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According to Amick, if DeRozan is traded, he wants to go to one of two teams: the Heat or the Knicks.

What’s he worth?

I’d say about 15 RJs.

Thinking back on yesterday, I think my HDA (High Degree of Annoyance) at Randle was based on (foolishly) watching him play defense, accent on the word ‘play’ — lazy close-outs after the shot goes up, turnstile behavior on drives, giving up on shots that bounce out thus giving the other team easily snatched rebounds, etc.

He was a massive plus on offense, but man was he putrid on D.

The Platonic Ideal of Randle (and Barrett) would make the Knicks an actual contender, in my book. I just don’t know if it’s possible to get them both to that level, much less simultaneously, for any length of time. We’ve seen it for Randle for long stretches, then not. We’ve seen it for Barrett for short stretches, then not.

It’s frustrating — I don’t feel that way about JHart, say, because he plays to what he is, and does it pretty well. Barrett and Randle run hot and cold.

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