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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Game Thread: New York Knicks @ San Antonio Spurs

This is a tricky one. They could seriously win this one!

Hopefully if they DO win, it is at least at the hands of Kadeem Allen having a great game. I’d love to see him get some burn tonight.

Let’s go, MitchRob!

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20 comments on “Game Thread: New York Knicks @ San Antonio Spurs

  1. bockadoo

    Zion winning this game DESPITE Reddish and Barrett. He jumped twice while Maye for NC jumped once a few plays ago. Both players affected by the same gravity.

  2. bockadoo

    Zion’s D was awesome. He beat NC by himself. On both ends. Some of these so called experts say he is a great athlete but no basketball skills. I think his skills, feel for the game are MORE impressive than his physical stuff. I would not trade him for AD straight up.

  3. thenoblefacehumper

    I watched Zion instead, which is becoming a painful activity since he’s a god damn surefire all-NBA player and we’re definitely gonna wind up with one of his shitty teammates.

  4. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Coby White’s decision making leaves a lot to be desired

    Duke wouldn’t be ranked without Zion

  5. Brian Cronin Post author

    Julius Randle is going to get paid offseason. Does it make sense for the team that is paying him to be New Orleans? The Pellies have Okafor under contract super cheap next year, so does it make sense to give Randle his money?

  6. Brian Cronin Post author

    Also, how do other teams get projects like Okafor to take one year deals with team options? Was Vonleh seriously going to balk at a one plus team option? Hmmm… actually, Vonleh probably did have other offers and Okafor didn’t. Oh well, I guess I can’t blame them. It’s just frustrating.

  7. Bruno Almeida

    I don’t think the Pelicans are looking to tank completely, so I do think they’ll try to re-sign Randle. Ownership doesn’t give a damn about the team, but they know they’re one of the prime targets if the league ever decides to relocate someone, so my guess is they’ll try to keep pushing for the playoffs with whoever they get for Davis plus Holiday.

  8. geo

    kadeem seems to do a pretty good job at filling up the boxscore in different areas…

    I had thought his strength out on the court was supposed to be defensively, but, doesn’t seem the stats support that…

    26 already, but, I’d much prefer he gets a chance next year than mudiay…

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