2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets

The Knicks take on the Nets in a game that makes Jerian Grant’s debut as a starting point guard for the Knicks due to Jose Calderon perhaps being out for the rest of the season.

The Nets are shockingly kind of fun to watch now, so even with Porzingis out, this might actually be a fun game to watch.

Always fun to watch the Lopez twins play each other.

Let’s go, Knicks! The meaningless winning streak begins soon!

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“this might actually be a fun game to watch”

-deranged masochist Brian Cronin

Watching this Knicks team on a Friday night can make you question your life choices and how you ended up wasting your Friday evening watching this affront to all that life has to offer.

It really is amazing how well Cleanthony is moving out there after what he’s been through.

Well, if the commish can waste a Friday evening from time-to-time indulging himself in the guilty pleasure that is bad basketball, then I guess it’s ok if I do too.

When we desperately needed guards Kilpatrick was available to us but for some reason wasn’t worthy. He looks better than any of our guards.

I feel like Galloway’s agent been telling him that free agents need to shoot


Shouts to leading scorer Langston Galloway. Dedicate this one to the h8rs

So I predicted 32 wins at the beginning of the season. Who wants to bet the over with 5 games left?

Instead of gather Lopez and Jose to ask Rambis to play the younger guys he should have went to the Vets and said let’s all fake like where are injured.

Rambis is a good coach when he plays the youngsters. Maybe we should keep him.

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