Knicks Morning News (2018.01.28)

  • [SNY Knicks] Hornacek says the game changes when Burke is on the floor
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 3:20:14 PM)

    Trey Burke changes the game for the Knicks when he’s on the court and Jeff Hornacek wants to play him with Frank Ntilikina more.

  • [SNY Knicks] Enes Kanter: Nobody out there messing with my teammate
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 12:20:07 PM)

    Enes Kanter won’t let anybody punk his teammates. If anyone tries, they’ll have to go through Kanter, too.

  • [SNY Knicks] Enes Kanter roasts Devin Booker, Jared Dudley on Twitter after Knicks win
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 9:35:35 AM)

    Enes Kanter told Devin Booker to “hold this L” then told Jared Dudley to “get on the treadmill” on Twitter after the Knicks 107-85 win against the Suns.

  • [NYTimes] A Brooklyn Family’s Long March Finally Reaches the N.B.A.
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 9:30:23 PM)

    Dakari Johnson, a rookie center for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is a result of generations of hard work and big dreams.

  • [NYPost] The positives Jeff Hornacek found from a wobbly West Coast trip
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 12:45:09 PM)

    The last taste of the West was a sweet one. The Knicks shut down the Suns on Friday in a defensive gem, and coach Jeff Hornacek sang the praises of his team. Hornacek lauded the leadership of co-captain Lance Thomas, the doggedness of both Tim Hardaway Jr. and former Michigan teammate Trey Burke, and the…

  • [NYPost] Solution to Knicks’ point-guard conundrum right in front of them
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 10:47:19 AM)

    The Knicks came home from their six-game trip against the Western Conference without Joakim Noah and with a vexing point-guard deployment issue. How much should Trey Burke play? The answer: A lot. The recently signed point-guard whiz, Burke closed out the western swing with two straight 18-point games, Thursday in Denver and a victory Friday…

  • [NYPost] The Grizzlies are likely tanking, which could be bad for the Knicks
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 9:51:59 AM)

    One of the most fascinating things to watch during the stretch run of this NBA season will be the bottom of the league standings. This could be one of the deepest drafts for elite prospects in recent history, but with about 30-35 games left in the season, there is little clarity among the worst teams…

  • [NYPost] Enes Kanter traded haymakers in another social media feud
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 6:47:23 AM)

    If there were an award for best social media villain in the NBA, Enes Kanter would firmly be in the running for it this season. Shortly after the Knicks blasted the Suns on Friday night, Kanter took a shot at Devin Booker, the Phoenix star who was ejected from the game after shoving Kanter. “Hold…

  • [ESPN] Kanter, Dudley in Twitter beef after Knicks win
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 8:15:27 AM)

    After Enes Kanter and Devin Booker tangled during the New York Knicks’ 107-85 win over the Phoenix Suns on Friday night, the trash talk continued on Twitter after the game.

  • [NYDN] Knicks need to avoid another quick fix and look to summer of ’19
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 12:38:26 PM)

    Phil Jackson’s biggest mistake as team president – and there were many to choose from – was abandoning his slow-growth plan.

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks’ Courtney Lee has become attractive trade target, but he’s not concerned by rumors
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 8:36:00 PM)

    Talk that he could be traded within the next 12 days doesn’t concern Courtney Lee. Over the summer, rumors flew that he would be gone by training camp after the Knicks signed Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • [NY Newsday] Kristaps Porzingis’ star burns brightly for Knicks
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 6:11:00 PM)

    Kristaps Porzingis received a FaceTime call in San Francisco on Tuesday from a very familiar face. The person most responsible for his basketball career called to tell him he had made his first NBA All-Star team.

  • [NY Newsday] All in all, it could have been worse for Knicks on long road trip
    (Saturday, January 27, 2018 1:58:00 PM)

    The lasting image of the Knicks’ just-completed seven-game road trip could have been Tim Hardaway Jr. going down behind the Knicks’ basket, worried about a possible neck injury.

