2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Kings

The Knicks continue their journey through Scott Perry’s former teams tonight as they host the Kings, who have gotten off to a horrendous start to 2017-18.

The Knicks have Porzongis back tonight, so they better keep that home cooking going!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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So it can’t be that Dotson is improving because he’s not getting minutes and wants them? The desire for meaningful playing time is one of the biggest motivators for improvement in sports. I agree Dotson has promise, But I don’t agree that it’s a big mistake that he isn’t getting more playing time.

i wonder if KP’s shot is a little odd because of his recent elbow problems

i wonder if KP’s shot is a little odd because of his recent elbow problems

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

KP just puts up points in bunches. It’s insane how fast he jacks up his scoring line.

Fox is so damn quick, but still out of control a lot of times. If he manages to control his pace and switch gears when needed he’ll be baby Westbrook.

Knicks pretty sloppy today but still winning.

We need to start a petition to bring back Tina Cervasio.

I am more of Deb Kaufman guy myself.

That crossover is a perfect example of what KP can do against your average 5…and Cauley Stein is a respected defender at that position.

I will concede not a moment before the All-Star break, Bruno


The way that the Lincoln-Douglas debate was settled….and guess which side KP is on.


I’m pretty bullish myself that Cauley-Stein will be pretty good for his career, but tonight has been an absolute slaughter. Randolph + him are probably the least well suited duo to guard KP, both are too slow to do it.

I’ve never seen Bernard King in action except in replays but I’ve watched Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston, Carmelo Anthony. I have never seen a more dominant offensive player in a Knicks uniform than KP. Its not even close to me. He is an effortless scorer.

Don’t jump all over me for this, but KP is starting to remind me of Durant. Different players, I understand, but both basically unguardable because of their size and both deadly from 3. Durant is obviously a better defender and handles the ball more, but just in terms of offensive skills, they’re similar to me.

Just got finished with a lengthy online customer support chat with NBA about League Pass crashing all the time on Roku devices. Bottom line, Roku sticks are no longer supported by latest NBA app update, only the set top devices are.

Of course, all other apps that we have work just fine on the stick, inc. Netflix, MLB, Sling, Amazon, HBO, Showtime, etc. Oh well.

What’s awesome is that KP has been dominant tonight even with his shaky start where it looked like be needed to adjust back into the game. Imagine if he was fresh right off the bat?!?

LOL. KP doesn’t even look phased at the fact that he has 27 points on 16 shots in 20 minutes of play. It’s just another day at the office for him.

Jesus H. Christ. I am actually feeling ashamed of how easy KP is fucking this team up. It’s like when you feel bad for egging on a bully.

KP has been hitting the floor hard all night. I hope that he can hold up.

Hornacek should sit him down now.

The Kings look completely dead. I guess facing KP in the second night of a back to back does that to you.

Taking care of business rather easily at home against shitty teams is an encouraging sign that maybe this really could be a playoff team.

It’s weird cause TH Jr was hated in his first stint here because he was awful defensively and did nothing else but shoot pretty well. So far this season I’ve been impressed with his defense and much improved ball-handling, passing and even rebounding. But shit it would be nice if he was more consistent with his 3pt shooting.

Meanwhile Lee definitely read the discussion here about taking his minutes and giving them to Dotson.

We’ll see after a real road trip. I’m a clear homer, but we’ve had a lot of home games. Loving the game tonight though!

It is an amazing thing when you see a dominant big man. They do whatever they want whenever they feel like it.

Taking care of business rather easily at home against shitty teams is an encouraging sign that maybe this really could be a playoff team.

Yes, But it is so weird and disconcerting after years of watching some other team

Random but Dotson seems to be flat footed or seems to put a lot of weight on his heels.

Idk just seems to move awkward.

Frank just said hello to Buddy Hield and now Buddy knows not to shoot when he’s guarding him.

Lonzo Ball is about to have a triple-double and the 2nd half hasn’t even started yet.

Willy’s looked weird this year. Like, sad and unenthusiastic. I feel bad for the kid.

The Knicks figured out the solution, just blow out teams and Dotson and Willy can play!

Dotson with some smooth shooting there, looking good! Frank looks sloppy today, outside of that great alley oop play.

I’d cut Sessions before Kuz but we’re so short at the PG. I’d also cut Bease before Kuz.

wow, been a while since I can remember the knicks totally out classing anyone…

it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Noah out on the court…

what a joy to be talking about basketball and not any off the court weird shit…

dotson looks a lot more athletic than timmy…

how many more games before you start frank – 10 maybe?

