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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons

The Knicks have their first home game of the season tonight as they host the 1-1 Detroit Piston at the Garden.

Frank Ntilikina sadly will not play tonight after injuring his ankle during practice (he apparently landed on Willy Hernangomez’s foot and it turned his ankle). Hopefully the injury is not too severe.

Also hopefully Willy actually, you know, plays tonight?

And hopefully we get to see KP feast again. KP is so much fun to watch.

Let’s go Knicks!

137 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons

  1. er

    Al Iannazzone ?@Al_Iannazzone
    Hornacek said Willy Hernangomez needs to improve his defense. He believes Willy’s time will come and he will step up.
    6:21 PM – Oct 21, 2017

    This is what I saw. I guess it’s from the pre game scrum

  2. Knick fan not in NJ at this time

    The announcers said he is in St. Croix taking care of his house, which has hurricane damage.

  3. Bruno Almeida

    Last game was everything bad people feared about Kanter.

    This game has been everything people were excited abour Kanter.

  4. ClashFan

    Hardaway 0-5 so far. Yeesh. Combine that with Sessions 0-4 and Lee 0-2 so far.

    Yet, the Knicks lead!

    Kanter 4/5. 5 rebounds.
    KP 3/3.

  5. er

    KP is so unfair. I love that he’s more free throw line and below now. He still needs to play the 5 but I like it so far. Meanwhile timmy is struggling mighty hard

  6. Nick C.

    Words I the haven’t heard in years “…go backdoor and the Knicks defend it.” I heard them tonight.

  7. er

    It helps playing a bad team. Playing this team will give us more of an idea of who the knicks are vs Thursday. KP may have had the perfect 2 year grace period especially in NY. Melo got to bear the brunt while he matured and got better. He may explode this year. Get this man a competent point guard please.

  8. Bruno Almeida

    KP has to dominate these favourable matches and so far he has been unguardable and efficient. Too early of course but he does seem to have added a couple of interesting moves to his game.

    Timmy looks like old Timmy tho, stop shooting if it’s not falling please. At least he’s trying to get inside, which he should do a lot more.

    Detroit is kinda garbage but they should be better than the Knicks all things considered.

  9. Ntilakilla

    Love KP’s scoring output, but he needs to facilitate more. I will say the same thing about him that I said about Melo when he was the #1 option – he needs to read when the defense is going to gravitate and get the ball out ASAP so the offense can adjust with open looks. There’s no reason why he can’t have 3+ assists a game.

  10. ClashFan

    McD did not score in his 10 minutes, when the team was +15. He had 2 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block. He contributed on defense!

  11. ess-dog

    The big problem w Sessions is that he absolutely cannot finish. Even if he somehow gets by you, you know he’s not taking it to the hole. He’s always looking for the roller or a kick out.

  12. er

    OT (the Orlando Magic are playing hezonia at the 4, I think this small ball thing has gone 2 far. Meanwhile the kicks have 8 big lols

  13. vincoug

    Have to say, I was wrong about THJr. I said we massively overpaid for a basically league average SG. Calling THJr league average is severely overrating him. Also, what the hell is Sessions doing?

  14. Bruno Almeida

    Gotta say, if the idea is to showcase O’Quinn for trades, this game is going to be on the tape.

    Good first half, great scoring by Porzingis, some good defensive possessions + some expected lapses and the team has frankly looked decidedly better with Baker than with Sessions at the PG. I’m hoping Timmy is just nervous and not yet adjusted because man, it’s been rough.

  15. ess-dog

    Zingis and Kanter a combined 14-17 from the field so far, not bad. Maybe we should feed those guys?

  16. bockadoo

    Random thoughts: First team all rookie on a rebuilding team doesn’t play. WTF. Timmy unfortunately in a cold streak. He will come out of it. Baker is a winning player who is getting better. Would like to see more of Dotson. Ridiculously frustrating Frank. Big fan of drafting him but this is testing me. KP becoming a star more important than everything else combined.