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    I wonder if there’s a playoff team out there that views Beasley as a potential piece and would give up an asset for him, like a young player and/or a future 2nd rounder. He’s the worst possible kind of player for a tanking team…the guy who will go off on any given night and get wins that hurt the cause.

    With Andre Roberson out, the Thunder would probably be interested in a player like Courtney Lee. They’ve been playing terrific basketball and are in a win now mode. Unfortunately, I don’t see a good match salary wise.

    How about this:
    Willy & KOQ for WCS, Giles, and a pick?

    They make it look so easy to shoot a swish from the corner, like it’s a layup. Just crazy.

    Just like Frank. 🙂

    @4 Crazy, both of those guys are automatic from that spot. I wonder how many in a row they hit before missing.

    Should Knicks do THIS DEAL if OKC is game? It’s tough to answer this without knowing what alternatives are out there but let’s presume Lee and KOQ are only getting 2nd round picks so the option is to keep them (extend KOQ) or make this trade. Some of the pros of this deal are:

    > Roberson is 26yo
    > Ferguson is 19yo and could play either SG or SF in the future
    > Singler contract not guaranteed in final year
    > Helps tank
    > Our wings would be Hardaway/Roberson/Dotson/Ferguson which looks OKish
    > Frank/Roberson would be suffocating on defense (insert joke about offense here)

    Cousins got hurt and literally minutes after that “we” at KB proposed a flurry of trades about him, now same thing with Roberson.

    Real Stone Cold Killers out there!


    I have an idea for our PG rotation.

    First, of all, no more Jarrett Jack. The guy did a nice job for a while, but there’s no reason to play him any more now that we have Burke.

    Second, start Frank and have Burke come off the bench. Have Frank guard the better of the 2 opposing guards, and then bring in Trey for instant offense with the 2nd unit.


    the rondae hollis jefferson rumor was pretty interesting…. i might’ve been tempted to trade the pick for him….

    if we deal folks after the deadline i can’t see jack playing as many minutes as he has…. i would imagine burke would be starting and frank getting minutes behind him….

    if our plan is to stand pat then i don’t see the rotation changing….. if we’re that tone deaf about what’s going on then our rotations are going to mirror that…..


    RHJ is interesting but at this point I’d rather throw a lot of money at Kyle Anderson than spend a pick on RHJ—cap space is less important than having all of our picks, imo. Anderson is also the best defender at SF in the NBA along with Covington.

    I’m having difficulty evaluating Burke. Besides the fact he hasn’t played many minutes, I can’t decide if he’s actually a good NBA point guard that the Jazz gave up on, someone who improved incredibly in G-league, or just someone who looks good compared to the other Knick point guards because he scores more.

    I’m torn about Burke as well. Enjoying his play, but terrified that he’ll be over-exposed and begin to regress to the mean that most folks think he is. However, I’m all for Ntilikina and Burke getting the bulk of the PG minutes moving forward with Baker as our 3rd PG/combo guard if we can move Jack to a contender. He has earned that respect with his play and I appreciate his contributions, but it’s development time. We’ve got veterans playing too much at spots we have interesting young guys. Might as well play the kids and see what they’re made of. We’re kinda in no man’s land w/r/t the record and potential playoff seeding

    Second, start Frank and have Burke come off the bench. Have Frank guard the better of the 2 opposing guards, and then bring in Trey for instant offense with the 2nd unit.

    I think both Burke and Frank should start. Burke here and Frank in Westchester.

    ruptured patellar tendons are career threatening. Ask Kelenna Azubuike. I would stay away from Roberson on a 3-year guaranteed deal. Even when healthy, he has major issues.

    i like anderson more also but i doubt he’ll be pried away…. maybe trading wily would be enough to trade rhj without giving up a pick….

    burke deserved a shot on some nba roster…. but he’s not a good nba point guard…. his offense has always been mediocre and he provides negative value on the defensive end… he’s a good ball handler but inefficient shooting has always held him back…. if he’s better from midrange or if he became a good 3pt shooter he’s probably a solid backup type…..

    none of that has really changed except he’s gotten hot shooting…. this is a good environment for him since all of our pg’s aren’t as creative as him and hornacek’s offense rewards creativity from his guards….. so he has a chance to look real good if he remains hot….

