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Saturday, December 15, 2018

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Rockets

After two very impressive victories, the Knicks now amazingly have a chance of getting over .500 tonight as they host the Houston Rockets at the Garden. The Rockets just lost to the Sixers, so this is very much a game that the Knicks should at least have a chance at winning. Eric Gordon is the Rockets’ back-up point guard right now, so hopefully the Knicks can put some pressure on Gordon when James Harden is out of the game.

While James Harden is in the game, of course, that will probably not be good for the Knicks, but still. Hey, the Knicks will have Porzingis in the game and he’s so good that he got Phil Jackson fired, so watch out, Rockets!

Here’s a funny thing I just remembered about Jarrett Jack. He’s such a cool guy that two separate teams acquired him in an attempt to mollify their star player into wanting to stay (the Raptors with Chris Bosh and the Hornets with Chris Paul). He must be one hell of a friend to these guys. What do you think everyone likes so much about Jarrett Jack?

Let’s go, Knicks!

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98 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Rockets

  1. geo

    i got a color tv, so i can see – the knicks play basketball…

    yep, better yet – if they beat some teams that definitely need a beating…

    What do you think everyone likes so much about Jarrett Jack?

    26 assists with 5 turnovers…i’m loving me some old man jack at the moment…

    yeah, that didn’t sound right…

    our own captain jack has come in to steady the ship…

  2. Mike Honcho

    Tonight seems like a decent litmus test for the team. Has our streak been a mirage, or is there actually something to this team? I’m leaning towards the Knicks losing this one, though if the Rockets are unlucky from 3 I could see us eking out a win.

  3. 2FOR18, understands math

    Jack, Lee and O’Quinn are the types of real pros that we’re so starved for after 20 years of knuckleheads, that they look like outliers to us, while the reality is that every team has players like that, so they have no trade value.

  4. hornyKnickfan

    We all know that because we didn’t want Ryan Anderson in the Melo trade that he’s bound to murder us tonight.

  5. ptmilo

    KP guarding Anderson is such a bad matchup for us. Not only wastes KP on the perimeter but he is actually weaker than average at getting out on the deep pick n pops

  6. Brian Cronin Post author

    Jack, Lee and O’Quinn are the types of real pros that we’re so starved for after 20 years of knuckleheads, that they look like outliers to us, while the reality is that every team has players like that, so they have no trade value.

    Ha! That’s an interesting way to look at it. I think you’re on to something there, although I think O’Quinn would legitimately be an upgrade for a goodly amount of teams out there.

  7. GoNyGoNyGo

    KP is light-years ahead of where he was last year. I honestly thought this team would be a major disaster. It’s nice that they’re proving me wrong and KP is a big reason why we’re seeing this type of ball. And maybe we owe Hornacek an apology?

  8. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    James Harden throws his shoulder into Frank Ntilikina and gets a foul. That’s a charge. He lowered his shoulder.

  9. Ntilakilla


    Yup. This is why I don’t focus on the high foul numbers. They are bullshit rookie calls.

  10. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    And who didn’t expect Frank Ntilikina to foul his life away playing against James Harden? He draws fouls in his sleep.

  11. GoNyGoNyGo

    Frank will need time. This is game 7 of his career. Let’s get the first 100 games under his belt. But already his presence is felt on defense.
    Willy needs to pick up the D. That Nene stuff pissed me off.

  12. 2FOR18, understands math

    All I know is that whenever Frank is in the game the Knicks outscore or keep pace with the other team. He’s doing something good out there net net

  13. hornyKnickfan

    That was Horny’s fault for leaving in that lineup that was terrible. We have a deep bench.

  14. geo

    man, the rockets suck to play against – already 12 trips to the line and 20 3pt attempts…

    everyone off the bench has turned the ball over at least once…

    mike woodson – where are you? get that careless ball shit sorted out…

  15. geo

    Who was the one that signed Beasly. That dude is horrible and our FO should know better.

    gift from rambis – our defensive guru…

  16. hornyKnickfan

    The first unit is doing fine. But please no more Bease plus McBuckets plus Willy. I know that Willy hasn’t played much but he isn’t impressing right now.

  17. ClashFan

    Unless something unexpected happens in the next 5 games or so, I can’t see Beasley being around much longer.

  18. GoNyGoNyGo

    The Knicks have been crazy streaky within games. They look like NBA champs for 10 minutes and a lottery team for the next 10 minutes. Mind-numbing.

  19. Mike Honcho

    I didn’t watch the second quarter, but it seems like Timmy is having a cautiously good game? 5/11 overall and 3/7 from deep along with 7 boards, 3 assists and 2 steals is not unreasonable production from the shooting guard position.

  20. ptmilo

    The funny thing about Okafor is that the one reason so many people (myself included) were so sure Towns was the better pick was defense. But Towns has not been a good defender and there’s an argument he’s actually been terrible on that end.

  21. BigBlueAL

    Games like tonight make it crystal clear how badly this team needs a functional NBA caliber PG.

  22. 2FOR18, understands math

    Ariza is a tough match up for KP but he’s still doing well. A real pg and a real SF would do wonders.

