Knicks Morning News (2023.12.02)

  • Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson invites his high school coach to move in with him after coach’s wife died – CBS News
    [CBS News] – Fri, 01 Dec 2023 19:09:00 GMT
    1. Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson invites his high school coach to move in with him after coach’s wife died
    2. Knicks star Mitchell Robinson moves in former high school basketball coach after wifes death
    3. Knicks Star Invites His Former High School Coach to Live with Him
    4. Mitchell Robinson, his high school coach share story of how mutual loss brought them together as roommates
    5. Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson Invites His High School Coach To Be His Roommate
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  • DeMar DeRozan Prefers Two Teams As Next Destination if Bulls Trade Him, per Report – Sports Illustrated
    [Sports Illustrated] – Fri, 01 Dec 2023 18:11:40 GMT
    1. DeMar DeRozan Prefers Two Teams As Next Destination if Bulls Trade Him, per Report
    2. Knicks, Heat ‘preferable’ trade destinations for Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan
    3. REPORT: DeMar DeRozan Has Two Preferred Landing Spots if Traded
    4. Grade the trade: Heat acquire DeRozan from Bulls and Kispert from Wizards in proposal
    5. All-Star trade candidate just spurned the 76ers as a landing spot
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  • Knicks 119, Raptors 106: Scenes from DiVincenzo making another compelling case for starting – Posting and Toasting
    [Posting and Toasting] – Sat, 02 Dec 2023 03:06:02 GMT
    1. Knicks 119, Raptors 106: Scenes from DiVincenzo making another compelling case for starting
    2. KNICKS at RAPTORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 1, 2023
    3. Josh Hart’s third-quarter burst propels Knicks to win over Raptors: ‘Had the hot hand’
    4. Torching Knicks trio proved why Raptors need shooting and depth in tough loss
    5. Knicks 119, Raptors 106: Donte TriVincenzo
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  • The Quentin Grimes Mystery – Posting and Toasting
    [Posting and Toasting] – Fri, 01 Dec 2023 17:30:36 GMT
    1. The Quentin Grimes Mystery
    2. Knicks’ Quentin Grimes must battle through shooting slump
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  • Julius Randle in Background of Couple’s Proposal – PEOPLE
    [PEOPLE] – Fri, 01 Dec 2023 17:02:25 GMT
    1. Julius Randle in Background of Couple’s Proposal
    2. Julius Randle Argues with Refs During Knicks Fan’s Proposal
    3. Julius Randle was beefing with referee during Knicks on-court proposal
    4. Hilarious moment man proposes to his girlfriend during Knicks game at Madison Square Garden only for the roman
    5. NBA Fans Roast Julius Randle For Complaining To An Official While A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend On The Court
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  • Knicks Trade Rumors: Proposed Blockbuster Adds $72 Million Star –
    [] – Sat, 02 Dec 2023 14:02:11 GMT

    Knicks Trade Rumors: Proposed Blockbuster Adds $72 Million Star

  • At least one Knick realizes $500K prize from ridiculous NBA tournament is a lot of money – New York Post
    [New York Post] – Sat, 02 Dec 2023 15:58:00 GMT

    At least one Knick realizes $500K prize from ridiculous NBA tournament is a lot of money

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    OK adding some logging to the News Bot & fixed whatever stopped it from running this morning. I’m 95% sure it should run automatically tomorrow morning.

    Which is very high for any custom/homemade script.

    nothing like beating some patsies to dial up the exhuberance…

    there’s definitely some warning signs.. i won’t belabor the offensive side since it should be pretty obvious how much of it is fueled by hot 3pt shooting… but the defensive side isn’t immune from this as well…

    we are 8th in defensive tov% which is good.. i think we’ve definitely improved in that area.. but the reason we’re that high isn’t really because of donte or hart… it’s because of insane steal rates from our centers mitch and ihart…

    steals per 36
    robinson 1.8
    hartenstein 2.0
    divencenzo 1.7

    unless mitch and ihart turned into olajuown… those are going to come down considerably and should be illustrative how much we’re benefiting from other team’s unforced errors… but also contributing alot to the turnover rate is brunson’s charge rate… which is probably brunson’s most impressive feat this season and one that i really love… i love charges… and brunson is on a record breaking pace…. with 14 so far… but suffice to say… he’s more likely to cool down in that area in a significant way… the league leader last year had 46 and the year before 26… if those charges were actual steals… it would bring his steal rate per 36 to 1.7 which would double his career high…

    there’s definitely some warning signs on both sides of the ball… this could go on for awhile.. but it’d be tough for these things to continue the entire year….

    The centers are getting more steals, in my opinion, because there is more ball pressure overall. That’s something that’s noticeably different to me this year. In last nights game alone there were a couple of instances on defense where a guard poked at the ball and it ended up in the hands of one of the bigs, who was then credited with the steal.

    I honestly don’t think this is some sort of fluke where opposing teams are just accidentally throwing the ball to our centers all the time. I expect opponents to adjust and to protect the ball better, but I also expect the improvement in defensive TOV% to be somewhat sustainable. We didn’t have Hart or DDV in the past, and they are our two best ball hawks now.