    At age 25, it’s possible that Burke has improved his shooting to where it was in college. He’ll regress for sure, but I see no reason why he can’t be a decent shooter. He shot very well in Westchester and has lots of experience in the big moment. He was already shooting better for the Wizards. I agree that his offense is suspect, but let’s roll him out there and find out what he’s got. At the very least, he’s excellent at running the high PnR.

    Over the last two seasons (including Westchester) Burke is 103 for 242 (.425 %) from three so it certainly seems he’s improved there. He’s obviously not going to keep shooting from 2 like he has but if he can maintain a TS% in the mid to high 50s and provide at least decent playmaking that’s a good backup for any team. And on this team he’d be the clear-cut starter. Frank looks gassed at the moment so I’d sit him for a game or two and let Burke get at least 25 minutes a game until he comes back down to earth.

    Also, Burke just turned 25. He is 4 months older than Baker and a year and a half older than Willy and Dotson. PGs tend to be slow to develop, but he definitely has the core skills to play there, and a decent wingspan for a little guy.

    A month ago I said that if the Knick win more than 4 games in January it would be a miracle. They are now 4-10 with 2 to go: vs the Nets at home and at Boston. I’m pulling hard for a miracle.

    A month ago I cried out for Trey Burke. He hasn’t disappointed.

    I agree with Z-man. Burke should start in NY and Frank in Westchester. Frank needs to develop his offensive game and it’s not an insult to be sent down. In fact, let’s get him and Dotson down there working together to develop some chemistry.

    Trey Burke is going to regress in a big way. It’s just a question of how much. Given his talent I think there’s a chance he has made some sort of real improvement and can be a decent player. I think Nicos got it right-he’s very limited defensively, but if he’s above average on offense he’d at least be a nice change of pace PG off the bench (for a team that actually had a real PG).

    it’s very hard to get good efficiency without a decent ftr…. if you do it’s usually because of low usage and good 3pt shooting and burke isn’t that kind of player…..

    if his ftr gets above 20% or if he starts getting more steals… then it’s possible he’s on the cusp of a breakout… but i would be skeptical otherwise….

    more than likely he’s going to be something like shane larkin or jj barea…. a useful if not flawed rotation player which is a steal for what we got him for but i would temper expectations to just that….

    Shane Larkin might be a pretty good comp for Burke.

    I think what you’d realistically hope for is a Shane Larkin who is fairly good at scoring.

    If his three point % stays near .40 I’d say he’d be a cut above Larkin. More like Patty Mills- a borderline starter but a very good backup. Then again, maybe his playmaking has improved enough that he’s a legit starter- he’s looked really good running the pnr.

    In the article from pre-2013 draft that I linked yesterday, he was described as “tremendous in the pick and roll…” The draftexpress piece by Matt Kamalsky said this:

    Perhaps more so than any position in the NBA, point guards are defined by their ability to excel in one particular situation: the pick and roll. While Trey Burke ranks well in both the number of possessions he used dribble off of ball screens and the rate at which he turned them into points, what is truly remarkable about his numbers in the two-man game is the degree to which he valued the ball. Turning it over on just 8.2% of his pick and roll possessions, Burke’s command of the ball makes him the only player with a single-digit turnover percentage.

    Shane Larkin was also rated well in the PnR; from the same guy from draftexpress:

    Shane Larkin’s value proposition at the next level is simple, he created more combined points on the pick and roll for himself and his teammates last season than any prospect in the country at 14.3 points per-game.

    However, Larkin has a wingspan of 5’11 1/4″ and Burke’s is 6’5 1/2″. That’s a HUGE difference, especially on D but even on O as a finisher at the rim. He’s also a much higher usage player, so he has more upside if he can score reasonably efficiently (.540 TS% or higher?).

