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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics – Revolution 9?

The Knicks head to Boston for a major statement game against the Celtics. The Knicks previously kicked their ass, so the Celtics will definitely be up for this game, so if the Knicks kick their ass again then, well, that’s what I was saying about it being a statement game, ya know?

No Malcolm Brogdon or Time Lord, so that’s nice.

Brunson was a late scratch, so that sucks. A win would be even more fun now!

How’s my 49 win prediction looking? Pretty fucking sweet, thank you, very much!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Fred Katz
Immanuel Quickley starting for Jalen Brunson, Knicks say

What’s the o/u on Deuce’s minutes? I’d say 10.5 is a good number…

I’m in a crappy hotel on the outskirts of Boston for reasons I can’t really explain and will be thinking good thoughts toward the Knicks in the Garden. Was thinking about getting tickets but lethargy and ennui intercepted that plan and beat the stuffing out of it.

Good start for RJ,
not so much for Julius, but there’s time,
we’re missing JB steady hand and our inbounds play are always a thing of not-beauty 🙂

Interesting game so far.

I do think we should just roll the ball to the guy guarding the inbounder. It would save time and embarrassment.

We’re playing hard but not smart…

With this refs Tatum will shoot 30 FTs tonight…

I got screwed by an earlier tweet saying Brunson was likely! Boo!

RJ has made a lot of shots, but goddamn he doesn’t box out worth shit.

obi will sprint full throttle from 40 feet away to pretend to set a screen

IQ looks a bit uncomfortable playing pure point tonight…

This lineup’s starving for points, I’ll go Fournier over Deuce too…

Feels like we made some really sloppy fundamental mistakes on both ends…

That was poetry in motion.

Our half court offense is predictably kind of in the mud.

I will say that the video JK posted has made me watch for “hunting” more…

Nice fastbreak!
We’re taking every punch and giving it back,
how can you not love this guys?

I forgive you, d-mar.

Win or lose, right now this is a tremendously fun team.

I was just thinking that Max, we always respond when the opponent looks like they’re about to blow it open

Damn. Bad sequence.

I remember reading about how hard IQ had worked on his handle. It’s really paid off.

Defensive rebounds have killed us. Not sure going smallmwill work here.

Jesus props to thibs for trying it I guess but small ball is not our identity

Tatum can get his 40, but you can’t let Derrick Fucking White dominate us

Bad decision by J-Hart…

We’re fighting valiantly but we really miss The Little General and his calming influence… a lot of dumb decisions

small miracle we’re still in it with 7ast and 10tovs, 5-20 from 3 while getting out rebounded

It’s too bad they had that meltdown at the end of the half there because the Knicks were competing really hard and going toe to toe with these guys for most of the half. They definitely miss the floor general’s calming presence

Somehow my League Pass feed is giving me all the inside dope on Tatum. No Clyde in sight.

RJ has already given back anything good he gave us earlier in the game.

I will not be upset with Randle if he gets ejected for punching Smart in the face.

I think Julius should know not to chest bump the referee as a demonstration.

apparently if you touch Marcus Smart at all when he’s got his hands and body all over you, it’s a foul as long as he falls down

It’s one thing on the called charge, but when a dude just falls over in the paint to give up a dunk… why are you talking about him?!

I think refs should be able to give a tech for flopping

Manly board from Mitch there

Smart did whine about the lack of respect until last year, when he finally got his DPOY.
Now he can do whatever he wants and always get the whistle…

I think refs should be able to give a tech for flopping

No doubt. Like the yellow card for simulation in soccer.

8-13 on FT’s… despite Mitch 2-2!

RJ, Grimes and J-Hart must do a better job at the line…

Did RJ use all his amount of “good things” in the first quarter?

RJ does one thing really, really well. Lobs to Mitch.

But boy he’s a bad decision-maker on almost every other play.

One run away. Honestly the Celtics haven’t been anything to write home about. We’re beating ourselves mostly.

Quickley has been open for three and he’s definitely had the hot hand they need to start looking for him

Isn’t Grimes supposed to hit that three like every three minutes?

And IQ! Love the guy so much.