  23. Bruno Almeida

    Y’all know I hate me some Lance Thomas, but he should be playing ahead of Beasley. He’s useless and a hindrance.

    Frank struggling mightily in offense but two steals on Harden already!

  24. hornyKnickfan

    Frank was working over the Beard on defense a few times there and got a big smile out of him. That was a nice moment.

  25. Igno-Bot 3000

    Harden is demoralizingly good.

    They’ve looked awful for the most part, but you see sequences here and there where you can see their potential. Games like this are going to happen when a team lacks top-shelf talent like this, and it’s really prescient when KP and Lee are off the floor. But it’s nice to see steals, good D and heads-up passing from time to time. It’s also nice that Frank is getting a good amount of time out there

  26. hornyKnickfan

    Wow. Dotson faked the drive there and put someone on the floor. He’s got 9 points in 10 minutes I believe.

  27. BigBlueAL

    Has Willy made a FT this season?? I think I’ve watched him go 0 for 6 this season from the FT line.

  28. hornyKnickfan

    KP Willy Frank and Dotson are out there. That’s warming my cockles.

    Just substitute Doncic for Sessions and I’ll die a happy man.

  29. Will the Thrill

    Frank really has no clue how to play PG in a half court set. Not fast enough, not a good enough handle, and not enough knowledge/confidence.

  30. Ntilakilla

    Frank’s shooting was bad but he had 8 assists and 5 steals in 26 minutes. Man, if he ever figures out how to consistently get to the basket he’ll be so good.

  31. nicos

    Frank really has no clue how to play PG in a half court set. Not fast enough, not a good enough handle, and not enough knowledge/confidence.

    He was great in transition though. And eight assists against three turnovers is pretty nice no matter what. If he’s still struggling in the half court once (or if) his shot starts falling that will be troubling. But overall I was as impressed by him tonight as I have been in any game this season. I still think he’ll wind up being best served by playing alongside someone who is more of a penetrator but that guy could be a two or a three (Doncic please).

  32. d-mar

    Was at the game, and I’ve gotta say, James Harden is totally ridiculous. He took the first quarter off, and then decided to put the hammer down. His court vision is astounding, and there’s really no way to guard him.

    The only way to beat that team is to outscore them, so we basically had no chance tonight.

  33. Owen


    No chance we win now. But perhaps that is for the best.

    I like Frankie Smokes’ peripherals a lot. The rest is a work in progress but we knew that. I still am happy we took a flyer on a guy with great defensive potential for once.

  34. ClashFan

    What’s so tough about Houston is all the step back threes that they take and make. Pretty amazing and very hard to guard when they are on, as they were tonight.

    Willy got extended minutes and did not look good.

  35. Ntilakilla

    Rookie Frank Ntilikina on guarding James Harden: “It was very challenging to defend that type of player. So I think I could have done a better job of stopping him and I’ll definitely work to stop players like that in the future …. think I learned a lot of from this game. Now I’ll just watch the film and work on my abilities.”

  36. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Houston is just a terrible matchup for this team because they draw KP out on defense with their shooting. He needs to play the 5 against teams like these. The problem then is that Capela can easily body up on him on defense. Tough matchup really.

    Despite Frank’s shooting woes, he played a great game tonight. Played about as good of defense as you could hope for on Harden and while Harden dropped 31 points it was on 23 shots with 7 turnovers. Frank pestered him the whole game and only had two fouls–that’s legitimately impressive. The dude can play D.

    Couple that with 8 assists, only 3 turnovers, and 5(!!!) steals, and you’ve got a real player. He does however need to improve his handle or develop a second gear. I’m sure one of those will come eventually, but until then I’m just enjoying the fact that he actually passes, can run a fast break, and that we’re not a sieve at the 1 anymore like we’ve been for, uh, how long now?

    Hopefully Dotson’s play tonight gets him more minutes.

  37. Ntilakilla

    Yes, Dotson should play over Beasley.

    Other observations:

    Cleveland is in serious trouble. Another loss for them starting the great MVP point guard Derrick Rose.

    Everyone laughed at Phoenix. Meanwhile, they’ve managed to get to .500 since firing their coach and removing Eric “The Cancer” Bledsoe.

    I see Monk finally went off for Charlotte while Dennis Smith continues to get cooked by every guard who faces him.

  38. Bruno Almeida

    Most impressive of all in Frank’s posessions against Harden was how aware he was of Harden’s left hand. Everybody knows he’s a lefty but yet people get caught of guard since they’re used to 90% of the ball handlers being righties. On that possesion at the end of the quarter where Harden was isoing him he forced Harden to his right all the time and kept pressure with his hands, it was really impressive.

    The shooting was kinda terrible and Houston figured out how to neutralize him really quickly on offense, just hedge hard on screens and keep him at bay, which they were also doing to Jack and Sessions with the same effectiveness. All in all, it was a great defensive effort and all the same worrying issues on offense. He definitely can pass tho.

  39. Bruno Almeida

    The Mavs dropped to a god awful 1-7 tonight… there’s no way we’re outtanking them, the Kings, Bulls and Hawks, but the 5th spot is still pretty open with the Suns sending a massive collective f you to Watson and Bledsoe.

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