. They seem to be running a little hot so far, we could climb back into this.

RJ has to shoot better. Kind of been the issue all along.

Shots just aren’t falling, but the ball does seem to be moving better on offense. Defensively the rotations and intensity don’t look great. Some dumb fouls by key players.

I also sensed a little bit of hesitancy form Brunson in the first quarter. I don’t think I have ever been as excited for someone to be ball dominant for the Knicks as him. Just has to own it. He can do that job even if I prefer more of a team offense. He had a stretch there in second where he got after it in a good way.

I will continue to think him and Randle may not have the best natural chemistry until proven otherwise. But he made it work with Luka so its obviously possible

I thought the opener was tomorrow so I missed most of the first half so I have a question: is the first half of the first game too soon to call RJ’s contract an albatross?

That’s a bullshit call on Mitch. Superstar call for Morant. And a moving screen on Adams

Don’t know who Ariel is on Twitter but this comment is spot on

Ja saying “Barrett. Under. Left hand” while mic’d up is very telling

“ Alright, liking this Hart Fournier action”
Yup. In fairness, even Randle is passing/cutting.

It’s the Step Up Crew that is not …stepping up: RJ, IQ, Obi.

Those early fouls on Mitch/Brunson not helping things.

Well, Hart’s floater is pretty nice

Tyus Jones has to be one of the more underrated players in the NBA

When I look at Memphis’ coach, I have a strong urge to kick his ass in a bar fight.

“Why the hell is Randle taking the technical FT there?”

Because he routinely bogarts free stats from his teammates. He’s already done it on two rebounds.

We kind of knew coming into this game that Tyus Jones and Santi Aldama are basically unstoppable

Tyus Jones has a nice little fan club here at KB and he’s lighting up Brunson…

80 points allowed in 32 minutes? Thibs will not be happy…

Banchero just exiled some poor dude to another dimension. Didnt realize he had hops like that.

Do Memphis know that having a career night against the Knicks is no guarantee that the player is a good player?

and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneee

If we could get this one while the Nets lose by 25 that would be a great start to the season

Aldama missed! Can’t beat us all by himself.

What are the chances he was on a Knicks draft board?

I kid, I kid, but a 6-11 guy who can do this stuff is kind of intriguing….

To be only down by six when pretty much all of our main guys besides Randle are having bad nights is and Memphis is shooting 40% from 3 is impressive. Let’s clutch it out in the fourth!

Ayo having a solid night for Chicago for those like me wondering how it might go without Lavine

LaRavia getting away with like three fouls in the last three minutes…canny player

Good TO from Thibs. Get all the starters minus Mitch back in with Hart and see what we can do.

Reddish with some much needed offense, if only he can put it together here and not next year in the usual spots like GS, SA or Miami…

If the Knicks can come back to win, this might be remembered as the Cam Reddish game!

If Reddish can cut the dumbass contested pullup midrange jumpers, keep hitting threes at a decent clip and make a few gorgeous cuts to the basket each game I’ll be happy with him

You could have made a ton of money If you bet on Reddish and Aldama being the 2nd leading scorers for their respective teams

Two great games!
Cam looking for playing time.
Mitch can’t stay on the court.
Randle looking like 2020-21 Randle.
RJ just doesn’t have it.

This is also where Brunson should earn the paycheck. Drive the train. Get the win.

Really wasn’t expecting to want Cam Reddish taking shots instead of RJ Barrett.

Great game by Randle but his last two fouls were very unnecessary and costly.

the only downside of this close opening night game against a deep playoff contender is that I can’t watch Zion mash the Nets’ genitals into dick paste

I mean, that ended well, but that RJ three, woof.

I feel like we have gotten killed on the boards although the numbers dont exactly reflect that

I’m sick of Ja Morant’s dad.

Hart let Adams get a hold of him and keep him from contesting that Morant layup

“ that was the best end of game play we’ve run in three years”

For real. I’m telling you. Some coaching is going on. Either Thibs cracked a book over the summer, or there is a new offense-whisperer somewhere on the staff.

Perfectly executed ATO play to tie the game and a charge taken on the last play?

Reddish with some go go gadget arm shit there. Strange, Excellent

And yeah, Morant gets a superb whistle

Barrett was a dumpster fire all night, but I wish Brunson had hit that long look three down the stretch.

Tyus Jones is an 80% FT shooter, what a choke.

Huuuuuuuuuge choke.

Can’t ask for a better look than that. Boy, they sure play Memphis bizarrely tough, right?

Tough hard-fought loss.

Will we see this good of a Cam again? Can RJ reduce the number of these types of clunkers that we’ve seen many times before?

Not really holding out much hope, but it would be great if that was the real Cam Reddish.

Brunson hits that 3 and we win the game

But no complaints about him he’s the real deal

This loss is on RJ, on Barrett and RJ Barrett.
Plus IQ. And Obi. And the foul troubled Mitch.
And we got HOSED by the refs.

Julius was close to perfection, Cam did some good stuff and I like some of Hart and Brunson…

BTW an entertaining loss.

Terrific game. Some crucial calls didn’t go our way and RJ couldn’t buy a bucket, but still, to go blow for blow with a WCF contender after losing Randle in OT is impressive stuff. Looking forward to the next game!

The tanking Jazz are crushing the Nuggets,
Maybe Ainge will fine all the players and fire the coach tomorrow?

The play that led to the Cam game tying three was literally the best ATO I have ever seen the New York Knicks run in my life.

