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NY Post: Knicks fall to Ja Morant, Grizzlies in OT, spoiling Jalen Brunson’s debut

From Zach Braziller:

It was valiant. It was gusty. It wasn’t good enough. Certainly not the first half and not in overtime.

The Knicks overcame a 19-point deficit, and they had opportunities late in regulation and overtime to overcome Ja Morant and the Grizzlies. When the game was there for the taking, the big play eluded them at both ends of the floor.

Julius Randle fouling out early in the extra session proved crucial, as did RJ Barrett’s ugly 3 of 18 shooting performance. Jalen Brunson missed all three of his shots in overtime. The result was a frustrating, 115-112 overtime loss to the shorthanded Grizzlies at FedEx Forum on Wednesday night.

Tyus Jones’ tie-breaking 3-pointer with 47.7 seconds provided the deciding margin, as the Knicks missed their final four shots, including Evan Fournier’s 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Get teams on the phone right now, Leon, try to get a first for the Reddishaance!

That was a well fought game against a good Memphis team (although one missing a decent amount of players), and the Knicks should feel proud. That pass by Brunson to Reddish for the game-tying three was the most head’s up pass we’ve seen from a Knick since Jason Kidd was on the team.

If the Knicks play like this regularly, they’ll beat a whole lot of teams.

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missed a bunch of the game, then accidently (?) erased it off the dvr…good news is – oak island has some “new” stuff to watch…

game posts made it seem like a competitive game with a big dud from the “young” guys…

Ainge got decent players back along with all of the draft picks. It was really a haul for Utah.

Ainge’s whole thing is that he’s never going to give up players for anything but “value.” If that keeps him from tanking, then he won’t tank. But guys aren’t going to be traded just for the sake of being traded.

iHart led the team in minutes…looks like the pre-season was a precursor for the early regular season…he also out offensive rebounded both adams and mitch…

mitch didn’t do too well tonight it seems…

not sure what RJ and quik do over the summer, but they need to start doing something different…hopefully there’s not another three months of this from them…

RJ, 5 of 6 from the line…nice…

maybe cam plays better with the lights on???

julius had 3 turnovers…

Sad to say that the end of regulation of this game was one of the better parts of what turned out to be a really crummy birthday. Oh, well. At least I can lay off of Cam for one day. We’ll see if this is one of his periodic teases or not, or if he goes back to being million-dollar talent with a five-cent head.

Losing to Memphis in the road in OR is nothing to be embarrassed by and it’s encouraging we fought back in the second half bc historically we fold in the third quarter. But it’s a huge bummer that we lost bc all of our young players played shitty.

Yeah, consistency and yeah I still wish he wasn’t as clumsy in half-court traffic, but by any serious measure last night’s game put paid to the whole “What ‘talent’ are people talking about???” thing with Cam Reddish.

Super annoying overtime, but very cool end to the 4th with the big defensive play by Brunson and the very much on the move 3 by Cam in the corner.

That single play that refs messed up twice was the difference in the game — should’ve been a goaltend and an And-1 for Brunson (3 points) and instead turned into an alley-top for Memphis (another 2 points).

will be interesting what the L2M shows on that. And since there was no foul or stoppage of play, I assume there was no ability to challenge even the missed goaltending?

Sorry about the birthday Alan

That was a huge missed call and there were quite a few other crucial ones. I still can’t get over the play where Mitch fouled out. Adams looked like a pulling tackle.

Mitch just went a little too hard. Needs to be more measured.

Reddish having what feels like the best game of his Knicks career should be the story but it’s not. That guy who posted one RJ bucket on Twitter every day until the season started now has what feels like one RJ miss to post for the rest of the year. I posted it in the game thread but what Ja said micced up, basically that RJ can’t shoot and can’t go right, well, it’s not a good book to have on you.

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