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I don’t remember who is Nigel Hayes. Who is he?

On the Kyrie situation, it seems to me that the Cavaliers want to trade him in a way that they are still are competitive for a title and they get youth in addition. If you think about that, any non- Knicksy team will probably conclude they can have one or the other, but not both. That is, if you trade them enough to be title contender, that’s as much as you want to give for Kyrie and a fair deal. This will leave Cleveland with a dilemma. Do they trade him in a way that gives another shot at a title while Lebron is there, and then be bad and low in assets the next year when he’s gone? Or do they trade him for youth and start breaking up the team now? Neither option is much better than just keeping him another year and making a Paul George type of trade for him. So I predict they might just keep him.

I’m sick of thinking about Melo, Kyrie, etc,. too many false alarms. At this point, best to suppose that they both stay put. Which for me is the best outcome in the short run. Trades at this point would almost certainly be detrimental to the team.

My guess is that Melo will say all the right things and generally play as well as his health will allow in somewhat restricted minutes. Then some opportunity will come along before the trade deadline. If not, he will opt out and look for a 3-yr deal with a contender.

I also think Kyrie and LeBron will air out their grievances and patch things up. Cleveland can’t make a trade right now that would make their team better.

If the Cavs really rejected a Beverley + DeAndre package for Kyrie, I sure hope Kyrie stays put and the Knicks get away from it. That’s insane. Beverley and DeAndre + LeBron would give the Cavs an insane defensive lineup and a team that surely could dominate GSW on the boards, and the Cavs could easily flip Tristan Thompson for more wing depth (let’s say, trade him to the Bucks for Middleton + Snell or something like that). In a world where Paul George was traded for Oladipo + Sabonis, to reject that sort of offer means their asking price is incredibly unreasonable and they’re fine with keeping him.

It really seems the Cavs are adamant, for now, in getting win-now players + picks, and that’s where the Knicks should get the hell away from the telephone.

Cleveland wants to trade Kyrie Irving to Phoenix, but Phoenix wants to hold onto Josh Jackson. If Phoenix changes their mind (they shouldn’t because Kyrie Irving will leave them), Irving will be a Phoenix Sun.

Nobody in the NBA really has a horse in this race.

There doesn’t seem to be a trade that any team in their right mind would do that would make the Cavs more likely to beat the Warriors. Even if they did that D’Andre and Beverley package, they’d be the worst 3-point shooting team in the NBA.

There is no way to stop the Warriors offense, since it starts 30 feet from the basket. LeBron’s best hope is to keep the core intact for another year and hope either Curry or Durant get hurt.

I don’t remember who is Nigel Hayes. Who is he?

Played at Wisconsin. He was on the summer league squad. Legit 6’8″ 245 PF in the mold of Draymond Green with less handle. He had good numbers in SL on everything but scoring and shooting. I think he & Kornet would be good additions at the end of the roster. Phil gave him a camp invite, and then I heard nothing else about him. Unless you consider Lance and KOQ PF’s, we only have KP at that spot. Hayes could be a good glue guy, like Jared Jeffries with more offense. He could be that versatile defender we need up front with that 7’1″ wingspan and mobility

I don’t think either Lance or KOQ could defend a modern NBA four, so we probably do need someone else. But for certain situations, I think Carmelo could do it, assuming he is still here.

Yeah at this point I think Melo will be here and the Knicks will make the playoffs

Then Melo will leave. I do think the Knicks will have a more free flowing offense this year tho


Is not a terrible lineup

Agreed, er. We really need to move Lee although I think he’s a nice vet to lean on. But we really need to see where TH2 & Dotson’s development takes them. It would be nice if we could move him and Kuz for MKG

As far as Melo goes..if Mills & co. accepts an offer of Anderson & Ariza(which is probaby thest offer they’re gonna get), it won’t be a bad deal as far as the Knicks are concerned. Why? It helps the tank, and it takes 8 mil a year of the cap for the next couple of seasons. I’m worried that holding out for 25 and under talent is gonna hurt more than it helps. Unless there’s a contender with young talent they’re willing to part with for a “final piece to the puzzle”, I don’t see a better Melo trade than dealing with Houston straight up. It feels like a stretch that Portland would take Anderson in a 3 teamer and still give up a young guy like Harkless. It just doesn’t make any sense unless 1st rounders are offered. We shouldn’t be giving up 1st rounders right now unless it’s for a young all star caliber player.


Frank Ntilikina will start at point guard from Game 1.

I do agree there’s no stopping the Warriors, but to try to face them at their own game is not much better imo. I dont get why they would be so much worse at 3pt shooting, Beverley is a career .380 3pt shooter (same as Kyrie) and they could easily flip Thompson for more shooting.

I’d rather add DeAndre, who’s a monster rebounder and defender who can be valuable on offense with Lebron setting him up, get a real lockdown defender for Curry and see where this goes, if Kyrie won’t stay anyway. It sure would give them a better shot against GSW than Bledsoe + Jackson.

and I’d be very surprised if this team as currently constructed makes the playoffs with Melo.

If KP can keep himself from wearing down over the course of a season, there’s no doubt in my mind we would be a playoff team. We’d have two excellent players in our frontcourt with a bunch of average to slightly above average players around them.

It’s hard to make the case that our point guard rotation is “average”. And the east has a lot of good or reasonable point guards: for example, Wall, Kyrie, Lowry, Thomas, Lin, Dragic, and Kemba Walker

I just don’t get that a team starting Sessions or Baker would be a playoff team without major incredible leaps from KP, Willy and THJ, that’s all. Some people believe they surely will, I do not… one injury to a key player and the Knicks might not win 30.

The east isn’t nearly as bad as people are making it out to be, specially because the regular and crap teams also play each other as much as the Knicks do.

In fact, its hard for me to think of a team with a weaker point guard rotation than ours. We do have potential because of Ntilikina, but it’s very unlikely he’ll be a starter level point guard in his first season

I think the only team who could be about as bad at the PG position in the east is Detroit, both Reggie Jackson and Ish Smith are absolutely horrible… they did get Galloway, so they might not be so terrible if he gets minutes… Philly will be better unless Fultz gets injured or is a complete bust in his first year, and Orlando is arguable because Payton isn’t necessarily great, but he’s probably better than Sessions and Baker. That’s pretty much it for the east.

Agreed, and Philly has Simmons too, who thinks of himself as a point guard and might be able to do it too.

In fact, its hard for me to think of a team with a weaker point guard rotation than ours.

True but the Knicks would also have arguably the best 4-5 rotation in the east if Melo starts at the 4.

I don’t know where baker fits. He sucks….maybe if Lee is traded but idk

Dotson should crack the rotation especially if Lee is gone

Love and Thompson are clearly better imo, and the Knicks would only be in that position because every front court in the east either sucks or is unproven still. The margin is what matters: how much better KP plus Melo are in comparison to let’s say, Monroe + Parker, but how much better is Giannis + Brogdon + Middleton compared to Sessions + THJ + Lance?

It really does not favor the Knicks if you go through most teams, and that’s me giving a very healthy benefit of the doubt on Melo being capable of playing the 4 decently enough.

Love and Thompson are clearly better imo

I said rotation. The 5 guys the Knicks have together are better than these two alone.

KP plus Melo are in comparison to let’s say, Monroe + Parker,

Parker is on a torn acl….. and even still no

It really does not favor the Knicks if you go through most teams

List the teams. Seriously…..

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