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2023-24 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hornets (Knicks Two Road Wins in a Row Opener, also not a thing)

The Knicks go for their third straight road win in a row against the shitty Hornets.

The Hornets are not nearly as bad as the Wizards, but they’re not good, either, but the Knicks might be without RJ Barrett and Quentin Grimes tonight. But hey, that’s why they have such a deep team, so they have guys to slide into those spots! Having a deep roster doesn’t necessarily help all that much in June, but it sure as fuck is hugely helpful in November!

7-5 would be a nice pace for my 53 wins prediction, so let’s get that shit done!

Let’s go, Knicks!!

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Early thread!

Just glanced through an article on The Ringer about who should trade for LaVine, very glad the Knicks were not on the list…

RJ’s warming up,
Papillon’s ankle, finally free from its shackles, couldn’t stand the newly found liberty…

Let’s Go Knicks!

Thibs told Fournier he might not play tonight and Fournier’s response was “I surrrender”

I kinda wish Charlotte hadn’t gotten their asses kicked at home last night. They’re not a good team but you’d think they’d have some pride and come out feisty tonight.

JB is molten hot from long range and throwing around a bunch of rag dolls teams could become an addiction…

Thibs told Fournier he might not play tonight and Fournier’s response was “I surrrender”

Or, more likely — “J’accuse.”

Wait, so Miles Bridges didn’t get anything extra for the cue ball attacks and is already back?????

That de-escalated quickly.

Cue ball investigation is still ongoing I think…so they (the nba)…can’t tack on extra time for it….

The italian announcers are talking with disgust about the standing ovation which homaged Miles Bridges’ return on the floor yesterday…

was really hoping breen was about to say the only things he does left handed are finish inside and beat his wife

Randle looks like he’s moving a little better. Still making some dumb plays but he’s not looking as abysmally bad as he did earlier in the season.

This is vintage rj

Only Deuce can do stuff on offense. Upside down world. But he is tackling LaMelo every time he touches the ball.

was really hoping breen was about to say the only things he does left handed are finish inside and beat his wife

I laughed and immediately felt bad about it

I thought Miller was a dumb call over Scoot when the Hornets just need high end talent no matter what position, but he does look pretty good

– Randle 3 point brick
– Mitch offensive rebound
– Randle – let me throw up another brick

Julius and RJ with a silent 4-18 half,
but it doesn’t matter because JB and myself combined for 26 points.

Flipped through some college football highlights. They showed a Florida State quarterback with a horribly broken angle. Almost lost my dinner. Not sure why people love football so much.

Miller is going to have to beef up

I want to train with Mitch’s trainer

One thing we may need to talk about at some point is Brunson’s hair. I feel like the top of his head is looking slightly sparse. Don’t think it’s the braids.

Miller gives me some Knox on a hot night vibe but looks quite impressive, I must say

DDV eh?

When Miller beefs up he will be a force.

Dante may be Wally Pipp-ing Grimes…

(lol Max, beat me to it!)

Why did we waste a draft pick on Grimes when you can just sign a guy like Donte Divincenzo?

Wally’s outro there was insanely long

RJ had a nice steal but the spring he had the first few games is not in evidence. Even the three point play was kind of a broken wing kind of effort.

Hornets are pretty good offensively but appear to play no defense

Why did we waste a draft pick on Grimes when you can just sign a guy like Donte Divincenzo?

They’re learning, we won’t pick a player in the draft again until 2030… 😉

Considering how awful the Knicks were defensively that quarter all in all good to still be up 9 heading into the 4th quarter.

RJ appears to at least have progressed from rusty Tin Man to slow and methodical.

Whoever said RJs shot looks different tonight was right

We have a professional team this year. They look good

I love Wally referring to Mitch as a cerebral big man

DDV is playing the way we hoped Grimes would play this year. Part of it is just aggression related to their relative experience and maturity level, but at some point it’s going to be hard to keep DDV out of the starting lineup if he keeps playing like this. I was worried about Quickley being on the block if they make a consolidation trade, but now it looks like Grimes may be at risk. I think I still like Grimes better long term but they can’t pay everyone.

