Game Thread: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets

Game Thread: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets

Start Time: 10/19/2018 19:30:00

Knicks-Nets clash comes with big buildup

NEW YORK — These days, the rivalry between the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets can be defined by rebuilding projects and getting their respective rosters on the road to playoff contention.
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  • 81 replies on “Game Thread: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets”

    just a quick reminder – nba league pass is offering a free preview through tuesday, october 23…

    looking forward to watching the kids (the good and bad) get after it tonight against the nets…

    been a while since i’ve looked forward to watching a player beat screens, harass ball handlers and disrupt passing lanes…

    our man frank from france 🙂

    also, very interested to see if vonleh continues to impress…

    They might seriously be two games over .500 for the first time since….a while, right?

    Hmm…it was actually as recently as last December 22nd, when they were 17-15. Weird.

    Nets coach Kenny Atkinson on NYK rookie Kevin Knox: “When I watch him play he just seems like a guy who has been in the league for eight years. He just seems like a pro. I just see a nice calm to his game.”

    that’s funny – cuz, everytime i see knox play the first thing that comes to mind: damn, i’m old…seriously – he looks like he’s still in high school…

    Kanter does NOT block shots. I was hoping that he would start shooting the ball. Those are his two major weaknesses. I liked the pass by Frank to Enes behind the arc, even if it rattled out.

    Man, whenever Knox gets the ball he’s never passing it. I’m all for aggression and looking for your own shot, but play within the offense a bit more.

    Also whoever argues that Lance has value as a player should be forced to watch that missed layup for eternity.

    everytime i see knox play the first thing that comes to mind: damn, i’m old

    Hmm. Every time I see him I expect them to stop the game cause there’s a bulldog on the court.

    Down by only 7 when the Nets doubled us on the boards (31-16!) and shoot 18% better from the floor, watching the game I expected to be down by 20…

    Thomas and Timid Frank are too much to concede on offense, you can’t play 3 on 5 every single time (the same is true for combinations that include those two and Ron “No Offense Allowed” Baker)

    Flashes from Knox, Trier’s back on earth, but who knows, still 24 to play.

    I love Frank, I’m happy that he read my post and starts shooting as he could 🙂

    We need him to be aggressive, not timid, no team in the modern NBA could field more than one “zero attack” player.

    I like the chaotic defensive play a lot. The havoc and speed looks like it is tiring the Nets.

    I’m sorry, but I forgive Frankie Smokes everything. I just love his heady play on D. Comes in, forces an offensive foul… Love it.

    I love it. Knox nails the three, but it looks like Fitz was getting on him about a defensive something

    I like Frankie Smokes going downhill on those pick and rollseven if they’re 13 foot pull-ups.

    They’re raw, but I like watching these guys fly around.
    When was the last time we had this kind of athleticism?

    Kevin Knox doesn’t play smart basketball as yet. He needs to learn the game.

    Yikes, Frankie left Dinwiddie alone in the corner, that could have been tragic.

    Kevin Knox doesn’t play smart basketball as yet. He needs to learn the game.

    He’s not going to learn it watching Timmy play either.

    They really miss KP. Add him and this might actually be good team already.

    So maybe next time after 10 times in a row of Lavert scoring or blowing by Timmy you put Frank on him instead.

    I feel like KP would have blocked LaVert’s shot that Kanter swung at futilely.

    Not sure why Timmy was covering the only person the Nets were going to give the ball to for the last shot…

    Maybe eventually one of these years the Knicks will have a team that can defend the 3pt line and play good defense in close games down the stretch.

    Knicks/Nets games would really be a lot of fun if both teams didn’t suck.

    Not a bad result tonight. Our D was pretty lousy, but we don’t have anyone on the roster to protect the rim so what can you do.

    It’s a little early to be dissing the coach, but yeah, no way should Timmy have been guarding LaVert.

    Frank should’ve been on Lavert on that final possession, clearly. Otherwise, a pretty good outcome for us. Entertaining game, and some positive signs from Knox and Frank.

    Frank with 4 assists and they were needed on a team where guys don’t pass the fucking ball. We had 14 assists for the entire game, thankfully we only had 3 TOs.

    It wasn’t Kanter on the fucking Lavert layup, it was KK trying to cover for El Matador Hardaway’s mistakes, Kanter was relieved by Thomas for… defensive purposes

    I hate the fucking Nets with their (supposed) genius coach, (supposed) genius GM, (supposed) star Russell, (real) shitty team.

    Thomas and Baker combined: 39 min 1 point, 0-7 FG, 0-4 3PFG, 2 REB, 3 AST, 7 Fouls, -9 +/-

    With the exception of Knox the bench today wasn’t close to the home game (old schoolers used to say that “bench don’t travel”)

    Frankie must shoot as he did in the second half, Kanter is a beast, Knox is a player and will be a good one.

    P.S. And Knox was roasted by Fiz after the tying 3PT because he left Dudley completely free for a three in the previous possession. Love it 🙂

    We beat the spread! Seriously, trailed all night, never quit, never let them get up insurmountably. Any body with audio, what is up with Robinson?

    I’m sure Fizdale knows the guy he touts as somebody he’s trying to develop into an All-NBA 1st team defender could have gotten a stop on Caris LeVert. This season isn’t about wins, though, and Tim Hardaway Jr needs to know Caris LeVert just dropped 28 points on you and only needed 13 FGA to do it. He couldn’t get a single stop down the stretch and he should be embarrassed.

    Great win for the tank. Memphis, Atlanta, and Sacramento look unbeatable but a top 4 pick guarantees us at least Cam Reddish, and that’s awesome.

    I’d love Timmy as a 6th man on a good team… not so much as your first option who plays suspect defense on a contract being paid as a two way player.
    Having said that, Knox should some positive signs tonite, like the ability to hit threes under pressure. I really hope he takes lances starting spot because lance is not an nba starting b-ball player

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