Knicks Morning News (2017.06.10)

  • [NYTimes] Cavaliers 137, Warriors 116 | Golden State Leads Series, 3-1: Cavaliers Explode, Refusing to Go Quietly Against the Warriors
    (Saturday, June 10, 2017 4:32:55 AM)

    Cleveland, the defending N.B.A. champion, put up 49 points in the first quarter and ended Golden State’s undefeated playoff run.

  • [NYTimes] N.B.A. Finals: How the Cavs Dominated the Warriors in Game 4
    (Saturday, June 10, 2017 5:27:45 AM)

    The Cavaliers made a finals-record 24 3-pointers to force a Game 5 in Oakland. Kyrie Irving led the way with 40 points.

  • [NYTimes] Oracle Arena vs. Quicken Loans: Like Night and Day (or Warriors and Cavs)
    (Friday, June 09, 2017 9:00:52 AM)

    Oracle Arena in Oakland and Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland reflect the character and ethos of two very different cities and teams, and their passionate fans.

  • [NYTimes] Golden State Warriors Are Closing In on History
    (Friday, June 09, 2017 12:24:59 PM)

    If the Warriors win on Friday, they would complete back-to-back memorable seasons. Their playoff run would stand as probably the greatest in any sport.

  • [NYPost] Knicks might have to wing it if they want Frank Ntilikina
    (Friday, June 09, 2017 12:13:32 PM)

    Frank Ntilikina may not have time for any NBA workouts after the point guard helped lead his Strasbourg team to the French league finals in a 70-69 victory Friday in a decisive Game 5 of the semis. Ntilikina staged his finest performance of the playoffs against Lyon-Villeurbanne as he notched 10 points, three assists, three…

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks would be wise to hang on to Justin Holiday
    (Friday, June 09, 2017 12:15:00 PM)

    The Knicks are lucky that a seldom-used player from the 2015 Warriors’ championship winning team fell into their laps following the Derrick Rose trade.

  • [SNY Knicks] JRSportBrief: Get used to the Warriors winning
    (Friday, June 09, 2017 12:50:59 PM)

    In the latest installment of JRSportBrief on, JR explains why NBA fans should get used to the Warriors’ winning ways.

  • [NYDN] There’s only one way for Carmelo to join LeBron and the Cavs
    (Friday, June 09, 2017 9:39:31 PM)

    LeBron knows he’s in an arms race with the Warriors. And he’s okay with that.

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    The amount of threes being launched in these Finals gives me some of encouragement that the Knicks are in a unique position, with KP, to someday have our starting/core 5 all be competent three point shooters.

    This team really does seem like it could be configured to be built around the three very easily (just like, you know, the two teams currently in the NBA Finals).

    The triangle and the 3 ball (along with all time great shooters, of course) have led the Warriors to the most dominant stretch of regular and post season basketball we’ve seen over the last three years. We better use the same formula.

    The Knicks sans Rose would have posted the 7th highest 3PAr in the league last year. Get a point who will either create more 3’s with his distribution or can generate his own 3 pointer regularly and it should look much better relative to the league.

    Nice link!

    Is Rubio that guy? He doesn’t have his own three, but…

    I’m only on board with drafting Monk/Ntilikina/Mitchell if we will be bad enough to land Doncic next June.

    @ 8 – sorry but this is a dumb response. Any of those players will be a nice piece for our team. Quit looking for a savior to instantly change things. Monk or Frank might end up better than Doncic. One is 19 the other 18.

    Monk and Ntilikina might be good but Doncic looks like a bonafide superstar–he’s putting up absurd, MVP level numbers on a veteran stacked Real Madrid team, in the most competitive league in the world outside the NBA

    Monk and Frank are several tiers below the level of prospect that Doncic is–Doncic is probably a better prospect than Ball or Fultz, for perspective.

    Quit looking for a savior to instantly change things.

    Is the goal of a championship is much closer in sight than it was last summer?

    Remember last night when the Cavs scored 86 points in the first half against maybe the best team of all time?

    Last nights game had everything: missed calls,flagrants, false ejections, a punch close to the groin, fan ejections, and an absurd half of basketball from the Cavs

    Classic game, despite the reffing.

    good tweet from’s John Schumann:

    Things that have increased w/ every game of The Finals…
    – Cavs’ passes/possession
    – Cavs’ secondary assists
    – Cavs’ eFG%
    – Cavs’ OffRtg

    Slowly but surely the Cavs O (ie. Lebron) is figuring out the Warriors defense. But it’s almost certainly too late.