I love this team. They’re so resilient compared to last year

Julius is like “I gotta make this last shot as high a degree of difficulty as possible. It’s what I do”

Okay, a BIG difference between the first half of the season and the second half has been the first half was cringe-worthy end-of-quarter Julius shots. Now it’s YAY end-of-quarter Julius shots.

The Celtics aren’t beating the Knicks. The Knicks are beating the Knicks if they lose to the Celtics! I think we’re a better team than them now.

It is downright disorienting to root for a Knicks team that simply has no quit in them whatsoever

It must be exasperating playing against this team,
they never never never never never quit…

Sorry to interrupt your Tatum slobbering, announcer dudes, but we’re kicking some ass here

Quickley is king, but gotta shout out RJ too. He’s been on point tonight, great balance between aggression and playing a role.

when I came home from dinner the score was 77-66 Celtics and I almost went to bed.

It feels like Al Horford hasn’t missed a 3 against us in years…and we still keep leaving him open

What the fuck!? I turn it on in the 4th quarter and we’re winning?

Without Brunson?

Has Quickley seriously become this good?

Yeah Obi (like everyone) has to be careful around Smart, what a pest. Obi’s had a solid game overall though

As much as I hope it doesn’t happen this game will inevitably come down to the final possession.

Clyde would definitely be pointing out that all those missed foul shots are gonna come back to bite us.

Tatum hanging on the rim again. He didn’t learn his lesson, T him up

lol did Hart take out both Jays on one play?

Thibs getting more creative with his plays after timeouts.

Shit, my turning the game on immediately triggered an 8-0 Celtics run. Better turn it back off.

Hart’s unwillingness to shoot has showed up a few times. Gotta let it fly.

OMG how many times does Barrett get blocked per game? It’s like double figures…

Mitch, man.

It’s Brunson time. We’ve seen Julius try to do this before. IQ and RJ need to step up!!

I think our process has been mostly okay this quarter, the options aren’t ideal, but Randle has got to get rid of that

It’s like the ghost of Knicks future is showing us life without Jalen Brunson.

It’s sort of a moral victory already, now let’s get the actual one!!!

Nothing better than incidental contact that severely pains Marcus Smart…

Don’t agree, Noble. A lot of over-isos and forced shots. Celts have bailed us out a few times, but we’ve also pretty much stopped scoring because we’re playing lousy possessions. I think d-mar is right, Brunson would be getting us into places for good shots.

Interesting. JHart playing Brunson for a bit. Working out with IQ off ball.

Smart adjustment by Thibs – moves Hart to point of attack to free up IQ

Stop over helping on drives when 3pters are the only thing that can beat you!!!!!

Who’s ready for overtime … after we get caught running around with heads chopped off

Well it’s been entertaining. If nausea is entertainment.

I hate them but credit the Celtics with all that ball movement.

Game is now ours to take. Just gotta execute.

No scenario feels like more of a sure loss than this one where we’re up 1 in crunch time with the ball.

How does consecutive offense rebounds leading up to a three happen so often?

I actually feel better with Julius on the live at the end of the game than almost anyone else but Quick

Thibs, you cannot call that play. You cannot call that play. You cannot call that play. And repeat.

There goes my Knicks under 117 and the money line win… ha… it was written

That’s what offensive execution looks like. We’ll get there, but come on, Thibs.

One of these fucking days Mitch will learn that Horford can shoot 3pters.

I just looked it up, Horford is shooting almost 45% on the year from 3, 5th in the league in percentage.

If Mitch hadn’t rotated to Tatum, he’d have been open under the hoop. Can’t put that Horford 3 on him. Smart quick pass from Tatum.

this game should feel like gravy but it’s more of a colonoscopy atmosphere over here

“this game should feel like gravy but it’s more of a colonoscopy atmosphere over here”

Was thinking the same thing. I considered it gravy until we went up in the 4th. Now I will cry if we lose.

I know Mitch missed those free throws, but who would have thought the guy who fouled out in 15 minutes most games a few years ago would play over 40 with only 3 fouls now? Big growth.

Julius looks like he’s decided to IQ, “Go on, kid. You win this one.”

Quickley had some space for the middy there, probably should’ve just taken it


You can’t kill the Radioactive Cockroaches!

IQ with the Bucky Dent legendary performance in Boston!

