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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors

It seems like every game this season is so fascinating. Tonight, the Knicks host (of course they’re hosting – it’s 2017 and it is the Knicks, odds are it is a home game) a team that just recently kicked their ass. How they handle the Raptors tonight at home could be huge in determining how good this team is.

Let’s hope that they come back and take some revenge on that blowout loss! 10-7 would be pretty damn sweet!

Let’s go, Knicks!

99 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors

  1. Bruno Almeida

    The Raptors bench has been playing insanely well, I can’t see this being a win. I think it will be closer, but still Raptors win.

  2. dtrickey

    I really like this Raptors team. Never been a big Dwayne Casey guy, but he seems to have found that nice balance between offence and defence (top 10 Defence so far this year). It seems that every year it is either offence or defence, and never both at the same time. Their roster is really nicely balanced with a nice compliment of vets and young guys. I think they are 3rd in scoring for a bit behind Houston and GSW IIRC.

    That being said, I hope we come back and punch them in the face for the pantsing they gave us north of the boarder on the weekend. Will be interesting to see how they respond.

  3. JK47

    Toronto is looking like a very good team this year– they’re the #3 offense and #11 defense right now and they’re 3rd in the NBA in SRS. They don’t have big front-line stars but they just kill you with depth.

    Out of the 12 players who lead the team in minutes, 10 have a WS/48 over .100. It looks like they hit a home run with OG Anunoby, who is already a key part of their rotation at age 20.

    They’re flat-out better than us and they are probably going to kick our ass.

  4. Stratomatic says "NY basketball is back"

    Siakam gave Porzingis fits last time. It will be interesting to see if KP learned anything.

  5. thenoblefacehumper

    Our Zingis seems a tad hungrier on the boards tonight. Wonder if Hornacek talked to him instead of calling him mean names to a friend.

  6. hornyKnickfan

    High intensity first quarter.
    KP is playing aggressive ball and going after rebounds tenaciously.

  7. GoNyGoNyGo

    O’Quinn seems to be the type of guy that plays with full on intensity at the start of a season to earn a role but then gets lazy when he gets comfortable about his job. He’s been playing stupid lately, making a lot of bad decisions and playing defense with his hands.

  8. hornyKnickfan

    @12 Very true. He’s not moving his feet and guys are flying right bye him. Did he forget that it’s his walk year?

  9. hornyKnickfan

    Frank really has nice form on his three point shot. He’s going to make a ton of them in his 16 year career.

  10. BigBlueAL

    An interesting “What if” in Knicks history is if they would’ve made the trade for Lowry early in the 2013-14 season.

  11. Bruno Almeida

    DeRozan and Lowry have been abusing the Knicks D again and again, and they’re just so much more talented than our team. Great first half by Timmy at least.

  12. d-mar

    There are nights where one team is clearly better than the other. I don’t see any way we win this game.

  13. Bruno Almeida

    At least I’m feeling pretty damn good about taking the Raptors over in the beginning of the season.

    Beverley seems to be out of the season, Clippers fielding offers for DeAndre… The sneaky tank is coming.

  14. BigBlueAL

    This run is almost as remarkable as the 32-2 run the Knicks put on the Heat in Game 3 of the 1999 series.

  15. dtrickey

    Holy smokes what a 3rd quarter. Did Jeff give the team that magic Bugs Bunny drink from Space Jam at half time or something?

  16. Bruno Almeida

    Ok I’m feeling really bad about taking the over on the Raptors…

    What an incredible quarter, 29 to 3!!!

  17. ClashFan

    I texted Jeff that I had predicted a win tonight on Knickerblogger and did not want to be let down.

  18. ClashFan

    To be honest, Toronto went ice cold, so they might have a big 4th quarter. Hopefully it will not matter.

  19. Bruno Almeida

    I’m so damn hyped, what an incredible quarter. The Raptors went cold but the defence played a LOT better, and Timmy was just insane, huge props to him.

  20. alsep73

    This run is almost as remarkable as the 32-2 run the Knicks put on the Heat in Game 3 of the 1999 series.

    I was gonna say: what is the Knick record for most consecutive points while shutting out the opponent, and when is the last time they made it to 28-0?

    That was… wow.

  21. nicos

    Great defense- from the starters no less. Jack was really good as was Kanter- hard to believe. And 41 points without getting much out of KP. Just great.