    Or the Cavs just played at home and shot a lot better than they did in the first couple of games when they couldn’t hit anything.

    @9 my point isn’t that we need a savior, it’s that we would need to put those guys next to a wing player who could take over some ball handling responsibility. Doncic is really a point guard if you watch him play, and those 3 guys are really more off guard types. That’s why I want Doncic; because he’s the perfect player to put next to a 3 and D point guard.

    “Jonathan Isaac, 6’10” freshman forward, Florida State
    “Great athlete. Can guard multiple positions. Needs to get stronger, but can put it on the floor and stroke it. He works really hard on defense, but offensively it doesn’t seem important to him to put points on the board. There were times his team needed him to be the guy to put points on the board, but he deferred a little too much. Late game situations, he’ll get nervous. He’ll get mauled at first because he’s so thin, so he’s going to have to be able to step out and make shots. ”

    Josh Jackson, 6’8” freshman forward, Kansas
    “He’s my favorite player in this draft. As gifted a scorer as he is, I think he has a lot of untapped potential in that area. The off-court stuff is definitely a concern. You’re talking about two incidents in one year. Is that going to be a lingering issue? You don’t have to run plays for him. I think one day he could be a Jimmy Butler type guy. He has shooting deficiencies, but they went in at Kansas. I don’t know how they went in, but they did. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. If he’s able to shoot, he’ll be a Grant Hill or an Iguodala. If he doesn’t, he’ll be like Corey Brewer, which is still pretty good.”

    Malik Monk, 6’3” freshman guard, Kentucky
    “He’s really thin. I don’t see him being a guy who can carry a team. He’s more like a first guy off the bench and a bucket getter. He’s good athletically. He needs to get stronger. I’ve heard he’s not exactly a gym rat. When he gets going, forget it. Short arms, but a big-time athlete. Really fast, can really jump. He had some 1 for 11 nights. What’s he going to do if he’s not making shots?”

    Dennis Smith, 6’2” freshman point guard, N.C. State
    “Really gifted at getting his shot off. Needs to improve his consistency on the jump shot. I want to see how committed he can be at the defensive end. He has all the physical tools to succeed, but can he trust his teammates? He can fall asleep on defense. He’s a Derrick Rose-type athlete. He needs to go to the right team. He’s a guy that gets you fired. He quit on his team in some of the games I was at. I’m not a fan of his body language. I’d be scared if he was staring me in the face and I felt I had to take him.”

    Jayson Tatum, 6’8” freshman forward, Duke
    “Love him love him love him. He’s the next Carmelo Anthony. Just an elite scorer. I wonder how he’ll be as defenders jam him up. I’m not sure he has the foot speed to get around those guys. He has a good midrange game but I’m not sold on his three-point shot. His challenges will be athletically and defensively. He would never just drive down the land and punch it on people. I hear he just loves to play, loves being in the gym. Biggest thing with him is just physical toughness.”

    Jordan Bell, 6’8” junior forward, Oregon
    “He’s one of my favorite players in the draft. He could be a switch monster because of his ability to defend multiple positions. He’s probably a better shooter than we saw at Oregon. He’s a hot name. He’s undersized four, but he’s just such a ridiculous athlete.”

    Lonzo Ball, 6’6” freshman guard, UCLA
    “I couldn’t care less about the dad. This isn’t Little League. Everybody loves playing with players who get them the ball where they like it and control the pace of the game. He’s stronger than people give him credit for. I’m not really sure how he’s going to get a pullup jumper off the dribble. The only way he can get that jumper off is with a stepback. Obviously, he’s a really good passer. What makes him so good is his mind. If he’s the best player on your team, you’re in trouble, but if he’s the second or third best, you can win big…

    Why pine for a guy who, at best, you’d have a 1/4 chance of having a chance to draft? And that’s only if the Knicks were to have the very worst record in the NBA next season. There are quite a few bad teams out there.

    Hey, if they get the chance, great. But let’s get some good young players and worry about next year’s draft next year. Drafting well is about the only good thing that I kind of expect Phil to do.

    Jowles – I really don’t understand your question and how it relates to what I wrote.

    I’m just saying whoever we pick at 8 is not gonna be the answer. He’s gonna be one piece of the puzzle hopefully. Maybe he’s a big piece cause we hit on a future all- star, maybe he’s just a rotation player. But as much as this blog wants a full rebuild, this blog will also turn on that player basically before the end of his second season if he’s not a great player by then. We need to be patient with our rebuild if that’s what we all supposedly want.