Horford shooting there my personal Indiana Jones with the snakes but LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Taytum didn’t want any part of one more OT against this team!!!! Let’s go babyyyyyyyyyy

BBA is there an inverse to your catch phrase? Does this game count as it? 😉

I almost passed out when Horford released that 3pter but by his reaction while the ball was in the air you could tell he shot it short.

I basically shut down like the KB server there. I may not fully reboot till 9 am. Wow. What a game.

I came dangerously close to having to take medication during that game. OMG, I can’t believe this team.

Missed all of the game except the overtimes but holy hell was that worth tuning in for


I can’t believe we actually pulled this one off, this team is so incredibly resilient, fuck me, I’m still shaking.

Last time they cried we beat them without Brown, now we beat them with Brown, without Brunson and in Boston!!!!

Also don’t trade Quickley ever for anything holy fuck

4:45 AM and I’m too overexcited to go to bed,
but maybe I’m already sleeping and this is a dream….

As I think Vorkunov asked on Twitter, can a guy push himself to the front of the 6MOTY discussion as the result of a game that he starts?

Also, can you believe that we at one point were talking about trading IQ for a single first round pick? Max this man, now.

KBA amazingly there have been too many best wins of the season to choose from!

I almost had a heart attack when Horford got the ball, he’s an underrated Knicks killer who never seems to miss against us. What a game, I won’t be able to sleep tonight because I’m so damn hyped.

If this team just hit their damn free throws at 80% we’d all get to bed earlier.


I don’t care what anyone says, I enjoy the Cars. They were terrific when I saw them live. Elliot Easton is one of my favorite guitarists.

Appropriate song choice.

If the Celtics are the best team in the league and we’ve beaten them 3 times in a row what does that make us?

We now own the tiebreaker over Boston…just saying

The immaculate vibes on Knickerblogger alone has me questioning my state of consciousness, Max.

If I can make a tortured analogy to the first ROCKY movie, I think we just broke Apollo’s ribs 😉

Looking forward to the (all sunshine and rainbows) 600 post thread tomorrow. Night night, gents.

PS — I hear and agree, BBA 😉

I have to say at this point I don’t even know what this team’s ceiling is

We need to root for Boston though tomorrow cause they’re at Cleveland.

Kudos to Julius for finally backing off and letting IQ pressure the defense.

In Boston
Without Brunson

The important question is how Cam did tonight, tho

gawd damn…i mean other than the best drugs…beating boston in boston in double ot is like…….yeah…i hate those sum’ bitches..

Sucks how good the top of the East is that this Knicks team will probably still lose in the 1st rd but man for now just enjoying this stretch.

“Kudos to Julius for finally backing off and letting IQ pressure the defense.”

For real. This game was that close to another round of complaining about how predictable the Knicks offense gets late and close – and especially without Brunson.

They weren’t perfect tonight but goddamn, I actually believe they’re gonna find ways to win games like this now.

Yeah, it’s all you can do, Al, just enjoy the good times as they come!

I haven’t been this excited about a Knick win in a very, very long time.
50 years I’ve waited.
I was almost 15 years old.
This team is ready for a deep playoff run.

Also, if they’re playing the Cavs in the first round, it’s not like the Cavs have proven anything, ya know?

starting to worry we have too many superstars. might need a deagglomeration trade.

A little bit of extra spicy sweetness to help savor this epic win: the Knicks have officially hit the over on the preseason Vegas line.

BBA you just have to enjoy the journey.

What we need is for Embiid to get some minor injury that takes him out for like 10 games

If you’ve ever had a dream where you everything you loved was destroyed in front of your eyes but you couldn’t move or react to stop it, that was Malcolm Brogdon’s life for the last 58min as he watched from the bench as his 6moty trophy disintegrated

As much fun as we are having right now, the best is ahead. We have a few players that are just peaking now and a boatload where the best is yet to come. And we have excess 1st round picks to add another quality player for next year. This team is going to get better.

I definitely think the Knicks could beat Cleveland and would probably be a bit pissed if they lose to them but shit Cleveland I believe is actually #1 in SRS! They’re a pretty damn good team too.