  17. djphan

    If we wanted to deal for a pg… delon wright wouldve been a decent get but probably not happening now…

  18. Nick C.

    Who knew some guy named Tolliver would be given credit by the announcers for turning the game around against the Knicks. Having anonymous players star against them apparently is still what the Knicks do.

  19. Bruno Almeida

    If Sessions starts the whole season he’s going to be the most accomplished tank captain we ever had. I didn’t expect much from him anyway, but a little bit more would be good.

    Timmy on the other hand, hot garbage. Baker needs to be playing right now.

  20. ClashFan

    Did Baker get hurt? He actually looked good in the first half, but now Sessions plays the entire 3rd.

  21. ess-dog

    I mean, in theory I want the Knicks to lose all these games, but the rotations are so terrible that it’s just frustrating.

  22. JK47

    Melo starting 2/9 against the Jazz. All the gravity must be weighing hard on him.

    Somebody’s gotta soak the usage

  23. Ntilakilla

    Hardaway has been so terrible….just so terrible. He stared down a rebound, pushed the ball and then missed a layup.

  24. Bruno Almeida

    All 3 of the Thunder stars stinking it up really hard. The Jazz might be the best defense in the league, but it’s not a nice look.

  25. Bruno Almeida

    Getting destroyed by Ish Smith and Anthony Tolliver type of players is definitely still a big part of what we do here.

  26. vincoug

    This might be our best lineup.
    Porzy, O’Quinn, MxDermott, TH and Baker.

    There’s no way our best lineup includes THJr.

  27. ess-dog

    I would take Ish in a heartbeat. He’s actually better than Jackson and much better than any of our guards.

  28. Bruno Almeida

    God I love O’Quinn.

    I can’t understand how playoff teams with lack of depth at center don’t look at him and want him on their team. He’s a valuable piece.

  29. BigBlueAL

    I know losing is good in the long run for the tank but watching them blow games like this the entire year is not going to be easy.

  30. vincoug

    Combined starting guards’ TS% until that THJ shot: 27.6%

    We might have the worst backcourt in the NBA.

  31. Bruno Almeida

    Damn… well, growing pains. Detroit is a better team and should win, out backcourt is definitely the worst in the league and some good flashes happened here and there. KP should have shot the 3 but he did get fouled on the play, terrible call.

    I see this game and I remember Doncic highlights, so all is well.

  32. ClashFan

    Gonna be lots of games like this this season.

    What I don’t like: Sessions playing 32 minutes. Hopefully Frank can get healthy and get a chunk of those. SVG made some halftime adjustments, Hornacek did not, apparently. Willy getting 0 minutes. THJ was awful.

    What I like: KP, OQ getting the crunch-time minutes as he is a better defender than Kanter. McD getting 27 minutes. No LT.

  33. BigBlueAL

    Besides hitting on their lottery pick next year another step needed to take is a HUGE upgrade on this coaching staff. Have no idea though who Perry/Mills will be willing to hire or for that matter what decent coach would want to come here.

  34. Cock Jowles, #1 League-Average Superstar

    I’d be really happy about the tank if the Knicks didn’t already have $65M committed in mother fucking 2019-20, without even considering KP’s $30M AAV contract that he’s about to get.

  35. Bruno Almeida

    Yeah, what the hell was up with Lance getting 0 minutes? I mean, he should, but Horny’s rotations feel weirder evety moment.

  36. Cock Jowles, #1 League-Average Superstar

    Carmelo watch: 6-17 for 13 points.

    The gravity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. ClashFan

    Willy does need to play, but we do need to note that Kanter and OQ were a combined 13-17 with 17 rebounds. Kanter got 23 minutes, which is fine. He had 17 and 10.

    They weren’t why the Knicks lost. If you want to point at one guy the most: THJ. He simply cannot miss that many shots, and he didn’t do anything else to soften that blow.

    Beasley had 17 minutes. Give Willy those.

  38. nicos

    Pressure the ball and the Knicks’ offense will fall apart. Hardaway and Lee are poor secondary playmakers- there are going to many, many nights where the Knicks are just going to have to play iso-KP and hope he can bail them out.