We even got a good look at the end of OT, just missed. Whatcha gonna do.

Quick hitters:
-Brunson and Hart are legit as hell
-Randle Revenge Tour is off to a great start
-Cam earned another few games in the rotation
-RJ’s game was among the worst I have ever seen and I’m a Knicks fan who started rooting for the team in the early/mid 2000s

“The tanking Jazz are crushing the Nuggets”

And before the game I saw that the Nuggets were -7 and that looked like the surest bet ever…

Totally entertaining. OT loss against the JA’zzlies? I can deal. Plus we gained lots to discuss:

Julius was Good Julius for the most part.
Brunson showed up.
Hart played a good one.
Cam alone has launched a thousand posts of light 😉
RJ, Obi, IQ — WTF?
Adams > Mitch (bummer)

Thibs? More passing/cutting in one game than all of last year. Something’s up.

The good news is that Randle looked good, Brunson controlled the team down the stretch (what we were missing last year), Cam did everything he could to earn a role off the bench or improve his trade value, and Hart was terrific.

The bad news is that Quickly was terrible and RJ was absolutely HORRIFIC or we would have won against a good team on the road.

I think we’ll be fine, but seeing RJ in a coma like this was very discouraging. He has this thing going back to his college coach where he thinks if his shot isn’t falling he should just keep shooting. That may be true if your name is Durant, Curry, or some other elite shooter but not RJ Barrett. Someone needs to smack him in the head on this. He has even talked about it in the press. It’s idiotic. His weakness is shooting. If you are aren’t shooting well stop fvcking shooting and focus on other things! He has way too many games where he literally loses it by himself because he keeps shooting on a night where he simply does not have it.

“RJ’s game was among the worst I have ever seen and I’m a Knicks fan who started rooting for the team in the early/mid 2000s”

Chalk one up for the “Don’t Extend RJ” crowd…

The play that led to the Cam game tying three was literally the best ATO I have ever seen the New York Knicks run in my life.

That’s not true. Woodson always had good ATO plays when he was here. And what about that David Lee buzzer beater his rookie year?

Also on the negative side iQ played 17 totally ineffective minutes. Awful game for him

RJ’s game was among the worst I have ever seen and I’m a Knicks fan who started rooting for the team in the early/mid 2000s

John Starks 2-18. Game 7 of the 1994 Finals is the standard.

Not going to worry about RJ. Too early. Going to enjoy the Reddish moment.

Also going to enjoy the fact I didn’t have to listen to Mark Jackson all night. Part of the reason I wont make it through this game.

God Luka is good. Could have tanked our way to him too

I’m good
Watching these mfkrs picking up their 2ndQ pieces and giving this fight while also Thibs impressing me with endless different combinations instead of 2 standard units was enough.
Playing this Way is the goal
Wins are coming

Brian, Memphis wins by getting to the rim and pounding teams on the offensive boards, so we matchup very well with them because we protect the rim and get our own share of offensive rebounds. We should have fucked them up tonight.

“John Starks 2-18. Game 7 of the 1994 Finals is the standard.”

A moment of silence, please.

It doesn’t shock me that Rose got off to a slow start. He missed most of last season and hardly played in pre season. He’ll get back in game form after a few more games. A month tops.

Gotta win all 3 of the home games coming up vs Detroit Orlando and Charlotte, schedule gets very tough after that

“Not going to worry about RJ. Too early. Going to enjoy the moment.”

Yeah, it’s only one game, but it’s a clear pattern with him. They tell great shooters to keep shooting when their shot isn’t falling. That makes sense for guys like that because there’s a lot of randomness in outside shooting, especially 3s. If it’s random the upside is great shooting. But when you are a very inconsistent shooter and it’s a weakness, it’s really dumb. The upside if it’s random is not especially good and the downside if you are just off because of your form or other reasons is a disaster. This is why he has so many disastrous nights. RJ should NOT keep firing.

Would VW prefer San Antonio, Salt Lake, or OKC I wonder?

As for RJ, who the hell knows. I think he just can’t shoot but it may turn out ok.

RJ was missing from under the basket. This wasn’t just about heaving balls up. He couldn’t hit a layup.

Ivey and Duren had a nice game for the Pistons tonight. Great debut for Banchero. Suggs seems to be ready to look like an NBA player.

What are the odds that Cam and DSJ would both have excellent games on the same night? Knox blew the trifecta…

I thought Banchero would be kind of an empty stats guy this year. But I also thought Suggs would be pretty good last year.

“At least the Nets look like shit”

Or alternatively, the Pels look really good…

If you wanted to feel any worse about RJ, the guy pick one pick AFTER him played great tonight too!

The clip of that Ja goaltend is circulating widely now and I can’t believe they missed it.

And I didn’t want to bring up Hunter but I am glad you did

Utah is not really tanking. They’re playing a lot of veterans, and they’re not even terrible veterans.

I mean we lost by 3 in overtime on the road to a team that was the 2 seed in the west last year, we played pretty well. If we keep this going all year we’ll be good.

So will the next owner of the Suns be buying them from Sarver or Luka because he appears to own them 100% right now

What are the odds that Cam and DSJ would both have excellent games on the same night? Knox blew the trifecta…

That is pretty hilarious.

October 19, 2022 at 23:29
Utah is not really tanking. They’re playing a lot of veterans, and they’re not even terrible

Ainge got decent players back along with all of the draft picks. It was really a haul for Utah.

DSJ basically beat out Kemba Walker for the position of Charlotte backup guard. It seems like he deserved it

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