Watched on espn india when I got up. 4th quarter and both OT’s. With my dad! He came to NYC in 1971 and became a Knicks fan and Yankee fan (I’m Knicks/Mets lol). We always share the Knicks. My parents are retired and are snowbirds (can we even call it that now? Barely snows in nyc anymore). So they spend November through early April in india for the last 15 years. So he misses most of the nba season. My dad wasn’t missing much when it came to the Knicks. He looked at me and said, “well this is certainly a different Knicks team?”. Yes indeed. What a win! Can’t wait to read the rest of the game thread. Ice baths for all the starters after this game and a well deserved rest.

I definitely think the Knicks could beat Cleveland and would probably be a bit pissed if they lose to them but shit Cleveland I believe is actually #1 in SRS! They’re a pretty damn good team too.

They’re a very good team, but until they win in the playoffs, you never really know about a team, ya know?

This was a truly massive win for me because it exposed that the Celtics are more vulnerable than all the hype around them would suggest. A sure-fire finals team doesn’t lose these games…not in regulation, not in the first OT, not in the 2nd OT. And that loss to the Nets?

Mitch couldn’t hit fts to save his mother’s life but I don’t know that anyone else grabs those o-boards in the first place

OTOH Deuce didn’t hit my theoretical o/u number of 10.5 minutes…in classic sitcom terms, Eight was Enough!

This game showed that Tatum still has some glaring flaws in his game. He’s a good shot maker but taking 17 threes in a game like this is just not the play, I just don’t get why he refuses to go inside so much when he finds so much success when he does.

The Celtics are still contenders for sure, but I’d say the Bucks are clearly ahead of them for now as the most dangerous team in the East.

Also, props to RJ tonight, especially for all the heat he’s taken lately. He was an enormous factor in this win.

The Celtics are still contenders for sure, but I’d say the Bucks are clearly ahead of them for now as the most dangerous team in the East.

One hundred percent. The Bucks are the class of the whole league right now.

“I just don’t get why he refuses to go inside so much when he finds so much success when he does.”

Especially since he so easily waltzed right to the rim on the two possessions late in the second overtime….don’t know why he didn’t do that more often.

Back to future

I think this game exposed another need. Quick’s game is so well rounded now, he can come in for Brunson and pick up a lot of the scoring and playmaking load in the starting lineup. But then we have a huge hole in the 2nd unit. Hart is terrific, but he’s not a scorer. Deuce can’t score. Obi and I-Hart are limited. We got away with it tonight by playing Quick 55 minutes (lmao), but on a more normal night we are going to need another guard that can score well enough that Quick doesn’t have to play almost the entire game if Brunson is out and vice versa. Maybe Deuce will become that player next year, but it’s a hole now and we have to fill it for next year. I guess one way would be to add a starting SF and move RJ to the bench, but it’s hard to speculate without knowing what it’s going to take to add another player and what/who they have in mind.

Especially since he so easily waltzed right to the rim on the two possessions late in the second overtime….don’t know why he didn’t do that more often.

It’s mind-numbing. He does this in the playoffs all of the time, too. He thinks he is just a three-point shooter. It’s so fucking stupid.

“Also, props to RJ tonight, especially for all the heat he’s taken lately. He was an enormous factor in this win.”

Much better tonight. He rose to the occasion.

Why is it that I’m already worried about Tuesday being a trap game lol

“Why is it that I’m already worried about Tuesday being a trap game lol”

Because most of us are so exhausted from that we need an ice tub. Imagine the Knicks. lmao

Tatum’s late rim waltz was probably down to our defense being gassed. I’m one of America’s foremost Tatum haters but at this point his big flaw is he’s not one of the 4 or 5 best players in the league.

To think I thought the highlight of the day was gonna be Jasson Dominguez hitting the game winning HR in the 9th inning of a Spring Training game…

Quickley had one turnover in this game. All of that ball handling and scoring and only ONE turnover.

It’s so damn rewarding watching a player blossom before our eyes. Quick is just overflowing with confidence right now.