    We can quibble about what position Josh Hart plays, but for, Mike K definitely plays “winner.”

    I think Mitch may have become Olajuwon or Olajuwon-ish, at least in regard to steals. He’s been incredibly consistent in his positioning, esp. in the pnr. He’s really learned to use his wing span- against penetrating guards he doesn’t reach, he just keeps his arms out and low and forces really tough passes. We’ll see if the steal numbers drop off but I think he’s playing the best defensive ball of his career.

    Thibs isn’t forcing them to play drop on every possession, which leads to more steals. It’s perhaps not a coincidence that both our Cs are putting up high steals numbers instead of one C and one guy at a random position.

    Historically, both players already had good hands. Hartenstein grabbed 1.5stls/36 for LAC and Mitch averages 1.3stls/36 for his career despite playing Thibs’s basic defense for a large chunk of it.

    And it’s not just steals for Hartenstein, he’s also 24th in the league in deflections per 36 for all players with over 100 minutes on the season.

    yeah i’ve never seen mitch use his hands as effectively as he has this year. especially without fouling. he seems to be trading off block hunting for ball hawking at times.

    also it’s not just the charges. jalen has drawn 30 offensive fouls. suggs is 3rd in the league with 16! 99 is the all time record for a season, though good records weren’t kept last century.

    how the scorer credits a steal is sometimes murky but by and large it’s the guy who causes the steal or gets their hands on the ball first.. so in your example.. mitch and ihart wouldn’t get credit most of those times… a lot of times the ball is loose on the ground… a guard making a risky pass and mitch/ihart getting their hands on the ball or just a flat out errant pass much like what happened against charlotte and detroit where they couldn’t help themselves giving the ball away….

    again… these things will even out.. but the point is that donte and hart are already near the top of their career steal rates…. the outliers are the centers along with brunson’s charge rates… those are most definitely going down… and if you take away ~15-25 steals/charges which would be more in line with their careers … we’re ~11.8% tov which would be bottom third…

    we’re probably not that bad.. but that’s to give you an idea how big of an effect these small numbers can have…. same goes for the 3pt shooting…. the difference between jalen brunson shooting 47% and 42% is 8 threes… or 24 pts and you can easily see how we lose a game like detroit without him being insanely hot….

    which is why you have to be careful drawing firm conclusions with insufficient samples… this stuff could very easily go the other way…. but there’s also some good things… these things alone doesn’t mean we suck.. it’s just we’re probably worse.. maybe significantly so… than people think… especially when we haven’t played anyone decent since miami and we looked like crap for most of that game….

    dj’s shtick is getting old…

    ah yes.. the folks who refuse to step into the arena but instead throw tomatoes from the comforts of their ivory tower….

    what discussion would pass the bba and z-man seal of approval this time?

    and look.. yes mitch and ihart are really good defenders.. we all know this.. but centers by and large do not get as many opportunities purely because of where they’re positioned on offense… and getting these high of a steal rate becomes very difficult purely because of opportunity.. they could have the fastest hands in the world but see their steal rates drop because teams are just not doing as much interior passing or fumbling as much in that area….

    this is not a knock on their ability… the numbers suggest that they are getting an outsized number of opportunities that they are.. to their credit… taking advantage of.. but it’s going to be hard to keep up this pace.. much like brunson taking 70+ charges…. he’s awesome at it… but it’s really hard to get that many opportunities…

    any reasonable person can look at this and recognize how much of an outlier these are and how much it’s impacting our defense….

    According to Strat the Knicks aren’t better than the Raptors but dj thinks the Raptors are patsies. I think the Knicks are much better than the Raptors and most teams but the Raptors aren’t horrible and winning at Toronto on the 2nd night of a back to back is a pretty nice win.

    what discussion would pass the bba and z-man seal of approval this time?

    I would like to humbly include the following for “all-time guitar riff”:

    I live now, only with strangers
    I talk to only strangers
    I walk with angels that have no place

    Thinking about you Max and wishing you well. And yes, every day is a good day to be alive, even the tough ones.

    One last delve into lyrical living:
    I’m not expecting to grow flowers in a desert
    But I can live and breathe
    And see the sun in wintertime

    and there it is – life is good…

    Thanks Geo!

    A Streets Of Fire reference is always welcome! 😀

    And thanks Mike for keeping the site, and the news bot, going.

    And a Big Country’s one too!
    I had to sing to myself a bit to remember that one 😉

    “what discussion would pass the bba and z-man seal of approval this time?”

    Not sure why I was included in this comment, being that I haven’t weighed in on any of your posts in a long while….but I do generally agree with whatever BBA has to say.

    I actually enjoy reading dj’s posts, this site would be boring if everyone had the same thought process. But his posts doesn’t really engage debate, all they do is basically say to anyone that believes the Knicks are a pretty good team that they’re wrong.

    So I just once in awhile try to call him out on his bullshit but its all good from my end…

    Last year’s priority for team improvement was hitting the offensive boards harder.