  22. DS

    Lots of upside and intrigue in this game! :-)

    Knicks win a close one:
    Knicks 106
    Raptors 103

    Not bad, ClashFan.

  23. Nick C.

    When can we believe that this play from THJ is what we will see going forward. Not necessarily this great a game, but that he has made a step forward.
    Anyway, such a great win and fun team. I feel like a traitor for forgetting about the tank talk from just a month ago.

  24. DS

    Weird Knicks stat of the night: McD had 8 and 6 in 25 minutes, but was -18 for the game!

    The 28-0 run and the very ending only really included the starters.

  25. alsep73

    When can we believe that this play from THJ is what we will see going forward. Not necessarily this great a game, but that he has made a step forward.

    It’s amazing how quickly I’ve gone from feeling the contract was a wildover pay that represented every dumb move this team has ever made, to feeling like it was a significant overpay but still a useful player, to simply feeling happy to have this guy on the team. He will be streaky, he will have off nights, but he seems like such a smarter player than he was the last time he was here. Atlanta really did change him, it seems.

  26. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    You have to be proud of Tim Hardaway Jr’s play so far. After that rough start, he’s looking like an All Star basketball player. Between KP, Kanter, and Tim Hardaway probably rank 1, 2, and 3 between themselves and last year’s Melo, KP, and Derrick Rose. We have the beginnings of a very good team.

  27. JK47

    I’m surprised that NYK was able to take this game. I had this one chalked up as a loss. This was an impressive win, best win of the season.

  28. Totes McGoats Makes 18mil For 14ppg

    I must say..nearly a quarter of the games in, and I am pleasantly surprised. KP, Hornacek, Kanter, TH2, Jack, McBuckets, Lee, and Ntilikina have all been revelatory. Now, whether that’s sustainable or not- who knows. But it sure is fun to watch. That 3rd quarter was..euphoric. Damn near orgasmic lol. Crazy! I like this team. The team’s been living off of home cookin for the most part, and that could be troublesome. I also wonder if Perry should make another trade this season. Wouldn’t wanna disturb the mojo.

    Guys, I hate to bring this up..but it looks like Phil’s moves are paying off. Perry and Mills’ moves are too, but more Phil pieces are on the board. It’s beginning to look like Phil should have given Hornacek autonomy from day one. I doubt Phil would have turned Melo into Kanter, McBuckets, and a good 2nd- but he deserves a little credit as well.

  29. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    The Knicks definitely need to play better on the road. KP still needs to develop his IQ out of doubles and pressure. The offense really just needs to travel better. The defense is rounding into shape. Maybe Rambis knew more than we gave him credit for haha

  30. GoNyGoNyGo

    January will be the real test. Starting December 27th, the Knicks go on a 4-16 home-away schedule. Brutal.

  31. dtrickey

    The defense is rounding into shape. Maybe Rambis knew more than we gave him credit for haha

    He did run a championship defence in LA. Granted he had some pretty good cattle to work with there.

  32. Jack Bauer

    A 28-0 run, that is insane. A very surprising win over a good team. Hardaway went off, I’m starting to warm up to him. This team is so much more fun to watch than recent versions, I’m loving it.

  33. geo

    can’t remember the last time courtney lee looked this in to the game…maybe never…

    it looked like they were playing hard for one another…wtf…who are these guys in white and orange…so cool to see the starting five be able to finish the game…and those assists – oh yeah…

    wow, what if jarret jack is just now starting to get back to game shape…

    definitely cool the knicks are having this chance to gel and gain confidence at home…hopefully it will help in a few games on the road…

  34. hornyKnickfan

    Wow, that 28-0 run.
    Is that what it’s like to be a Warriors fan on an average night?

    In a perverse sort of way we’ve benefitted by getting the best of three separate management teams this year. We got Phil Jackson’s drafting, Steve Mills’ signing and Scott Perry’s trading. Can we use this three headed monster again next offseason?

  35. Bruno Almeida

    On other news, Chris Paul is sending a gigantic league-wide f you to the people who thought he couldn’t play next to Harden or was washed up. The way he absolutely carved Denver’s poor defense was a reminder that he’s a legendary player. An effortless 23 on 11 shots, 12 assists with 1 turnover plus 3 steals.

  36. JK47

    Don’t look now, but your ‘Bockers are 9th in the NBA in SRS. They have the #9 offense and the #16 defense, and they’re playing at a 48-win pace. Next game is a winnable road game against a bad Atlanta Hawks team.

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