I don’t usually repost P&T comments here, but this one (from bluecheese999) is too good not to share:

JJST Memorial Fun Fact of the Night

List of times a Knick has played at least 55 minutes and scored at least 37 points in a win:
1. Walt Frazier – 1973 Playoffs
2. Immanuel Quickley – Tonight

Just did a rapid scan of th CelticsBlog game thread. Hot takes:
-They are souring on Mazzulla and would love to have Ime back
-They are not pleased with Tatum these days
-They don’t care much for extending Grant Williams
-They were pissed at IQ’s celebratory dances after made shots

-They were pissed at IQ’s celebratory dances after made shots

Coming from a fanbase who ate it up whenever Paul Pierce did this to the Knicks. Good times.

Hahahahah. I am celebrating by making oatmeal for my kids in the rice cooker (which is A+ but takes an hour)

I hardly slept and have to go into my old school to sub as a math teacher. Been reading artiticles since 5:30. Can’t wait to listen to the KFS postgame pod on the way in!

Remember the guy at the end of Field of Dreams?….don’t sell the farm!

Don’t trade IQ! Don’t trade IQ!

From ZB of the NYP:
“The game completed a daunting stretch of facing 12 teams with a record of .500 or better in 18 games.

The Knicks went an ultra-impressive 14-4.”

Owen, I will allow it.

Z-man, I only listened to the first few minutes of Macri so far, and I kind of want to watch the youtube version of it, because he sounds more overwhelmed and emotional than he has ever been on one of these things. Understandably so.

Also, I rescind my recent question re: any Spida regrets, since we likely would have had to include IQ in such a package, when he clearly needs to be a Knick For Life.

Max, you can post twice! I do it all the time. The bot is at least an hour away.

On the one hand, last night showed that IQ can be the answer to our late game challenges. On the other hand, we’re beginning to see that playing Mitch is going to be problematic, too.

Can we go 11-5 to close the year? Still probably not, but 50 wins isn’t the absolute joke it looked like months ago.

Considering we just went 14-4 against top-flight teams, why not? Let’s get Brunson back, though…

This fool decided to catch on some sleep and missed the most amazing and gratifying win of the season? Bah…
But the game thread is amazing, at some point i was “we’re really going to win”, and then “oh no, we’re going to lose in the end”, but the team kept fighting and managed to get the win. Right now, my bet is the ECF will be Bucks against… the mighty Knicks!!! 😀

Didn’t someone say IQ’s mom is traveling with him to all games? If so, it’s working.

We may need to get Obi’s mom and Grimes’s mom in the loop. Would double as a nice reality show 😉

Can we go 11-5 to close the year? Still probably not,

very unlikely. nba teams hardly ever forfeit games, let alone five.

We may need to get Obi’s mom and Grimes’s mom in the loop. Would double as a nice reality show 😉

Please, bring Deuce’s mom to see if he can make shots, and also Mitch’s for the FTs. 😉

If the Celtics are the best team in the league and we’ve beaten them 3 times in a row what does that make us?

I don’t know how i feel about it, but the Orlando Magic also won the series (3-1) against the Celtics!? 😮

Humongous and draining statement win that put us definitively on the map.
We’re not a joke anymore, League’s taking notes and IQ may have won 6MOTY tonight.
Winning streak hits 9, 7th best record in the League at 39-27 (only 6 wins to hit my preseason preview, hooray).
And we did it without our best player (sorry Julius).

This game was won and lost many times, but every time they hit us we answered back with a stronger punch, this team can lose but simply refuse to give up and this kind of spirit is a joy to watch (even when they do dumb things).

Exausted and sleep deprived thoughts:

– This team is greater than the sum of his part. My individual grades are probably lower than someone could expect after a win like this, but my team grade is a gigantic “A+”.

– We won with a 18:20 AST/TO ratio (38.2% assisted baskets, very low even for us), shooting only 68.6% from the line (22-32. Celtics 22-25 88%), blowing a 7-points lead in the last 85 seconds of regulation, turning the ball over in the last play of regulation, burning 2 timeouts on the same inbounds play and so on…
Winning a game this way is very difficult, but we kept them at 39.5% shooting, hit our freebies a bit better in the clutch and fought like hell on every ball.

– Despite the win we missed JB. His calming influence and steady grip on the rudder are too important.

– The world now knows Immanuel Quickley and his blossoming, after a raw start of the season, has been maybe the biggest surprise of the year. We need to extend him ASAP.