It’s nice to have a guy that gets a hard double-team every time he iso’s, even though he does dumb stuff…

We really could be 10-3 with a few good bounces if you think about it.

A little preview of tomorrow’s recap:

– Between Washington and Charlotte we trailed a grand total of ZERO minutes.

– DDV tonight got his career high in points (25) and made 3-pointers (7)

I will not bet on the same things happening in the next two games 🙂

11 ORB for Mitch is just insane. I’d bet there are some entire teams that haven’t had 11 total ORB in a game all season.

As I’ve mentioned, our SRS says we’ve been playing like a contender despite our all-star playing like dookie the first 6 games. It’s still early, but we might be out of the mezzanine.

Haven’t seen enough of Donte’s, but Grimes’s PoA defense is one of the reasons to keep him in the starting lineup. Might not be enough of a reason though.

They played a really great game tonight. Charlotte made a bunch of very difficult shots or this one could have been a much bigger victory.

This is the happiest I have been as a Knicks fan since the 90s

OKC is last in ORBs. They’ve had 12 in one game and 11 in another. Almost. Stop slacking Mitch!!!

I’ll tell you what, though, Barrett and Randle had better come with fire — and brains — or we’re in for some unpleasantness in Minnesota.

You can’t tell me the NBA isn’t good when the Knicks are good when back-to-back nights the opposing team’s home court audience breaks out the “Let’s Go Knicks” chants.

Beating all the teams we’re supposed to beat. Not really a bad loss yet. Look forward to seeing how they measure up to MIN and MIA next week.

Definitely overreacting but DDV should start over Grimes.

Sure seems like Grimes is about to be Wally Pipp’ed by DDV. Which might be the best thing for him. He’d get to play the majority of his minutes with only one high usage guy on the court instead of three.

I missed the game doing family stuff. How did RJ look in his first game back? Stat line isn’t pretty.

“I love Wally referring to Mitch as a cerebral big man.”

I agree with Wally. He definitely doesn’t look like a “freakish athlete with a tiny brain anymore”, and at 25 can still get much better. The whole team looks very cohesive on both ends of the floor.

How did RJ look in his first game back?

Looked like someone who spent the week laying down in a dark room

RJ looked a bit sluggish and his shot was not where it was before he went out. He looked like he was at about 75-80%. He had one particularly bad stretch where it looked like bad RJ was back in the house. But overall, he was okay given the circumstances.

The Bobcats, uh Hornets are not that great but this was a quality win. We’re beating the bad teams pretty easily and not getting blown out by the good teams.

This may be the mezzanine but it’s like Row A of the mezzanine.

Also, I sat in the literal mezzanine at Spamalot today, and the view was awesome. (As was the show.)

“Bulls are losing to the Heat 20-1 right now. Bulls need to blow it up, that’s crazy.”

Maybe not yet….

“I love the mezzanine”

Well, I saw both a World Series game winner (Game 6 in 1996) and an iconic WS individual game win (Mr. November) from the loge section at old Yankee Stadium, which is basically the mezzanine. So… yeah! Love me some mezzanine!

The shot Chet hit to send the game into OT was unbelievable. The kid is shooting 55-44-90 on 21% usage. Phenomenal!

Presti has done the traditional rebuild about as good as a team can. It helped that he had valuable residual stars to dump from his first rebuild, but still…

RJ had a rough night. Normally I’d just ignore an off night off a series of missed games, but when I’ve done that with RJ in the past, the off night lasted a couple of weeks. So we’ll see.

I’m not advocating for starting DDV over Grimes yet, but he’s the superior offensive player right now because of his experience, confidence and aggression.

Granted the last 2 games were against two of the worst defensive teams in the NBA, but the ball and player movement looks a lot better now than to start the season. We’ll see how it looks against the T-Wolves.

The Knicks are not going to keep hitting 3s at the rate they have over the last few games.

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