Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets at New York Knicks

Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets at New York Knicks

Start Time: 12/09/2018 19:30:00

Knicks go right back to work at home against Hornets

After dropping a 112-104 decision to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, the New York Knicks welcome the visiting Charlotte Hornets on Sunday at MSG for the first of two matchups with the Hornets in three games.
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  • 104 replies on “Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets at New York Knicks”

    Wow, at least we’re not the Bulls. Get blown out by 56 points and discuss unilaterally cancelling practice. Instead, cancel practice and have a players-only meeting instead to complain about Boylen’s… postgame comments?

    He seemed pretty damn diplomatic in the postgame interview. Are these guys so soft that they’re triggered by the word “disappointed?” Be upset that the starters got pulled after giving up 13 points to start the game?

    That’s some crazy shit right there.

    Your now daily Frank Ntilikina update, via David Fizdale.
    “He’s definitely closer to being somebody that I’m using more, for sure.”
    If those minutes would be as Knicks’ PG: “The luxury of Frank is I can go wherever I need him. W/ this team I don’t think I need to get boxed in.”

    That’s from Vorkunov. Some days, our coach is a troll. Most days.

    Hezonja is the worst. Why is he even in the NBA at this point?

    He’s done the exact same thing for three offensive possessions in the first couple minutes and missed all three of those shots, and he needlessly whacked Zeller on a completely pointless foul behind the arc. What a stud.

    take it easy on Mario. he’s under a lot of pressure to prove he’s not just a defensive stopper.

    If it wasn’t apparent already I think Cody Zeller going off on very simple plays makes it clear why Kanter can be a net negative while putting up 20/10.

    In any event, I think Zeller might be the next Knicks killer. He’s a cool 5 for 5 so far.

    Man, Mudiay’s defense on the pick and roll is just so lazy. Not only does he not fight through screens, he doesn’t even attempt to recover, just jogs back into the play.

    I can’t stand him.

    That was a terrific defensive sequence by Mitch, all the way through, from the help on Franks man to the block

    I love Mitch. He got schooled twice by Parker but I think he is learning….

    Edit: just stuffed the shit out of Parker with his left hand on the perimeter

    That sequence with Knox rebounding his own misses was oddly both encouraging and worrying. Nice aggressiveness on the boards, terrible touch with the shots.

    Not a bad quarter.

    Jowles, afaik the issue in Chicago is the new coach is running long, intense practices or something.

    Agree about Knox. Done some good things lately but also makes you scratch your head. On neither of those shots did he seem to even notice the presence of a backboard or the possibility of using it.

    Also, Breen just said it but that was a terrific pass by Bridges

    Savvy veteran move from Courtney to pass up an open 3 in favor of a turn around fall away 18 footer

    Kemba Walker, Malik Monk, and Nic Batum for Enes Kanter, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Alonzo Trier? Thoughts??

    Knox immediately responds by banking in a fast break layup, from straight on. I really don’t know if that was deliberate but the kid has been solid. He can really move in the open floor

    it’s like we got to see the tape of the notorious three on three bridges Knox death match

    Hadn’t even considered that.

    Mudiay has the strangest form on his jumper. What the hell does he do with his legs? They are always staggered, behind him, in front of him….

    Never seen a guy more consistently off balance, often for no reason…

    With the second rounder we traded for Mudiay we could’ve had Hamidou Diallo, De’Anthony Melton, or Allonzo Trier with a much better contract situation ¯\_(?)_/¯

    Kemba is good. We have given max deals to worse players.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the bar is now set underground.

    Hardaway playing pretty well tonight with 4 assists at the half and scoring efficiently. That’s not to say he won’t end the game 7 for 21.

    Good transition D by Frank on Kemba there. But this is some shambolic shit. We ARE on the second half of a back to back though….

    Touch of a blacksmith is a perfect description…..

    Anther three for Frank.

    Breen gets it. He wants a good team as bad as we do.

    I know Knox is putting up some ugly attempts, but he’s definitely showing some promise. Nice D right there.

    Clyde is the best, “They gotta stop switching…. do you know what Willis would say to me if I did that…. Man… I ain’t chasin’ no Oscar Robertson…”

    Another one! Being an unstoppable offensive force is what he is known for.

