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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Sixers

Let’s go, Knicks!

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The Deuce Memorial Game.

May he go out with a Breen Bang, not a whimper…

Oh my. Shams:

Just in: A failed physical exam of Gary Payton II has placed the Golden State-Portland-Detroit-Atlanta four-team deal in serious jeopardy, sources tell me and @anthonyVslater. Payton’s core muscle injury could sideline him for up to three months following a Warriors exam.

The Warriors have until Saturday to go through with the trade — or have the entire four-team deal be rescinded, sources said. Golden State re-acquired Payton at the trade deadline on Thursday.

And I guess there’s no way to amend it post-deadline, is there?

Fun: Tarasenko needed 2:49 to score his first Rangers’ goal…

Let’s hope J-Hart can have a similar start tomorrow.

What’s this bullshit about Portland being the pizza capital of the US? Blasphemy!!

Portland pizza sucks so bad that I learned how to make it. I have had exactly 1 good pizza here, and it’s New Haven apizza style.

We just got some notoriety for being the most expensive. And it still sucks.

iHart with an actual contested rebound and a brilliant inside pass to Grimes! Love it…

Two great blocks to end the quarter. We’re here to win!

Edit: With the big help from the one line game thread by Brian, of course. 😀

That was a really fun quarter. Even Barrett throwing that pass to ISM was funny.

But d-mar, you said it re Embiid…

This is going to be a tough game to win, but just watching Brunson in the first quarter was already a win of sorts.

And the Obi move across the paint for the little jumper? That was a win.

Knicks with few players to play tonight.
Clyde: “That’s why i wasn’t answering my phone in the afternoon, Kenny” 😀

Sims didn’t bite like three different times on Harden’s jukes, stayed down and totally denied him. Not an easy thing to do.

Of course Harden passed out to Tucker in the corner for a three. But still. Credit where due.

Trivia question is interesting. Something like “Harden has lead the league in points and assists. Who are the other 5 players to have lead the league in points and assists, not necessarily in the same season?”. I have to think about it. 🙂

“ don’t know how this game will wind up but I’m already proud of our guys…”

100%, great half of basketball

Pretty sure also Wilt.

As for RJ, I think he was trying to avoid taking the shot from half court. Cuz you know, %.

Pretty good half. I thought we would be in big trouble once Brunson cooled off but we hung in there.

Cyber, LeBron, and I think Tiny. Also maybe Iverson? Maybe not…

Lebron, yeah. And Steph too, probably.

Impressive team performance so far.

Are we going to add J-Hart to those 9 men? I’m okay with it… 🙂

Embiid is a super-beast, I think only Embiid’s foot and maybe Giannis can stop Embiid…

Oscar? Wilt? Russ?

Not my time, Wilt had a lot of assists too? 😮 My doubts on Russ is scoring, has he ever lead in scoring? He’s not very good at it! 😀

Re: Trivia

Tiny did it in the same season.

Didn’t Wilt lead the league in assists one year “because he wanted to do it”?

Barrett actually had a pretty good first half, outside of taking over from Randle regarding hideous, unforced turnovers (3-0 so far).

I wasn’t watching him on D, however, except one play where he looked stapled to the floor as Maxey swept around him. But Maxey was embarrassing everyone.

Wilt had more assists than anyone one year but he didn’t lead the league in assist average. He just played 47 minutes a game.

Sims seems to be playing less drop (or at least not dropping all the way past the baseline) with better results the last couple of games.

76ers color commentator (I don’t know who he is) just called Brunson a “very good defender”…

Lol, when 76ers keep playing like crap against us I guess he’s going to look good on defense

Brunson gets a lot of shit for his defense, but he also leads the league in drawn charges. That counts for a lot.

Brunson gets a lot of shit for his defense, but he also leads the league in drawn charges. That counts for a lot.

Hot take: drawn charges should be recorded as steals

My ability to tune in just in time for our collapse is so uncanny that I’m getting seriously worried that I cause them.

Kemba took a lot of charges, was he ever called a “good” (or even average) defender?

Brunson tries hard on defense and he’s strong, but teams often target him relentlessly…

No team target a good defender.

Meanwhile the inbound turnover (and the following block on RJ’s drive) totally destroyed our momentum…

Other than Jrue, there really aren’t a lot of point guards who are great defenders.

I don’t think Brunson’s defense is that big a deal

I don’t think Brunson’s defense is that big a deal

Me too, he does so much on offense the balance is a huge positive. 🙂

Up 1 starting the 4th, another thriller coming?

I’m having some world class IPAs and loving the competitive spirit

If i wasn’t watching the game, i’d think it was the IPAs “talking”. 😛

Despite the strong effort, a loss seems kind of inevitable.

I don’t think so, we’ll keep fighting till the end.

Ok guys, my +/- on this game is now is now -17 so I’m turning it off. Gotta tidy up around here anyway.

I will be checking the box score now and then and if it looks close late, I’ll follow my conscience.

Sorry, Pagliacci. I think we all knew this was going to come down to the wire—its what the Knicks do. The key is to start watching when they’re down.

Nieng killed us in the Christmas game,
but we like to let him open,
Sunday went well, tonight not so much… 🙁

We’ve gotten enough stops… this is bad offense now … and it’s starting with Randle and Grimes still in a big shot funk …

“ Where’s Brunson’s scoring when we need it”

Sixers are a very good defensive team and they’re cranking up the D on Brunson in the 4th quarter.

Loved that three by RJ. That fadeaway floater though….

Embiid is really good. It’s kind of not fair

Scheduled loss but it stings a little bit more then expected after a very good first half.

Grimes and Obi shooting blanks all night on open looks didn’t help.

@Early Bird unfortunately it seems more like we just collapsed and stayed down than anything going to the wire. Well, at least it wasn’t me this time!

This would’ve been a resounding win with Mitch. Also Sims shouldn’t be starting over this version of Hart.

Plus/Minus says IQ and I-Hart were the worst…

I strongly disagree, to me they both played well, better than Grimes, RJ, Sims, Toppin and Deuce…

(Is this a hot take? Nah…)

That was as predictable of a loss as we’ve had all season. I’m glad it was this close.

After trailing by eight after a layup by Harden, Maxey stepped in front of a poor inbounds pass by R.J. Barrett and drilled a 3-pointer to cut a 10-point deficit to five and wake a sleepy Wells Fargo Center.

What does this GP2 situation mean? That Kevin Knox is going to be playing major minutes alongside Steph, Dray, and Klay down the stretch as they look to repeat??

Are the Blazers now stuck with Payton AND Thybulle??

Or are they able to retroactively undo all the other trades that were done as precursors to that final trade by those four teams?

Seems like there has to be some room for justice written into the trade deadline fine print, no?

We know the Knicks are not the best shooting team in the league. But they score enough. The question is what they do on the other end of the floor. Well, out of 57 games played, the Knicks held opponents to 110 points or less 22 times. They are 22-0 for those games. They are 8-27 for the other 35 games. In other words, no D, no W. It is as simple as that!

Cam had 11 points on 7 shots in his debut and was a plus 4 in 17 minutes.

We will be watching him in the all star game next year I am sure.

We will be watching him in the all star game next year I am sure.

And will Thibs take him to center stage during introductions? 🙂

I’m just happy the Jazz got rid of most of their guys. A chance for an easy win tonight.

Brian apparently thinks you can put a comment like that on an old thread without the Knicks suffering the consequences.


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