    8th pick (monk, frank, dsj, etc) plus Willie H and KP is a start. We’ll add another pick next year. Hopefully from Melo, Lee and KQ we can grab some more picks this year and next. This is going to be a LONG process. IF Melo is traded, don’t expect KP to automatically step up and fill that void. As much as you guys might hate Melo, you’re gonna see how his scoring is missed when he’s gone. KP and Willie H will feel a lot more pressure to carry the load.

    @23 Dennis Smith would help fill the void on offense if Melo is gone, I believe. I like that he sees CP3 as his favorite player. I’m leaning towards him as the player who could become the star of the entire draft.

    One last scouting report on Ntilikina:
    “Ntilikina is an interesting two-way guard that won MVP of the U18 European Championships this winter. He is capable of playing on-ball as a lead guard, but it’s still a question as to whether or not he has the functional athleticism to consistently get into the teeth of the defense. His jump shot has improve by leaps and bounds this season, and often plays off-ball for his club team in Strasbourg.
    Defensively, Ntilikina utilizes his long arms, size, and quickness to cause all sorts of problems for opposing players. At nearly 6–6 with around a 7-foot wingspan, Ntilikina possesses perfect measurements for a switchable defender in today’s NBA.
    Ultimately, the question is whether or not Ntilikina is more role player or potential star. That will all depend on how his frame and body fill out over the course of the next few years, and if the added strength can also turn into added explosiveness.”

    Ok, I’m done with that. These quotes were supposedly anonymous amalgams of private recent interviews with scouts and might show us what they’re really thinking.

    It’s interesting, if the Cavs had hit like 2 more open shots in game 3 I think they’d have a solid chance to win the series, but it’s probably ending in 5 games.

    Barring some terrible injury luck, we’re not getting Doncic unless we get extremely lucky in the lottery.

    The triangle and the 3 ball (along with all time great shooters, of course) have led the Warriors to the most dominant stretch of regular and post season basketball we’ve seen over the last three years. We better use the same formula.

    Shhhh….the Triangle is obsolete. The experts tell me so;

    Somebody talk me out of Ibaka! He’s an UFA. Since his productivity is dropping maybe his contract wouldn’t be horrible? I would trust him for defensive rebounding and 3 point shooting. I know, probably doesn’t make sense.

    Crabbe was also discussed in those rumors about a pick. He’s overpriced but is a pretty good shooter.

    1st rounder, Frank Ntilikina, delaying trip to US as Strasbourg heads to French Pro A Finals. Big night: Game MVP with 10, 5 & 6 & great D.— Fran Fraschilla (@franfraschilla) June 9, 2017

    Would be nice to see him in a formal workout, esp. against NBA players/prospects.

    The great Phil Jackson already knows everything we need to know about young Frank so don’t sweat it.

    well as a definite lottery pick, he was never going to work out against anyone else anyway. prob serves just to make me happier when we ultimately pick him.

    I’m totally at peace with this draft as long as we draft one of Isaac, Ntilikina, DSJ, Monk, or even Tatum. I think they all have excellent upside — something (finally) to get excited about again.

    Par draft – draft Ntilikina, Monk, or DSJ

    Birdie draft – draft Isaac

    Eagle draft – draft one of those 5 and pick up another 1st round pick from Portland

    Hole-in-one draft – draft one of those 5, get another 1st round pick from Portland, and yet another one for Courtney Lee

    Something to chew on from this twitter account @JSports_ent –> the same guy who was 1st to report that Courtney Lee was going to sign with the Knicks (in fact I think his NYK source is actually Courtney Lee):

    I’m told #Knicks have had several teams contact them regarding guard C. Lee. If they want a 1st they would get that moving him.

    The fact that the Knicks are working out Kennard and Mitchell makes me think that possibly they’re looking at a team in the 11-15 range. Pistons? Courtney Lee for the #12?

    Another semi-reasonable early teens team to look at would be the Heat. They are in win-now mode, and their major weakness last year was at the wing position, and the guy who played the most there for him (Dion Waiters) is almost certainly leaving.

    I could imagine Courtney Lee and a 2nd for Tyler Johnson and his about-to-explode contract and #14? We could even ask for Wayne Ellington’s nonguaranteed contract to give us extra room in 2017-18. Tyler Johnson would be on our cap for $19MM/year for 2018-19 and 2019-20 though…

    Wait, you’re suggesting the Heat would give up Tyler Johnson and the #14 pick for Courtney Lee (plus a 2nd)? That seems highly unlikely.

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