Knicks Morning News (2015.07.30)

  • [New York Post] Ex-Knicks lottery pick beats back depression, now playing for $1M prize (Thu, 30 Jul 2015 03:35:25 -0400)

    Former Knicks lottery pick Michael Sweetney, selected ninth overall in 2003, will be back in New York on Saturday night, playing basketball on ESPN for a $1 million prize at…

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Liberty Fall as Streak Ends (Thu, 30 Jul 2015 04:38:37 GMT)

    Shenise Johnson scored 19 points to lead a balanced offense and the host Indiana Fever ended the Liberty’s five-game winning streak with an 84-72 victory.

  • [New York Times] Moore, Lynx Spoil Candace Parker’s Season Debut (Thu, 30 Jul 2015 02:26:06 GMT)

    Maya Moore scored 27 points and Lindsay Whalen had 24 to help the Minnesota Lynx hold off the Los Angeles Sparks 82-76 on Wednesday night, spoiling the season debut of two-time MVP Candace Parker.

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    By what measure is Faried better than any of these guys? He has the lowest WS48 and the lowest TS%. Their rebounding stats are very similar. He is the oldest one in the group, and his stats have declined steadily each year, while the others are on the rise. You may like Faried better, but the stats don’t support that opinion.

    There are a number of issues here. First, WS takes into account team record when attributing Win Shares to players. All of the players listed, with the exception of Vucevic whose advantage is negligible, were on better teams than Faried so there were more Win Shares to go around. Wins Produced, which calculates a player’s WP independent of team record (even though there is a strong correlation between the two at the team level), has Faried far ahead of Kanter and Vucevic, neck-and-neck with JV, and behind Thompson who I would concede had the superior year. WP is far from perfect, but so is WS so it doesn’t really make sense to cite WS as if it definitively proves anything while completely ignoring WP.

    Also, why only use data from the most recent season? I understand Faried’s production has declined but he’s also been through a lot of coaching/roster turmoil. That excuse tends to be made for guys like, say, DeMarcus Cousins all the time yet we’re supposed to completely disregard it when it comes to Faried? Using career data (which makes even more sense than usual given that these guys are all from the same draft class), Faried trumps all of the guys you listed by WS48 alone. He’s fourth overall in that class by career WS48. I mean, Kanter was pretty bad until the last 800 minutes or so of this past season. Now because of those 800 minutes he’s better than Faried?

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