– I was ready to watch Randle ejected, but he did regain his composure and his newfound mental strenght is a huge improvement from last year.

– When RJ plays like tonight our ceiling goes up. Come on kid, we need more of this.

– Next game is like a Wile E. Coyote’s ACME trap.
Will JB be back? I trust Thibs to keep them in the right place. Going West with 40 wins would be huge.

– Let’s talk about Boston a bit.
1. I don’t get why Tatum didn’t attack the rim all night long. He was getting all the whistles and could have shot 30 FTs but he took 17 threes instead. Good for us.
2. Marcus Smart fouled out but he committed 20 other unwhistled fouls and flopped at least 5 times. He’s allowed to play with a special rulebook that stop just short of armed robbery.
3. Sooner or later someone will advice my paisà Joe Mazzulla about the existence of timeouts.

Quickley A+ CUM LAUDE
He played all the 2nd half AND both overtimes, hit the first bucket of the game (was it the earliest heat check ever?), the tie basket at the end of the 1st OT, had 7 points in the 2nd OT including the first 5…
38-8-7, 4 steals, 2 blocks and a defensive clinic all night long.

Randle B+
Some timely baskets, including 4 huge FTs, balanced by some kind of regression to Point-Forward Randle that didn’t go too well (7 TOs, including the one that cost us a chanche to shot at the end of regulation, only 4 assists) and the dumb technical for hitting the ref.

Barrett B+
I wrote in the thread that he’s a bad rebounder and I still think he is (he often forget to box out and let his man slip behind and take position) but he probably read my comment and after that he went to the boards with a lot more intensity and grabbed 11… and he had a steal!
Botched the pass on 2 alley-oops and hit on 2 others, is that the only way of passing the ball that he knows?
50 very solid minutes on offense, needs to shoot better from the line.

Grimes C
He must be the happiest guy in the locker room because he would have been the scapegoat, his foul on Brown at the end of regulation close to unforgivable (next time if we’re up by 3 let them score a 2-pointer and focus on the inbounds). Took only 2 shots, uhm….

Robinson B+
Huge work under the boards (7 OR 7 DR), very good fouls/minutes ratio, but Horford tormented him all night… until the last shot 🙂
2 heavy misses from the line, this time everything went well but I’m worried for the playoffs.

J-Hart B+
40 minutes of energy, dogged defense, yeoman work on the boards (8) and a huge three in the 1st OT when Boston looked ready to swing all the momentum.
His Knicks’ resumee stays immaculate and I’m very happy we have him.

Hartenstein C
Bad game, 3 terrible minutes in the 1st half, 7 somewhat better ones in the 2nd. He’s always there but this time with less spark.
He’s often penalized by the refs, I’m starting to think he has a reputation and not a good one (he’s whistled even when he defend with perfect verticality).
Team best +11 plus/minus (+/- is a bitch, evidence #1)

Toppin C+
Second in the potential scapegoats’ line, his offensive foul on the pesty flopper Smart, when we were at our high watermark (up 11 with the ball in our hands, with 8 minutes to go), was like throwing a lifeline to the sinking Celts and completely changed the energy of the game.
Sometimes I feel he’s a fish out of the water intensity-wise, like he’s always at the playground with his friends…
Team 2nd best plus/minus at +10 (+/- is a bitch, evidence #2)

McBride C
Talking about fish out of the water… his energy is unquestioned, his defense can disrupt opponents’ offensive flow… but not tonight, I would have rather play Fournier in Deuce’s 8 minutes…

Thibs A-
Without the Little General, in a playoffs like atmosphere he squeezed every drop of energy from IQ (55), RJ (50), Julius (47), Mitch (44) and J-Hart (40)… and he was right, they were the best lineup.
The short-lived super small lineup didn’t work (but kudos for trying), I’m not sold on Deuce over Evan and our inbounds are cringe worthy but…
… This team never surrender, the guys are all in, they’re fearless and these are huge medals on his chest.

Please, bring Deuce’s mom to see if he can make shots, and also Mitch’s for the FTs. 😉

Brunson has his dad there, so … the theory makes a lot of sense 😉

Thx, @Alan! — Leon Rose is the first civilian waiting inside. Not trying to poke our irascible bears about him, but … I bet our players notice that stuff.

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