Knicks Morning News (2016.08.19)

  • [NYDN] Derrick Rose on why Knicks are worthy of ‘super team’ label
    (Thursday, August 18, 2016 7:39:49 AM)

    Derrick Rose isn’t backing down from his comments that the Knicks are now a “super team.”

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks announce preseason schedule
    (Thursday, August 18, 2016 12:45:15 PM)

    The Knicks have announced their preseason schedule.

  • [SNY Knicks] Can Lance Thomas be a Shane Battier-type glue guy?
    (Thursday, August 18, 2016 10:55:41 AM)

    Of all the players who the team signed during free agency, perhaps the one player who was most adamant about being a Knick was forward Lance Thomas.

  • [NYPost] Knicks fans should get familiar with this Spanish big man now
    (Thursday, August 18, 2016 2:58:01 PM)

    Life holds few certainties. But if you seek one possible sure thing, figure it is near definite New Yorkers at first will botch the name of a Knicks rookie who figures to face Team USA for Spain in the Olympic semifinals Friday in Rio de Janeiro. “So who is this Herman Gomez guy?” That may…

  • [NYPost] Derrick Rose knows you’re mocking him, doubles down on ‘super team’
    (Thursday, August 18, 2016 8:11:43 AM)

    Derrick Rose is keeping his dribble alive on his bold claim that the Knicks are an NBA super team. Rose, the team’s new star point guard, was mocked in some circles last month after he boasted the Knicks “have a chance to win every game” and are in a class with the Golden State Warriors. “I…

  • [ESPN] Ranking 10 best sophomores this NBA season
    (Thursday, August 18, 2016 7:05:13 AM)

    Ranking 10 best sophomores this NBA season

  • [NYTimes] Basketball: U.S. Heads to Women’s Final Against Spain, Maybe Without Bird
    (Friday, August 19, 2016 1:30:30 AM)

    The United States beat France 86-67 on Thursday to secure their ninth trip to the women’s Olympic basketball final, where they will meet medal game debutantes Spain.

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    So, of Kuz, Ndour, Willy, Baker, Randle and Plumlee and Holiday, who do you think will suprise the most?

    My guess is Ron Baker. He reminds me of a guy I knew many years ago…some of you may have heard of him…Mark Murphy. He was under-recruited in college, was a star on an unheralded but very good D1 school (Colgate) then went undrafted in the NFL draft, signed on as a UFA with the Redskins, and not only had a great career, including 2 all-pro selections, he then became a big-time exec with the Packers.

    Mark was 6’4″ and around 210 lbs, and looked like huck finn…freckly, baby faced…and was as nice as can be off the field. He was very good (like d1-level good) at multiple sports…baseball, golf, basketball. While certainly good enough physically, what set him apart was between the ears. He had a natural high-level understanding of the flow of the game.

    I know it’s premature, but I see the same characteristics in Baker. He has surprised at every level, and he seems to have a heightened court awareness. He is also physically big and tough for his position. He will somehow figure out how to be invaluable.

    I really like his chances.

    Idk if Willy would really be a surprise given that he was and still is one of the top European big man prospects.

    Out of the rest I’d go with Ndour though. He reminds me a lot of Richaun Holmes in Philly as a 4 that can step out and hit the jumper, though probably not to NBA 3 yet, and be a very good rim protector with his general effort, athleticism and 7’4″ wingspan.

    I like Kuz too, but he doesn’t have the upside even if he’s a safer bet to translate his game over to the NBA.

    I think Hernangomez has the best chance to be a valuable player. The guy has the size, weight, smarts, and ability to be Enes Kanter. He can’t play a lick of defense apparently, but that’s the best comp I have for him (except Kanter is essentially frontcourt James Harden which makes that a hard level of productivity to achieve). After him, I’d give Ndour a shot just because he reminds me of a Balkman/Carroll type of player with his dreads and high energy.

    Statistics for these kids don’t have real value yet. I watched both quarter final games for Kuz and Willy.

    Kuzminskis was ousted when Australia destroyed Lithuania. Watching a player during a loss is telling. My overall impression was that he had very little to do with the loss. When he touched the ball good things happened (for the most part). His roll on offense for the team was to hang out in the right corner or at the top of the arc and shoot 3’s. He showed that he can pass, shoot, drive and crash the boards. The rest of the team seemed intent on chucking up 3’s or passing the ball to the Aussies. The one negative on offense was that he was called for two offensive fouls. In both cases he pushed off a defender to create space for himself to shoot or move. It might be a bad habit he’ll need to break.

    On defense they had him playing in the paint. His interior defense was fair at best. He has good hands and a nose for the ball on the defensive boards but he wasn’t a good help defender and got burned a few times. I would rather see him defend on the wings rather than watching him try to take on bigs in the post.

    The announcers in the Spain-France game were gushing over Hernangomez. He played 17 minutes, scored 16 points on 8-11 shooting and nabbed 5 rebounds as Pau Gasol’s sub in the dominating win over France. I’ll take that! His go-to move was the high pick-n-roll. France seemed unable to defend that, almost always ending up with a double-team on the ball handler while Willy drove unattended to the hoop. He has really nice post-up moves with really good footwork. On the defensive end he wasn’t afraid to step out to defend and he clogged the lane nicely down low, but I wouldn’t call him a good defender off of this game.

    I think both these players are going to surprise NY. I was hoping to see Lithuania move on to play the US. I was curious about how Kuz would defend against guys like Melo. I’ll just have to settle on watching Hernangomez take on Cousins and Jordan. That’ll be a really good test for the 22-year old.