  39. ClashFan

    LeBron was -31 tonight in 31 minutes. What?

    Oh wait, JR was -33 in 20 minutes. Okay.

    Who knew they’d miss DRose so much??

  40. ClashFan

    Ron is a better defender and playmaker than Sessions right now. However, Sessions did have 7 rebounds and did get 8 shots at the line. Ron had 0 free throws.

    But, yeah, Ron should play more than Sessions. Ron was +7 in his 15 minutes.

  41. Ntilakilla

    Orlando beat Cleveland. It could be possible they are better than we thought and won’t stand in our tank’s way.

  42. Ntilakilla

    Can’t believe the Warriors are 1-2 right now. I know its just 3 games but I never thought they’d have a losing record at any point in this season either.

  43. hornyKnickfan

    Ron got to the line 8 times in the first game. He should have played more.

    Also KP should play with Kanter and Oak should play with Willy. But Willy should play.

  44. Bruno Almeida

    Man, Giannis might actually go for MVP this season. He’s singlehandedly destroying the Blazers and keeping the Bucks ahead.

    41 in 22 shots already

  45. ClashFan

    Another thing, Lee is totally overmatched playing the 3. He’s giving up too much size. I guess it is good for the tank, but not for his potential trade value.

  46. Ntilakilla


    I thought an interesting case could’ve been made for him as MVP last season. He’s going to be an absolute monster on Jordanesque/Lebron levels. I don’t even think we’ve seen his ceiling.

  47. ess-dog

    You know, they needed athletic defenders on the wing down the stretch and just left Dotson sitting there… just plain dumb. Use all your guys! With so many new faces, you don’t have to live and die with your first 9 man rotation.

  48. Bruno Almeida

    He can’t even hit threes consistently and he’s already unstoppable and a top 5 player. I never thought we’d see this in this current NBA.

  49. Ntilakilla

    He can’t even hit threes consistently and he’s already unstoppable and a top 5 player.

    Its the one thing missing to complete his game. If he ever figures out a consistent jumper, its over.

  50. Bruno Almeida


    Just missed some heartbreaker free throws, he must be exhausted too. All he needs is the Lebron 3, good enough to force defenders to stay close to him. I can’t see him ending his career without at least one MVP.

  51. Bruno Almeida

    My god what a steal and run to the basket! What a damn beast.

    And the gigantic block on Nurkic to win the game!! MVP!

  52. er

    Anyone see curry throw his mouthpiece at the ref? He’s gotta get suspended right? Oakland players and refs have been trouble lol

  53. Ntilakilla


    He’s going to have multiple awards by the time its over. I see a scoring title when he improves his jumper. I see a KG level first-team defense and defensive MVP type player in his future as well when he’s at a point where he’s average 1+ block /2+ steals a game guarding positions 3,4 and maybe even 5.

  54. er

    The jazz are really good. Rubio is such a nice addition. And mitcell has been awful. When he contributes they will be even better.

  55. mase

    Tolliver changed the entire game… would’ve been nice to see hornacek move KP to the 5 and put Willy in drummand

  56. Bruno Almeida

    I always regarded Hill as a good defender, even if he lost a step or two over the years, but Rubio really puts them into scary as hell matchup on the defensive end. He’s been handling Westbrook as well as possible and he’s a truly super intelligent positional defender. Him and Sefolosha are tearing it up on D. Ingles is also one of those underrated forever dudes which every fan base that has him loves him.

  57. er

    Rubio made Westbrook look like he was playing with a hangover on offense and defense. He was far better tonight from what I saw

  58. ClashFan

    LOL at OKC losing tonight right after some nimrod NBA writer on wrote that they “sent a message to the entire league” with their win vs. the Knicks.

    What message was that, that the Knicks suck? Then what’s tonight’s message?

