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Knicks vs. The Last Remnants of the Timberwolves – Positively 4th Street?

Let’s hope that the Knicks just win out the rest of the season, as I don’t feel like coming up with another four numbered title.

The Knicks host the battle-damaged Timberwolves, who could be without pretty much every star player they have, unless you count Mike Conley as a star, I guess.

The Knicks, meanwhile, well, let’s not get into any of that talk. No threat of jinxing.

How’s my 49 win prediction looking? We’re back to me looking like my 49 wins prediction will be low! That’s awesome.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I won’t beat the dead horse much long but djphan the Kyle Lowry example doesn’t fit. He wasn’t traded to a different team only to sign with the Heat in the offseason, he just wasn’t traded at all. You’d need to find an example of a player going from Team 1 to Team 2 at the deadline, and then to Team 3 in the offseason despite Team 2 wanting to re-sign him and having his Bird Rights.

I am sure there are examples to be clear, but it seems much more common for the player to simply re-sign with Team 2 as long as the team is willing.

When an opposing coach complains “Josh Hart kicked our ass” it makes you happy about the reasonable trade that brought him here. Note, this is a literal quote from Mike Brown after our game with the Kings.

I’m not worried about possible birds in the bush. My experience is that every single trade in the NBA has fans complaining that their GM should have gotten a better deal. It seems this trade is no exception.

Although, on second thought, I’m not actually sure any Toronto fans complained about the Bargnani deal.

We’d still be winning if the refs didn’t assume any TO was a foul

Randle looks like he is about to lose his shit…I think he stared down one guy and put his shoulder into another as he walked off the court…after that foul call…dude is volatile…

We’re shooting 57% from the field, 50% from three, and we’re down 15.

Time for some Thibs whispering..

That Hart 2 Hart play was great but this is all very annoying. If I were Thibs I would simply show them what a loss would do to the 50 wins math.

We should start hack-a-whoever, 80% from the FT line is better than 80% from 3

So far, every time we had a chance to regain some momentum we did a mistake (see I-Hart missed dunk, IQ turnover, RJ behind the back pass..) and they’re shooting like Hell.
Pump up the defense and we’re gonna win

Knicks should petition the NBA to play all their playoff games on the road.

Damn, i forgot i’m with 4 hours difference for some weeks, instead of the usual 5 hours. Gooooo Knicks! 🏀

Great job getting it back to under 10, now to hope the law of averages hits them harder than it hits us.

That was a deeply effed up half.

Here’s to the next one…

I hate to say it but in terms of arresting momentum and dampening any positive vibes this might be…

the worst loss of the season.

I honestly am not really sure what I just watched. Let’s, uh, get Randle 50 and win I guess.

This would not be anywhere the worst loss of the season, but it would definitely suck massive equine appendages…need to whittle down that magic number.

This game is turning me into one of those curmudgeonly “knock someone down” guys

I was about to type “Everyone let’s get on Randle’s back” and he airballs one…

You know what they say? Heat checks never go in…

Randle’s shooting everything he touches, he’s dangerous both ways… 🙂

TNFH growing up with the 90’s Knicks I’m always thinking that lol. But I’ve adapted to the modern NBA even though at times I think it’s just way too easy to score.

This game is turning me into one of those curmudgeonly “knock someone down” guys

You have to start watching european football (what you call soccer). It’s allowed to knock people down. Well, it’s a foul but there’s no real damage in doing it, if done the right way (not aggressive). 😉

I guess if they’re not gonna double team Randle he might as well keep spinning and winning.

Randle’s last basket was a beauty… alas RJ fucked up his two last possessions…

But the Bench Mob is coming, it’s clobbering time!

Whenever Mitch feels like complaining again about his role on offense show him the last 2 possessions he touched the ball.

I think he’s been doing that for RJ, which is why he’s been shooting at the rim better

When i hear “Knicks with the largest lead of the night”, i expect more than 4 points! 😛

Yeah, the idea that anyone has ever thought RJ is better than IQ is exhausting to me

Randle with one of the strangest lines ever – 52 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist

Didn’t Melo have 0 assists when he scored 62? He did have a bunch of rebs though.