    I’m not sure the biggest surprise is the same as the player who will be the best NBA player. I agree Hernangomez might end up the best NBA player of the bunch but if he’s good it will be only somewhat of a surprise. If you think of a surprise as someone like Lance Thomas was last year, then I would pick Baker or Holiday. I add Holiday because everyone is treating him as a complete throw in, but he’s reasonably young and maybe could punk a Lance Thomas on us .

    I want nothing more than for KP to breakout and for Willy Hernangomez to be the next Nikola Jokic (euro big selected low a year early and comes over a year later to have a fantastic rookie campaign). Wins baby!

    (Not for nothin’ but isn’t this better than discussing whether DeAndre Jordan is a good offensive player?)

    Speaking of Derrick Rose, can we all agree he’s going to return to his MVP form this season?

    (sorry couldn’t resist)

    I think I would cry tears of joy if in the 2nd quarter against Cleveland Derrick Rose goes full MVP and hits Iman Shumpert with a crossover and then dunks on Tristan Thompson.

    Derrick Rose lost a lot of athleticism. He’s probably only less athletic than Westbrook and Wall at his position, but he needs to be getting fouled a lot and/or shooting 40% from three if he plans on being an effective player in this league again. I do think that he’s become an effective mid range shooter (I haven’t seen the numbers so I could be wrong), and that should make him a triple threat to pass, attack, or shoot in Hornacek’s P&R offense. I think he’ll be at least average this season.

    Defensively, though, if Westbrook can’t play good defense then I’m certain the book is closed for D Rose.

    I like all of our margin/UDFA moves so far…I’m probably most excited about Willy, Kuz, and Baker, though. Baker just seems to have a great feel for the game and is a pretty decent shooter. I can behind that for a prospect his age.

    Willy seems like he’s going to be very efficient and a good rebounder–I think he has the ability to improve on the defensive end but we’ll see in a few years.

    What I love most about Kuz is his complete and utter refusal to take long twos. Just that fact alone makes me happy to have him on this basketball team.

    In 484 minutes Willy Hernangomez put up 17.2 points and 10.9 rebounds per 36 minutes on an absurd .660 eFG% while playing in the second best league in basketball. He’s our best bet to be excellent out of everyone.

    Bill the Thrill with 4 points and 5 rebounds in limited action in the first half.

    I’d like to take my time out to say that Team USA’s defense would be way better with one of Anthony Davis or Hassan Whiteside and without Two Time All NBA 1st Team Defender DeAndre Jordan.

    I’ll admit it; I cannot stand that guy. He’s a great player, but ever since Doc Rivers got to LA people have been overrating his worth.

    DeAndre Jordan makes one good play all quarter and they start waxing poetic about him.

    you’d think that with all the floor spacing, multiple All-NBA players would actually be able to hit a shot…

    I don’t know, man. This team just proves (to me) the value of things like team chemistry and coaching. DJ has an impressive stat line today, but he looks lost without CP3 and Doc Rivers. Even if these guys aren’t the best America has to offer, they are still better than what everyone else in the world came with. Every one of these guys has been playing below their normal level of production. The international game is a different game and everything, but the rules are the same and it’s the same ball. Synergy, bros.

    Kevin Durant is too long for his handle. He gets stripped whenever he’s dribbling face up on a smaller guy

    It’s weird but several players seem like they don’t have the same explosion as they do in the NBA. I am seeing to many layup attempts that barely get above the rim. Butler, George, Cousins, and especially Melo look like they have dead legs. Melo really looks horrible finishing and he shot has been off for a while now.

    Twitter seems confused that Boogie is not translating his physical abilities into effective Olympic basketball play. Shorter 3 point line probably ruins the spacing

    Derrick Rose threw down a dunk for fans in South Korea. That’s gotta count for something, no?

    That’s as many as he made last year… all year! He’s back! He’s baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk!

    Big Billy did well against the homeland team. Seems to have done much better after the first game, so that’s encouraging. Looking forward to seeing what he can do next year

    Exactly, Jowles. Now you’re thinking. Synergy.

    And I have a sneaky suspicion that Billy Buckets will see less than 1,000 minutes next season. I’m hoping he sees closer to 1,500, but defense is half the game and he seems to suck on that side of the ball. You know how Enes Kanter is essentially front court James Harden? I think Billy Balluh will be front court Jose Calderon.

    Also, I am with Chuck.

    I don’t think they did a good job because if you watch all those guys — they’re all good players, don’t get me wrong — they all need the ball.
    “If you take away DeAndre Jordan, every guy on that team is a ball-dominant guy. You see them playing a lot of one-on-one basketball. That’s the thing I’ve noticed more than anything. Like, you have to understand when you put a team together like that, you have to have some role players. … But you take a guy like Kyle Lowry, who is a hell of a player, he wants to score. Kyrie [Irving] wants to score. Kevin [Durant] wants to score. [Demar] DeRozan wants to score. So, I think they have been really stagnant offensively.
    “When they put that team together in the future, they have to realize we can’t have just really, really great offensive players. They gotta to have players that if they don’t get a shot, they’re not just gonna stand around and mope.”

    What Olympic team didn’t have a bunch of guys who needed the ball? The only real problem with this team is it has too many wings. They should have added another PG and C instead of Derozen and Barnes. One of the problems at the center position is that most of the best ones opt to play for a different country. The only other healthy option I can think of is Drummond and he declined. Did Dwight decline? I guess most of the pgs in the league had health issues or declined.

    Wall had surgery on both knees. It was just a bad year health wise for so many top players.

    Pretty funny that Collins kept saying Durant and Melo were struggling and needed to step it up, citing their combined 8-24.

    Except that Durant was 6-13 and Melo was 2-11.

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