    Damn, Breen nailed it. “He’s turning into a ball hog!” So much in that line.

    @53 yeah I’ve complained about him tonight but honestly, he’s played okay. 8-22 isn’t good, but it’s not so far off that it’s cataclysmic. He also has 10 boards and has been putting forth a lot of effort.

    Honestly, after what Frank has done this night we can declare victory. Mission accomplished. The Garden is entertained.

    Well, it was glorious while it lasted.

    Promising signs tonight from Frank and Knox, even with the chucking, Mario finally gets benched, and we’re gonna lose. The perfect tank night.

    Fuck that foul on Kaminsky was not a foul… the prince that was promised came back!

    Parker with the veteran move.

    So maybe Fizdale knows what he’s doing after all.

    Loved the aggressive Frank tonight.

    They have run our Frank and our Fiz. i will watch the remainder of game in yellow protest vest. the next Knox attempt will be his 24th. KP never took 24 as a rookie.

    It’s like in baseball when the ump is hosing the strike zone on your team and the manager finally has had enough of it.
    I agree with Breen: I think Fiz needed to go ham on the officials and get tossed.

    You can just tell Knox has no idea what his process is. He is good in the fast court and can shoot an open 3 reasonably well but otherwise has no clue what he is doing out there other than getting up as many shots as possible.

    Tony Parker, man. Much hotter than Eva Longoria right now….

    And as I say that Ron Baker tries to give him a well merited concussion….

    You can just tell Knox has no idea what his process is.

    Entirely true. At the same time, he does clearly have a lot of skills, he’s been incredibly energetic most nights since the ankle started to get better, and he’s shown a willingness to learn. Can he harness those skills in the half-court, or will he never be more than the guy who had that amazing 3-on-3 game? I don’t know, but he’s as much a test of Fizdale’s development skills as Frank is going to be.

    Respect to Hardaway for drawing a charge at this stage of the game….

    Wily sighting….

    Dotson is a tad midrange happy but if he takes care of that he could become a pretty efficient player

    both Courtney and TH2 get a bit of credit for not acting sulky or too cool for school in situations like this

    Knox rebounded well, Baker played well, Frank played well, Dotson played well, Hezonja only played 4 minutes and the Knicks lost by 12-this is like a perfect game

    The way the garden has been today should put to rest those bullshit “Knicks fans won’t accept a rebuild” stupid talks. They certainly do, they were cheering for every Ntilikina or Knox basket, booing the refs, all on a blowout loss to a middling team.

    The fans are not stupid, they understand the situation and who can be a part of the team’s future. They just want the players to show effort and some promise.

    OK, break out the Mille Bornes.

    Nice scene there with Frank, Batum and Parker parlez-ing the francais.

    Knox can at least mitigate the Tim comparisons if he turns out to be a good rebounder at the least.

    It kind of kills me to see Knox with 15 boards and Mitch with 2. Although Knox has played a whopping 41 minutes.

    The way the garden has been today should put to rest those bullshit “Knicks fans won’t accept a rebuild” stupid talks.

    Honestly, I haven’t heard that in years, certainly not here at KB and not even from management…who actually said that?

    @98 weird, eh?

    I’ll say this: i’ve noticed the number of games where the team has assisted on at least 50% of their total FGs has gone up recently.

    26 points on 26 true shots for Knox. Wally of course loved it, especially because he talked with Bernard.


    I didn’t say anyone has argued this recently, just that it’s a common misconception about teams in big markets and it has been thrown around about the Knicks often in the past. The way the crowd has reacted in games does not match this perception. That’s all.

    So your run of the mill NBA reporter will look at Knox’s game and say “now that’s the Kevin Knox we saw in summer league”

    Which is pretty accurate, for better or for worse

    @101, it’s just that every time I hear it brought up, it seems to attack a narrative that never existed. You said “it should put to rest…” yet it was never really a thing, except in the mind of a rogue SAS-type blowhard citing his own opinion with no evidence whatsoever.

    It’s pretty widely accepted that the only entity who wouldn’t accept a true rebuild in NY is Dolan, who continually hired GMs that didn’t believe in rebuilds (or sold out to Dolan) and acted accordingly. But Knicks fans are continually lauded for their knowledge of the game, which would also suggest that they are smart enough to get the logic of a rebuild.

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