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Saturday, December 15, 2018

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Magic

After one of the longest home stands in recent history (especially with the extra time that the NBA gives between games), the Knicks finally go back on the road to take on an Orlando Magic team that is somehow even more of a surprise than the Knicks this season, as they are 6-4 and have the 5th best SRS in the Eastern Conference (the Knicks are this close to getting into the positive with their SRS – a win tonight would get them into positive territory).

They’re being led mostly by Aaron Gordon being allowed to play the position he should have always been playing and been amazing at it, which will cause some interesting things this offseason. Will he re-sign with the Magic?

The Magic even have a similar deal to McBuckets with former #5 pick, Mario Hezonja, now an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and he’s finally showing a little bit of decent play for the first time in his career, with a 57% TS% (still no idea on what to do on defense, but still). As an aside, did you know that the Celtics are currently giving up 94 points a game? 94 points a game, people! That is bonkers!!

Anyhow, this would be an awesome win for the Knicks, to prove that they can get it done on the road against a good team.

Never mind, Porzingis was ruled out while I was writing this, so, I guess, play hard, Knicks, and maybe good things will happen!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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129 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Magic

  1. Ntilakilla

    I like Hornacek taking a page out of Popovich’s book and resting his unicorn up for the long run.

  2. Bruno Almeida

    Ps: I just would like to add that I love that Clyde seems to be pushing the Enes “the menace” name and that Clyde is a national treasure that should be cherished on every possible moment.

  3. Brian Cronin Post author

    The Magic just lost to the shitty Bulls the other day, so the Knicks without Porzingis might still have a real chance.

  4. hornyKnickfan

    Our team is deep. Heck, we’ve hardly seen Kuz, Willy or Dotson this season. Maybe tonight will change that.

  5. hornyKnickfan

    @7 It’s not really who starts but who finishes. I’m guessing the lineup that finishes will be TH, Kanter, Frank, Lance and McBuckets.

  6. ptmilo

    Enes the menace is okay for the regular season but kanter should be the shofar in the playoffs when he blows

  7. Bruno Almeida

    This is going to be one of those Fournier games. It always seems like he balls out of control against us. Leaving him open doesn’t help.

  8. Brian Cronin Post author

    This Magic team is one of the oddest assortment of flotsam and jetsam from around the NBA…and Aaron Gordon, Nikolda Vucevic and Evan Fournier.

  9. d-mar

    I’m gonna get a head start on tomorrow’s thread:

    “Frank is great – did you see those 2 nice assists?”

    “Frank sucks – did you see that dumb foul?”

  10. Bruno Almeida

    Well, that one went better than expected. Let’s not get torched now when Kanter and Beas return please.

  11. Brian Cronin Post author

    Hardaway just broke Sidney green’s record for most rebound stolen from teammates in a quarter

    He doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb in the drawer.

    But damn, that was a very nice quarter. To be leading after one on the road is awesome.

  12. Brian Cronin Post author

    Gordon/Fournier/Peyton make some sense. It’s the role players that are bizzare

    Yeah, it’s like they just said “Yes” whenever someone offered them an NBA player.

  13. Mike Honcho

    If we win this game without the Unicorn, I will be very impressed. Or Beasley will have gone off for fifty and shown the world that he’s finally using 100% of his brain.

  14. BigBlueAL

    I too can’t believe in a game KP is out that Willy can’t even get minutes but at this point I think we have to give Hornacek the benefit of the doubt.

  15. ptmilo

    Isaac is very raw.

    When McBuckets is out there we really need to go out of our way to runs plays for him. Without that he’s a negative and he really doesn’t overdo it by taking bad shots. He’s a pretty smart player he just really struggles on d.

  16. GoNyGoNyGo

    McBuckets is an RFA so it depends on what other teams offer. That depends on how good his season is.

  17. Dough Chew [IT'S A NEW DAY YES IT IS]

    Why does Rebecca Haarlow always sound like she’s heavily medicated?

  18. dtrickey

    Why does Rebecca Haarlow always sound like she’s heavily medicated?

    Covering the Knicks will do that to a person.

  19. hornyKnickfan

    The team is much better with Frank playing instead of Jack. He sits and Orlando comes roaring back.
    Plus Beasley.

  20. Bruno Almeida

    Kanter, Beasley and Jack can’t really play together so many minutes, too many minuses on defense.

  21. GoNyGoNyGo

    I don’t like this lineup on the floor. It’s mystifying that neither Kuzminskis nor Hernangomez haven’t seen action.

  22. Mike Honcho

    Down by 4 at the half isn’t too bad . . . we just need to avoid our trademark 3rd quarter collapse since we can’t rely on our trademark 4th quarter Porzingis comeback.

  23. Bruno Almeida

    Willy not playing is extremely questionable, I just can’t understand it.

    All things considered it’s been a pretty good half, but this Beasley playing major minutes thing needs to go away.

  24. bobneptune

    PLZ God just play KOQ, Lance, McD and Frank and anyone 20 minutes in the 2nd half and its in the bank

  25. d-mar

    Fournier with 5 steals already. It’s like he watched a shitload of game film and knows exactly what Knicks players are gonna do when they get the ball.

  26. Brian Cronin Post author

    Win or lose, that they’re right there with one of the better teams in the Conference (even one that just got its ass kicked by the Bulls) is impressive as heck to me. I’d be more impressed if they pulled the win out, but come on, expectations have to be realistic. :)

  27. Mike Honcho

    +1 to BC. It’s not unreasonable to reign in expectations here with Porzingis sitting. The fact that we’re still in this game, against one of the better EC teams and without the #2 scorer and #3 shot blocker in the NBA, says volumes about this team’s potential.