  59. Bruno Almeida

    I can’t fault OKC too much to be honest, as the Jazz are truly great at defense, but Melo scored 26 in 26 shots, Westbrook shot 2/11 and George struggled all over with a lot of turnovers. Like I said, they’ll have struggles and it will take a while to figure things out.

  60. er

    I saw the second half and their offense looked really good too. The ball movement was crisp as he’ll and they tried to exploit everything. I wouldn’t be suprised. If they still finish in the top five again even withot hayward, maybe even top 4

  61. er

    No one. It’s on his jumpshot. If it’s on there is nothing you can do. If he ever gets to 35% from 3 it’s over

  62. Bruno Almeida

    I think playoff Lebron can still handle him, but not 2 years from now… maybe Kawhi or Draymond? I think they could bother him since they’re both so damn strong, so if Giannis tries to post them up over and over they’ll at least make it difficult.
    The list is getting shorter and shorter and probably going to end at zero very soon.

  63. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    The Lance Thomas DNP-CD is Jeff Hornacek’s best decision ever. The Knicks need a player who can dribble. KP and our centers need help from the perimeter, but I have a lot of faith that Frank, TH2, and McDermott will develop.


  64. Brian Cronin Post author

    Baker looked like a fifth guard on a good team tonight. On a team like this, that means he should be playing a lot more than 15 minutes! Plus, he’s actually young. Play the young players more!!

    I don’t even have to get into the Willy nonsense, right? We all get that it is absurd.

  65. kevin5318

    Lance is probably the only guy that I think needs to be showcased for a trade.

    Or we can just bench him indefinitely since I don’t care either way.

  66. stratomatic says you can't play defense if you keep getting players than can't defend

    If the Knicks could have figured out a way to land Rubio they would be a playoff team RIGHT NOW. A Rubio/Nitti backcourt would have been excellent defensively and saved us from making such a big mistake paying Hardaway like a solid starting SG instead of the scorer off the bench he actually is.

    That Hardaway contract is a nightmare. It might be easier to move Noah than Hardaway. And of course, that’s not to say we could move Noah. We can’t. It would take a miraculous recovery to do that, but no one is going touch that Hardaway contract with trade kickers and all. He’ll have his nights where he lights it up like all scorers do, but he’s not any good and he’s not a high IQ player either. That was a monstrous error by Mills.

    Porzingis is playing so well, it’s masking how horrible the rest of the team actually is.

  67. Bruno Almeida

    I mean, it was clear that Timmy was nervous as hell and trying way too hard to be the featured scorer whenever he got the ball.

    It’s too early. I hated the contract when it was given but he’s gonna get a lot of chances to show he can improve, and I’m fine with that. At least he’s an asset for the tank if he’s really just godawful. If he can at least not be terrible on defense, hit some threes and get to the line like 5 times a game, he’s still playable.

  68. er

    So is Timmy the #2 option? If so, then I think that’s what he’s trying to adjust to.

    In Atlanta he was what, 3rd or 4th and in NY he was like 5th. So I’m willing to give him time to let the game slow down

  69. Jack Bauer

    Giannis – blowing up. That guy is really long and talented.

    Knicks – tank on is right. KP looks very good, everyone else, not so much

  70. stratomatic says you can't play defense if you keep getting players than can't defend

    I think Hornacek is playing Kanter because he wants another scorer on the court to help Porzinigs. He knows that Hardaway is not a legitimate #2 scoring option.

  71. nicos

    Kanter also creates space on offense by getting deep post position and by setting good screens. Both are very helpful on an offense with almost no dribble penetration.

  72. ess-dog

    Idk man, you just need a guy that can bring the ball down without turning it over who can get it to the bigs in position. I guess that’s somewhere between Jack and Baker, because Sessions is shot. Then I’d just start TH2 because contract and McBuckets at the 3 bc you need another 3pt threat in the lineup. I love Kyle but they might as well showcase him for a trade since he’s decent and movable.

  73. #fireRambis

    line up is basically playing the expensive players… Dolan directive, not paying millions for bench.. what will happen when Noah returns?

    logjam at 4-5

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