2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Timberwolves

At least they’re losing this one easily so far.


Let’s go, Nick-at-Nite!

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wow, quick hook for mudiay…did he get hurt, or, did horny figure we could lose this game easily enough without his “help”…

Storming back! At this point it probably doesn’t make a difference if we win or not. Let’s go baby Knicks!

picked the game up in the 3rd…they’re looking pretty good at the moment…

man, does thibs ride them players hard…

interesting to see how much gas do the wolves have in the 4th…

Kings and the Bulls are gonna lose the rest of their games. Winning won’t shift our position, we’re locked in.

At least our moron coach seems to have finally realized Mudiay is not a useful basketball player.

Why the hell did Thibs think Teague was better for this team than Rubio? I’ll never understand that decision.

Me too. He’s the good D, good rebounding, doesn’t need the ball, efficient scoring solid starter guy. Similars – Horford, Rasheed, Oakley

Yeah, I can totally see the Horford comparison, he’s got quite a bit of young Horford on him. Decent but not great shot blocker, very solid rebounder and defender and an efficient scorer, Carter Jr might even be more efficient at this stage because he already can stretch the floor and hit some 3s while it took Horford a while to do that.

I’d be ecstatic to draft Al Horford in the 9th pick, even if that’s Wendell’s ceiling.

I can’t believe how much I’m actually rooting for Horny to keep his job just so that Mark Jackson is not hired. And Horny kind of sucks.

Still hoping for Trae or Mikal, but Carter would be a nice consolation prize. I’d like to see Carter be more aggressive going forward in the tournament

I’ve long been down with Carter. Carter or Mikal would both be fine by me. Heck, I’d be down with Bamba, as well. I like this draft even more than last year’s draft and I liked last year’s draft a lot.

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