  28. Mike Honcho

    There is no reason why we shouldn’t be playing Willy, though. Willy and O’Quinn might do pretty well here – that’d be a formidable rebounding duo and Willy can pressure them in the post while Kanter sits. Our strength with Porzingis out is that we have two efficient post scorers (Kanter + Willy), and we should be playing to that.

  29. DRed

    Orlando has been shooting unsustainably well, but they also went 8 games without their starting PG, so they’re probably a better team than most people projected

  30. Brian Cronin Post author

    Orlando has been shooting unsustainably well, but they also went 8 games without their starting PG, so they’re probably a better team than most people projected

    You mean DJ Augustin’s probably not a .200 WS/48 player? :)

  31. Brian Cronin Post author

    could coach just be pissed at willy?

    My guess is that if he isn’t in the rotation, they don’t want to break him out just for one game, so as to not mess up the rotations for the other players. I’ve seen coaches do that before. Like, if it is an extended absence, then you change things up, but for a short term change, don’t rock the boat.

  32. Brian Cronin Post author

    I know that the NBA is a game of runs, but this is ridiculous. Their last few games have been like this. Back and forth runs.

  33. Bruno Almeida

    Without the turnover party the Knicks would probably have a lead. Still nice to be hanging on without KP.

  34. Bruno Almeida

    Can the Knicks just hire whoever worked with Gordon to improve his shot? He looks like a different player on offense.

  35. Owen

    Mcdermott really reminds me of Wally.

    And this sure went to hell. Not sure why they pulled Frank, terrible turnover notwithstanding.

    Frank’s D is interesting. It’s really really not flashy. But players just seem flummoxed when he is d’ing them up.

  36. Bruno Almeida

    And as soon as Jack comes in he turns it over, again… this is frustrating.

    The loss was expected anyway.

  37. BigBlueAL

    If this team is serious about making the playoffs they have to find someone better than Jack and Sessions. They just have to cause Frank isn’t close to being ready to play starters minutes at PG.

  38. BigBlueAL

    Willy is now 3 for 12 from the FT line this season and seemingly can’t box out anyone on the defensive end.

  39. Mike Honcho

    We desperately need a point guard . . . What would the harm be in calling up Burke? It’s not like we have much to lose and expectations would be crazy low.

  40. hornyKnickfan

    @110 I think that Burke will eventually be here. He’d probably offer more dribble penetration, more scoring and less turnovers. But at the tradeoff of worse defense.

  41. nicos

    And while I can understand not starting Frank, there’s no way Jack should be getting 30 minutes playing like he did tonight.

  42. Early Bird

    I’m almost done with Jack as the PG. I appreciate what he’s done, but he really gives us very little concrete on offense or defense. That can’t overcome whatever intangibles/experience he brings. I wouldn’t hate giving Sessions another run.

    Willy or O’Quinn needs to start next game if KP doesn’t come back.

  43. DRed

    What’s up with Ron Baker? I’m interested in seeing what a Baker/Ntilikina backcourt would look like on defense.

  44. Brian Cronin Post author

    While you can’t be too bummed with a loss without KP, I didn’t like how they weren’t even competitive in the fourth. It was like Gordon’s three just broke their spirits.

    Gordon, by the way, looks like a superstar! The East is gaining a couple of new All-Stars in KP and Gordon!

  45. DRed

    3rd game in 4 nights, back to back, down Porzingis and Ron Baker, I don’t think you can be too mad.

  46. nicos

    What is troubling is that it seems whenever opposing wings aggressively get into guy’s bodies the Knicks just start turning the ball over. It happened against OKC, Boston, the second half against Detroit, and again tonight. Just get up into Hardaway/Lee/McDermott and the offense falls apart.

  47. Jack Bauer

    Gordon was pretty good in his one year at Arizona. He is crazy athletic even after his injury, so I’m not surprised his well he’s playing.

    No KP, no W – get used to it

  48. Bruno Almeida

    Yeah, Jack was specially poor tonight on the turnover department, but it’s not like everyone else did a much better job.

    The team has to work so damn much for a basket without Porzingis on the court, it’s natural when he’s been around 35% usage. Nothing much unexpected, there were some decent moments at least.

  49. NYFaithful33

    Lakers plan on moving on from Julius Randle. They’re looking to clear cap space for summer, anybody who watches the Lakers have an opinion on whether or not we should be interested?

  50. Cock Jowles, #1 All-Rookie Benchwarmer

    3rd game in 4 nights, back to back, down Porzingis and Ron Baker, I don’t think you can be too mad.

    I think you meant “down Ron Baker and other players.” Once you name Ronnie Boy as one of your DNPs, you’re taking the L.

  51. Brian Cronin Post author

    Lakers plan on moving on from Julius Randle.

    He’s another one of those bigs who just got passed by by the game. It used to be that there was a role for a few Al Jefferson types per team, but not really anymore. Now there’s barely room for one per team.

    Kuzma made Randle superfluous.

    That said, he’s having a good year, and for a team looking for a traditional big, he’d be a fine get. I don’t think that that is the Knicks.

  52. Bruno Almeida

    I think Randle is very talented and has shown promising signs, but I agree with Brian. He’s also 6’9″, so unless he develops his game a lot he’s a problem, cause he’s not fast enough to defend smaller guys and is too short to bang with 7 footers and rebound against them.

  53. Bruno Almeida

    The Warriors were letting the Wolves hang with them, then simply decided to shut down the door and open a 20 point lead. 44-26 in the third. Durant isn’t even playing.
    There’s no freaking way anyone wins the title over them right?

  54. JK47

    9 assists, 2 turnovers in 23 minutes for Frank.

    He’s an odd little player. The lack of ability to get to the rim is very noticeable, but then at the end of the game he always seems to have a bunch of dimes. He has kept his assist to turnover ratio pretty respectable too.

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