    As of today my plan, if I were the Knicks my plan would be Kevin Knox in round one and then Jevon Carter at the top of round two. I would actually be dying to trade O’Quinn for the Warriors 1st rounder just to target last year’s DPOY and the guy who held Trae Young to 8 for 22 from the field and 8 turnovers. He’s turning himself into a two way guard and I salivate at the idea of having Carter and Ntilikina to stifle guards and then Knox and Porzingis as our scoring duo with TH2 there to round out the starting five. Keep Beasley, Kanter, Dotson, and Burke as our second unit next year and I think we can win a good amount of games. Kevin Knox also compares really favorably to Jayson Tatum and I think we can steal him in that 10-12 range if Kentucky continues to struggle under Kalipari’s poor coaching.

    I really don’t think we should go into next year with Frank as our point guard of the future. Not because I don’t think he has the ability to play there full time, I just see him as a guard who is tall enough to play the two and smart/talented enough to add surplus value to a weak position in the league. Houston is running two point guard sets with CP3 and Harden and they happen to be excellent. We were great when we had Kidd and Felton together, and Hornacek won 48 games with Dragic and Bledsoe. Two point guard line-ups just make more sense, and Ntilikina has the height and length to make the situation work. This team’s path to becoming elite to build a defense around Ntilikina and Porzingis. Adding Jevon Carter and Kevin Knox to that equation gives us a potentially elite unit on that end for 7-10 years.

    I say all of that to say that Trey Burke needs to be a Knick for a long time. He’s a perfect change of pace guard that should be loyal to the organization that essentially rehabilitated his NBA career. Keep him around because he’s cheap and we need guys to outperform his contract. Of course he’s bound to regress, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be good enough as the leader of our second unit for years to come.

    As of now, Frank can’t shoot or score. Hopefully that will change. But in today’s NBA, the rules favor offensive players so you need to score lots of points to win. I don’t care how good a guard is defensively if he can’t score. If the other 4 guys are 2-way players, you can get away with a defensive specialist. But not 2.

    Kevin Knox is a bad defender and was nowhere near as good a player or prospect that Tatum was (and this is coming from someone who was low on Tatum. ) I’m very low on Knox.

    With our 3 picks, we should be drafting two SFs and a PG (Troy Brown, Mika Bridges, Isaac Bonga, Jalen Brunson, Arnoldas Kulbolka, etc.) barring an obvious case of BPA

    After looking at some of Knox’s defensive stats it appears he’s not a bad defender—I was taking my eye test anecdotes too seriously. I still don’t like his offensive game at all, though. Give me Jarred Vanderbilt instead, please and thank you.

    Look at their numbers. Down to the measurables they are very similar, and their tape is comparable with Knox being the better athlete and Tatum being smoother. Knox is a sleeper in this class. Nobody around here was high on Tatum and personally I didn’t think the rebounding numbers would stick because I didn’t expect him to play the 4 as an NBA player and I also thought he wasn’t athletic enough to get past 3s. Turns out he’s an elite spot up shooter and plays positionless basketball in Boston. I also think Knox would be a good rebounder at the four and be an elite spot up shooter off KP and guard penetration. I’ve rated him highly from the beginning of the season and the turbulence at UK hasn’t done much to change my opinion, but that’s probably because I think Coach Kal is a joke.

    But more importantly, I think the Knicks can get a starting point guard to play next to Ntilikina at the end of the first/top of the second. Jevon Carter and Jalen Brunson are NBA starters, and they’re undervalued because they’re seniors and they’re shorter than 6’4”. Both guys have the athleticism and speed to penetrate, the handle to not turn it over, range from 3, and they are probably the best perimeter defenders in this draft. I hope the Knicks indentify one of these two guys and steal one. I especially like Carter because his rebounding and steal numbers are excellent. He’s also bald and has that attitude you want out of a leader.

    There has been speculation that Cousins’ injury may lead New Orleans to sell at the deadline despite the team’s playoff positioning. However, Wojnarowski tweets that the team will look to acquire talent as the February 8 trade deadline nears.

    This is from Hoops Rumors. It’s good for us if the Pelicans are buyers, rather than sellers. The more teams that will be buyers now the stronger the market for us to trade someone.

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