    This year’s stated goal was having a top 10 defense. I’m pretty sure I heard Thibs say they were going to try prioritize creating more TOs. So there may be some coaching and strategic reasons for the improved results.

    According to Strat the Knicks aren’t better than the Raptors but dj thinks the Raptors are patsies. I think the Knicks are much better than the Raptors and most teams but the Raptors aren’t horrible and winning at Toronto on the 2nd night of a back to back is a pretty nice win.

    I didn’t say the Raptors are better than the Knicks. I said they are tough matchup for us because they are long and athletic and we are on the smaller side.

    What I’d say is that all else being equal we should wind up with a better record than them (especially if they blow it up later this year over contracts etc..) but have a losing record or split with them.

    As far as last night goes, they were getting 2-3 shots against us when they attacked the boards, moving the ball well, and defending OK. We only beat them because on that night they were horrific from 3 and DDR was flamethrower hot down the stretch. On a night with more “average” results, I’m not sure we would have won that game.

    what’s for dinner Max?

    Onion soup tonight, I like soups in winter times…

    time to go say hi to the goats

    Say them and the sheep hi for me Geo, while pigs… I like to eat them and I think they’d like to recirprocate 🙂


    The Knicks have both the league’s toughest December schedule in regard to cumulative opponent winning percentage (.571) and its most road-heavy December schedule, with only three of their 14 games at Madison Square Garden. Even if they and the Pacers were to lose the In-Season Tournament quarterfinals, setting up a game in New York next Wednesday, it would still be the most road-heavy slate.

    And from the back end of the last thread:

    Weird stat of the day: out of 215 players to qualify with a minimum 200 FGA in 2022-23 and 75 FGA in 2023-24, Mitch has had the 6th biggest drop in eFG%.

    I suspect we should see some progression to the mean on that. Stop posting up, Mitch! (Actually don’t, it’s often my favorite moment of any game where he tries it…).

    I’m not sure why, but I think the team plays better on the road???

    Considering the knicks’ style of play, this one game in about a week’s time is a really good thing.

    I wonder if julius is already starting to break down from his physical style of play. Ditto for jalen. All those charges he takes

    Is our pace of play still really slow?

    sloooooooooo moooooooooo…i remember hearing last year that in the beginning of the season thibs had wanted to speed things up…

    jalen, with some help from julius and rj i’m sure, talked thibs out of it…

    we are the slowest in pace, in the whole league…that is in fact the definition of fugly basketball…

    I think I saw a pic of the recent winner of the very prestigious: Ugliest Dog in the World award.

    Beauty can most definitely be enhanced with personality. We have personalities around the team.

    I really wish we had a good backup power forward. Maybe even a starting small forward.

    That would be nice too.

    Oh. Okay. It’s a double elimination thing until the final four in Vegas. Which is some other time, not in the next week. So, we could lose twice, or lose one, win one – go to Vegas.

    You know, I still don’t think I’m getting it. And, that’s 👌

    It’s not double-elimination. All teams will play two games during the knock out round…both the 8 teams still alive in the tournament and the 22 teams that were eliminated. After the quarterfinals, the four teams that were eliminated will play in a consolation game of sorts. Then after the semifinals, the losers will not play any more games and the winners will play in the finals.

    As it turns out, the winners will play 83 games, but the finals will not count towards regular season records. So when all is said and done, all teams will play 82 games except the IST finals participants who play 83.

    As to the Knicks, if they win they move on and play game #82 vs. whoever wins the BOS-IND game. If they lose, they play a “consolation” game, either @ BOS or at home vs. IND.

    KBers, feel free to correct me if any of this is wrong.

    BTW Geo, I mentioned that Penn 6 is a good MSG meet-up place before/after games. What I didn’t mention is that it is also a designated Buffalo Bills bar for Bills fans living in NY (and when they play the Jets or Giants, those who traveled to NYC to see the game). When I met with my buddies on Sunday afternoon before the PHX game, the place was jam-packed with rowdy Bills fans for the BUF-PHI game. The were going nuts after every score.

    I can only imagine what it was like when the Bills choked away that game, both in regulation and in OT! Not that I was any happier after we blew that game to the Suns!

    @Geo You’re putting me on the spot here. I usually do my best storytelling after a few beers. I would also need to create a good alias before sharing them here. Here’s a quick Knick related six degrees of separation story.

    When I was a young broker in Manhattan in the early ’90s, I had a good client named Al Browne. Al would come in the office frequently and would tell me about his daughter, who was a student and star basketball player at Northwestern. I think he was trying to fix us up. One day he brings her into the office. We talked for a while, but really there was no chemistry. She was probably horrified that her father did that to her. Her name was Anucha Browne. Who knows, maybe if we hit it off, I could be a millionaire today.

    Cade with another valiant effort. Not all that efficient, but 21-7-10 with 3 steals and one turnover against the Cavs.

    Bridges probably doesn’t have the longest arms in the NBA but he definitely does relative to his height and the width of his shoulders

    Magic did not look good. Maybe a B2B or something else going on.

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