The fact that we’re beating a team that literally hasn’t missed is pretty impressive, even if that team is the wolves without Anthony Edwards or KAT

They just can’t play any semblance of defense at home in clutch time, it’s incredible.

I know this shouldn’t feel that bad because Taurean Prince turning into the best shooter ever is just an anomaly, but this feels absolutely fucking terrible.

It feels completely insane to say but kind of feels like we gave it away with the reinsertion of Randle?

Majority of the 3s Prince has hit anyone of us would’ve made too considering how wide open he’s been.

I’m sorry but literally not a single one of us would hit 8/8 threes in a NBA game no matter how open, and 99% of NBA players wouldn’t either lol

Totally obvious push off by McDaniel.

We probably lose anyway but it has to be called

Couple this with the Charlotte game and it’s clear we can’t win the “easy” games, we just can’t focus on defense when we think we’re better until it’s too late…

I fucking hate this game and I don’t give a fuck about Randle 57 points.

Records mean something only when you win.

There were some bad calls but really Quickly had some bonehead plays there that really turned it.

Randle with one of the strangest lines ever – 52 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist

To be fair, there weren’t many rebounds available

I mean our D wasn’t very good but they were unconscious. A righty floater from 15 ft from lefty Conley. A cupped sweeping hook across the lane by Naz. There were a bunch of shots that were of the ridiculous variety.

Tip your cap.

Sorry for Randle that any time they’ll bring up his 57 pt game I’ll just think about how embarrassing it was to lose at home to one of the worst offensive teams in the NBA playing without their top 2 scorers.

It happens. What matters is the 5th seed, and that’s still looking great. On to the next.

Knicks had a 5pt lead with 4:41 left, Minnesota calls timeout then outscores the Knicks 16-5 rest of the way. Eerily similar to the Charlotte disaster.

5th or 6th seed don’t think matters much either way especially if Boston drops to 3rd. Just avoid dropping to 7th obviously, although still think it’ll be almost impossible for that to happen considering the Knicks schedule in April.

Owen unfortunately the Knicks have lost this game a bunch of times at home this season hence the 20-17 record at home.

A team cannot shoot 61.4 for the game, including 58.3 from the three point line just because they got ‘hot.’ They were allowed to get into a rhythm and thus were making even contested shots. But far not all their shots were contested. Knicks never broke the Wolves rhythm except during a stretch at the end of the third and start of the fourth. Their penetrate-n-kick worked all night. Knicks pick and roll defense was not good and this was letting to rotations that were often messed up. Closeouts were not always there. The majority of Wolves 3-pointers were open or very lightly contested.

Very bad D overall. This thing would have been long over if Randle had not gone wild in the third quarter.

Last 2 times Knicks were 5th seeds they went 47-35 and 45-37, best part was they won both series and I remember them very well! Both seasons too they played horrible down the stretch and didn’t exactly have momentum going into the playoffs, let’s hope that doesn’t happen this season. Putting aside frustrations from tonight I think these Knicks will be fine and should hold on to the 5th seed.

On the bright side, this might help Minnesota finish ahead of Dallas

The next team Minnesota plays could leave Taurean Prince wide open all night and he’s not going 8-8 from three. Probably more like 3-8.

Shit happens, I’m not happy with the loss but the guy was completely unconscious

They still have a good chance at 5th place, no question about that. At worst, 6th place. But they need to communicate and get around screens better than they were doing this game. It was hard to watch how easily Minessota was shredding Knicks D all night.

It’s a beautiful afternoon here in Hawaii, so I’m chill about this loss.

Seriously, though, bad losses are totally fine in and of themselves, it’s only a problem when they come in bunches. This is not a big deal.

I woke up feeling very strange about Randle’s great game… :-S
More on that later 😉

It’s a beautiful afternoon here in Hawaii, so I’m chill about this loss.

Enjoy your vacation, Brian! 😎

I woke up feeling very strange about Randle’s great game… :-S

Yeah, records when you lose aren’t that great. Well, on Melo’s 62 we won but we were having a losing season, and playing awful for most of the season, so it wasn’t that great either.

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