Dotson looks incredible. Lots to like. Very long and active on defense, a terrific catch and shoot shooter, and very good rebounder, fast in transition.

But if Willy looks anything in practice like he does out there tonight I see can why Hornacek keeps him on the bench.

Does it matter?

Not really, but its kind of a big deal to be a 3 point shooter as a wing in this NBA era. The fact that he can ignore this aspect of the game and be so amazing is a testament to what uniquely freakish talent he is.

What Willy needs to avoid doing is sulking and letting that affect his play. Stay at it, but Noah coming back next week does not bode well for his playing time.

It’s a weird feeling to have a star that you can expect to dominate so hard.

Good team play overall, ball moving, good defense, it’s the tired Kings but a good team should blow out the tired Kings easily, and the Knicks might just be a good team after all.

Last night Dotson could barely make a shot for Westchester and tonight he’s Reggie Miller.

Triple D (My new nickname for Daymean Da’Kethe Dotson) needs the big stage to shine. Westchester was just too small a venue.

You want to have your minds blown? Here:

Most points in a player’s first 11 games of his 3rd NBA Season – Last 30 years:
1. Kristaps Porzingis – 334
2. Shaquille O’Neal – 333

I think the thing I love most about KP is his understanding of how he’s doing and how the game is going, how many times do we see him understand when his shot isn’t falling him not taking shots for multiple possessions in a row, when his shot is falling demanding the ball every single time, and the many times we see him make a play when the team is down.

LeBron James on DSJ: "The Knicks passed on a really good one and Dallas got the diamond in the rough. He should be a Knick. That's going to make some headlines, but he should be a Knick but Dallas is definitely excited he didn't go there. He's an unbelievable talent."— Saad Yousuf (@SaadYousuf126) November 12, 2017

I’m just getting to post after watching tape delay.

My main take-away, before I read any other posts, is that for the first time ever, as I watch Kristaps Porzingis, I thought he was unstoppable, a true super-star that is so far and away better than the opposition. I don’t use the term super-star lightly. To me, a super-star is All-NBA, top-5 or so. The rest of the All-stars , using my definitions, are just stars. He’s playing at a top, elite level.

The team is playing with defensive intensity. They are moving the ball. They have a number of pieces that fit very well together. I talked about the KP-Kanter synergy the other day and with O’Q coming off the bench, we have a solid big rotation. Today it also became clear to me that with Hardaway, Lee and McDermott, have formed a nice 3-headed, 3-and-D wing rotation. And the Jack and Frank point guard tandem is pretty, pretty good.

There is youth in the team depth now. Wily, Dotson and Baker are young third-stringers, some with bright upsides. Wily’s needs to work on defense. Dotson needs playing time and to learn the NBA game. Baker will bring tenacity.

I know that the Kings are young and challenged, but these are the types of teams that playoff teams need to put away. I will sleep well tonight.

LeBron says he knows he'll "make headlines" with that comment but chides the Knicks anyway for passing on Smith with the No. 8 pick in June— Marc Stein (@TheSteinLine) November 12, 2017

Seriously, fuck Lebron. He and Phil Jackson were only two people left in the NBA who didn’t realize Derrick Rose was washed up.

Well, if Lebron’s talent evaluation as a defacto GM is any indication… we might have just dodged a bullet.

what was that college point guard’s name that lebron got the heat to draft?

yeah, fuck lebron…

The reality is both Smith Jr and Frank have pretty much played like crap so far. Frank has had some nice assist totals but his TS% is below 40% and I’m honestly not sure if he will come close to breaking 50% this season. But his defense is as good as advertised and he seems very under control on offense although at times to a fault.

I was on the Dennis Smith Jr bandwagon and at times I still wish they would’ve drafted him cause the Knicks go thru rough stretches on offense where Jack and Frank are useless as PG’s but I love what I’ve seen in Frank on defense and am looking forward to watching him develop more on offense although I’m not anywhere near as high on him as some others here are in terms of his potential on offense.

He’s just salty we smoked him on his home court. He’ll be even more upset when Frank Ntilikina locks up Derrick Rose.

And let’s just ignore DSJr didn’t want to be here. I hope we get to trade with Cleveland a lot when he buys the Cavs.

shabazz napier – fuck you gm lebron…god i hope frank steals the ball from your old ass…

@79. .Did Shaq take his team’s 11th game off? Shaq leads if you wrote it this way: “most points in his team’s first 11 games” KP did take off game 11. May need an asterisk there, ‘killa. Just funnin’, son, just funnin’

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