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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pelicans – Five Alive?

The Knicks try to push their win streak to five games when they host the Zion-less New Orleans Pelicans tonight on the second night of a back-to-back!

Win five to get to the #5 seed, Knicks!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Randle doesn’t get enough credit for doing whatever the opposite of load management is. Dude has played every single game and is still playing his best ball of the year.

Say what you will about the rest of the game but first quarter Good Randle is MVP caliber.

Grand Theft is an All NBA nickname. I like Alvarado and Murphy. They seem like good pieces.

Heck of a quarter. Mentally I was thinking Hart should call a timeout there but no complaints.

Only thing you could nitpick is that they didn’t have many assists for all those points!

At some point I’m gonna get a screenshot of Barrett with the ball and all four Knicks with hands in the air calling for it 😉

“There’s no risk in building our team around an injury-plagued star, right?”

The NOP announcers thought Willy was coming in as soon as Nance went down, but they were wrong. Hope we get to see the bonafide all-Knickerblogger 300 comment thread first teamer at some point!

Ball movement is pristine. Hart seems to have a bit more of a bag than some people thought…

Mitch abusing Valanciunas even given the latter’s defensive deficiencies is not something I had on tonight’s bingo card

Jonas seems to be having more of a problem with Mitch

Maybe we can get 80% of what Mitch does for a fraction of the cost, maybe we can’t. But either way, i’m happy we were able to keep him.

That may have been the quintessential RJ Barrett shitty initiative. I hope they put him in the locker room.

‘Might as well quintuple team RJ when he gets the ball’

There, I fixed it for you.

How come that was not a flagrant? I’m not complaining, but he did seem to be leaning towards Richardson, and that usually makes it a flagrant.

As long as he keeps shooting 3pters and doesn’t start frequently passing them up I think Grimes will be fine.

Time for RJ to have two good halves in a row. I almost want the Pels to make it close so he doesn’t end up on the bench.

Next year should be the 30 year anniversary of the last Knicks championship….

Up 3-2 i really thought we were going to win. But it was a hell of a time to be a Knicks fan, i hope we can get to that again (be contenders). And with a little more luck to finish the job this time around.

This year could also be the 30 year anniversary of a Knicks championship, the 1993 team was fully healthy in the postseason unlike the 1994 team. Unfortunately MJ wasn’t retired in 1993.

Pretty strong support for the “we’d be really good with a good high usage wing in place of RJ Barrett” theory, with RJ Barrett playing the role of RJ Barrett’s replacement.

Not sure where the foul was on Mitch.

Grimes is getting good looks. Just has to make them

Alvarado is such a menace. It’s impressive

Hornets have a 5 pt lead over Miami, with 44 seconds to play.

Edit: And they’ve won it. Nice. 🙂

It’s so nice to watch this team just stomp another playoff team

I laughed out loud when Quickley got his own miss. Guess we’ve really taken the life out of them huh?

I know the 16-4 stretch to end the 2021 season was great but I think it’s safe to say this is the best the Knicks have looked since the 13 game winning streak towards the end of the 54 win season.

One easy thing RJ could do to improve his net rating would be to stop falling down on his drives and then staring act the ref looking for a foul while the other team scores on a 5 against 4.

Caught up with Clyde’s awesome speech during commercials. Great stuff, but why wasn’t ’73 alumnus Phil Jackson invited?

“but why wasn’t ’73 alumnus Phil Jackson invited?”

He was. He was tending to his personal cannabis and mushroom crops, fell asleep in the field, and will wake up sometime next week.

Herb Williams entering the game in the late 90’s is still my favorite garbage time Knicks player.

This was a look at what we could be if we get some efficiency out of the SF position instead of trying to overcome what we are getting from that position most nights. I’d settle for average the rest of the way, but ultimately the goal is to get a positive two sided player there.

Watch the Raptors. We want no part of them. They were better than their record before they added a solid C.

Yeah, the Raptors concern me. The Heat, on the other hand, just don’t seem legit this year, and I do think the Nets will slip despite the talent. So 5 should be ours…unless the Raps make a big push.

I’ll say it, Raptors are still below .500 and the Knicks are too good to worry about teams that far behind them!

Are we worried because the Raptors beat Detroit? By 4 points?

No, because Poetl is the perfect addition for them, and we match up with them poorly already.

Not that we’re likely to face them unless we each make and win in the playoffs…

This Celts Sixers game is getting me excited for the playoffs. Embiid is so good. Makes Horford look tiny. But Al has some tricks up his sleeve. Five threes.

I like Browns mask. Feels like something made in Wakanda.

Embiid just made a shot from beyond half court that would have tied the game…but the ball was still in his hands as time expired. Crazy.

What an incredible ending, I let out a scream when Embiid’s shot went in even though it was clearly late.

What an ending.

Raven, we are a good 45 win team. If RJ plays like he did tonight and Randle continues this form, we are definitely good. We feel like a 50 win team right now.

I think Embiid will shoot 20 foul shots per game if we play them in the playoffs though.

I think Masai definitely thinks that the 6th seed is up for grabs, and he wouldn’t have made the Poetl move if he felt otherwise, but I don’t think we should worry of his appraisal of the Eastern Conference. Just keep playing and lock in that fifth seed and hope for some Cleveland faltering and maybe even get home court in the first round. If Toronto makes the sixth seed behind the Knicks, good for them.

Was it ptmilo that was here pitching for acquiring Derrick White a few seasons ago? He has been really good, especially for a $15,000,000 type of player. Could do a lot worse for that money.

I couldn’t watch the game, but when I look at the play by play on ESPN, it looks likes like garbage time started with 4:02 remaining. Then everyone but Randle was subbed for and he was shooting free throws, so Thibs couldn’t sub for him. He had to play an extra half minute before being subbed. That seems reasonable to me, and not like Thins kept his starters in the game too long.

This is RJs first game this season with 7 assists. It’s only the 6th such game in his career.

Must’ve been reading KB’s disappointment with his passing.

If TNFH is right and this is one of those 11 game “Good RJ” stretches, that would really help. He’s the missing piece, if he plays like he did tonight. Of course, “the missing piece” in the context of a team that still may not win a first-round matchup, but baby steps…

I will say, there is a confidence to this team that they don’t seem to feel any team, including Boston, has their number. Monday will be interesting. (Or Tuesday, whatever).

By the way, while it is true that the Pellies are playing without Zion, it’s still shocking just how bad they’ve been without him. They were, like, a #3 seed earlier this year and they’ve just completely collapsed without Zion. They made the playoffs without him last year! Why are they so fucking bad? 4-13 in their last 17! It doesn’t make any sense to me. All of their rookies have taken huge steps back. It’s so weird.

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