2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Trailblazers

The Knicks return to the Garden to hopefully get their home-cooking going again against a mediocre Trailblazers team.

The Knicks will be without Enes Kanter again, though, sadly, but KP will play.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I am really not in favor of Knicks’ management going out and looking for a trade at the moment. The current Knicks’ team is basically new, because of the large number of new players and because they are changing their offensive and defensive systems from last year. With a year together under their belt and hopefully the normal improvements of young players, next year they should be better. I’m also not upset that Hernangomez isn’t getting many minutes. Sometimes finding out you have to do more to be the NBA player you think you are is the best thing that can happen to players (See THJ as an example). Of course it would be nice to fix our center glut, but there is plenty of time for that. We shouldn’t do anything on the trade market until the trade deadline approaches and other teams feel forced to make a move. Then maybe something good will come our way. Otherwise, we can just wait for next summer to make moves.

@2 – I agree but things happen. Who could imagine Kyrie begging out or Bledsoe coming available. It’ll happen again. If the right opportunity arises, I would make a deal if it’s not insane.
Noah is available tonight. I would think he’ll get some minutes.

I know that’s not what lackadaisical means but he’s so hesitant it gives the impression of not caring.

Yeah, he’s playing very tentatively.

I recall that last year he had major turnover problem early one but that got better over time. We shouldn’t give up on him. He’s just got to be more aggressive on D.

Well the fool’s gold was fun while it lasted. Ntilikina not looking good, Hernangomez suddenly sucks, and Porzingis has come back down to earth quickly.

Maybe if we leave Willy in there long enough to thoroughly embarrass himself it’ll finally light a fire under his ass.
The smirk on his face really bothers me.

so, has frank hit the wall at game 20 of the season…

tank is alive and fine and taking care of itself…

Frank was a good shooter in France? He only shoots wide open shots and is not close on most of his misses. It’s weird.

This is really worrying on all fronts. Ntilikina sucking hard, Jack being careless again, everybody else mediocre or bad… the tank is on?

The feel good vibes from the start of the season are mostly gone now after the Atlanta game and this 1st half embarrassment.

I have a feeling both Frank and Willy are being impacted by pressure, but for different reasons. Frank is definitely a better shooter than he’s shown to date and Willy looks like a guy that’s in a coma and has lost every drop of confidence.

Someone should just smack Porzingis in the head 1 time for every bad shot he takes in a game. It’s preposterous. He’s not a rookie anymore. This is his 3rd year and he has no idea what the hell he’s doing yet. He’s skating by because he has so much natural talent he makes some of the terrible shots, but I’m getting tired of this every game.

I’m not able to watch this game. Could Porzingis bad shot taking be because the Knicks’ aren’t a coherent enough team on offense yet? That is, they haven’t played together enough?

@37 Nor really. If KP was taking those long threes late in the shot clock I could understand it. But he’s doing it early and often. Clyde is saying that he’s taking the easy way out and I agree.

“Frank is definitely a better shooter than he’s shown to date”

Edit: We hope Frank is definitely a better shooter than he’s shown to date

@38, Thanks, that’s a shame. I don’t know why KP is doing that, but it’s definitely a shame.

I just looked at the score. It’s 90 to 64 at the end of the third quarter. That is awful. Neither good scoring or good defense, at least going by the point totals. We seem to have taken a big step backwards.

At least Burke can penetrate, score and run the pick and roll well. We get no scoring from our PGs at all. He’s also a leader on the court. I’d like to see him get a call.

For such a baby-face, Ntilikina isn’t afraid of shoving people much bigger than him.

Wow Willy really did look like Noah for a few minutes there. So at least we know that it’s possible.

People here are ragging on Frank too much. He’s got fire and grit. He has the will to win. He plays harder than anybody. He has good vision and will be a good shooter. Already our best defensive guard and leads the team in steals. Only 19, guys.

Ugly loss. Fourteen Knicks saw the court. Really the only minor bright spot was Willy coming out of his coma in the 2nd half.

yep, ugly loss…

yeah, ‘ol willy started playing desperate, like noah is coming to take his minutes…

Courtney Lee is low key having a career year. Hopefully he can keep it up til the trade deadline.

Our team definitely misses Kanter’s efficiency and his rebounding. Willy and KOQ are efficient but they aren’t the unstoppable force that got Enes Kanter drafted 3rd overall. That guy has been one of the top offensive players in the league for some years now, and I hope he comes back healthy sooner than later. He’s very important to what we want to do.

Damn, Drummond fucking destroyed the Celtics tonight. 26 points on 12 FGAs, 22 rebounds and six (!!) assists.

We’ll be favored in 6 of the next 8 games. Then the schedule gets rough. If we don’t go at least 5-3 we’re in trouble.

12 out of 16 January games are on the road.

Chris Paul has played in 6 games with the Rockets. He has 69 assists and 7 turnovers in those 6 games.

Truly remarkable, for as great as a career as he has had, he still might be underrated.

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