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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pistons – Knock Three Times?

The Knicks get to have a fun matinee today visiting the shitty Pistons ahead of traveling back home tomorrow for the Martin Luther King Jr. matinee game tomorrow against the Raptors (which thankfully is back at the Garden).

Nice time for a winning streak!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Randle refusing to pass into mitch with Knox on him and take a fadeaway 3 ….is classic Randle…

The Pistons are a bad team at full strength, without their two best players they’re trash…

As bad as the Knicks have been the past 20 years they’ve never had a team anywhere near as bad as this Pistons team.

Oh BigBlueAl, how soon we forget. We started Knox in 57 games and won 17 not so very long ago…

Are we sure that against this team we can’t risk Fournier’s defense to bolster the second unit offense?

Interesting watching Mitch fight for post position… and nobody passes it in to him.

(nod to pepper…)

I’m wondering if Obi wasn’t quite ready, but he felt like he had to come back considering Randle’s play and the trade deadline being close

As bad as the Knicks have been the past 20 years they’ve never had a team anywhere near as bad as this Pistons team.

knick fans thought memento was a self help documentary

Randle just passed Bernard King on the Knicks’ scoring list and a little piece of me died…

i love that mitch and brunson lose touch and mitch doesn’t jump for the lob, but brunson doesn’t even give the slightest wtf glance.

Also- assuming Trent Jr and Bullock are available via trade, I’m on the fence about which one I’d want. The 90’s Knick in me says Bullock, but I also know we need more shot creation on that 2nd unit. Plus Trent’s not a bad defender. And if Obi stays, adding Bullock means more space and shot opportunities for him. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t be mad at landing either player at this point

Randle with a bad, forced shot.

Noted because that’s now uncommon…

Can’t believe BK is now only 26th in Knicks history in points scored.

But he’d be higher if it was points per game, right?

I’d start the second half with Rose, Fournier, Svi, Cam and Jericho,
if only as a wake up call to the other players…

I wonder if…

1. With Thibs riding them like Secretariat the team is mentally tired.
2. Randle and Brunson want the all star selection so badly they’re going to put themselves ahead of the team.

We need a little more energy and ball movement if we want to build a big lead again

Playing down to your competition with a back-to-back tomorrow vs Raptors even without FVV not optimal.

I know that “Grimea” was a typographical error, but I kind of liked it. Can we start calling him the Grimean Peninsula?

I live on the Grimean Peninsula, which is connected to the rest of the Knicks mainland as everyone loves Grimes.

obi has now made a total of four 2p fgs in his last 9 games. he’s made seven fts in his last 18.

These 4th quarter collapses are not going to work against good teams in the playoffs. I can’t quite pin down what’s wrong because this isn’t a much better team stepping it up a notch. This is all the Knicks.

Obi is not a good shooter. He’s a good dunker. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s missing everything right now. Give it another couple of games to knock the rust off.

“The Kevin Knox game 🙂”

This is a good spot for him. He was extremely raw in NY and he’s getting a chance to play on a team like this. Maybe we should send Cam there too.

How many first round picks could we get for Randle on that contract? 😜

Good thing we didn’t sell at the bottom and attach a pick. 🤯

If the Knicks keep winning and Randle and Brunson aren’t both all stars it’s a crime against humanity.

I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that the starters are still on the floor at the end of the game, or the fact that they needed to be in at the end of the game to win. Still, I’m blaming Thibs. He needs to manage minutes better and give the reserves more opportunities so they can make mistakes and get the experience. As it is, if they can make the playoffs, they’re an easy 5 game out bc they don’t have the depth to survive a prolonged series.

2nd game in a row RJ has played fewer minutes than both IQ & Grimes, though last game it was a matter of seconds.

We’ve all given him plenty of generally deserved criticism but that was a magnificent game from Julius Randle.

“Favorite stat of the game: Barrett 27 minutes.”

He also had Quick on the court to close the game. That was different.

It’s OK if RJ starts and plays plenty of minutes, but Quick is better. They are small with Brunson, Quick, and Grimes, but Quick is such a good defender along with Grimes we can do a lot of that against some lineups.

Edit: Thibs just said in postgame that RJ will close 99% of the time and is still working his way back to 100%.

I asked the question yesterday what our record would be without Brunson The consensus seemed to be 7-9 games worse.

I think it might be equally bad without Randle, especially considering who his backup is.

I think Obi would be playing differently without Randle, but yeah the team would be much worse without Julius, he’s playing like a idk top25 guy. Randle Mitch Brunson is a legitimately good trio.

Agree on the Randle love. This is a totally fake statistic, for which I apologize beforehand, but there were about two shots of his that I thought were poor decisions all game. That’s 22 of 24 that were good, solid shots, in rhythm and not denying others a better shot. That’s 92% Good Randle. I’ll take that.

AND he’s really excelling at passing the ball out of double-teams — to members of the correct team — and doing it early, and without jumping.

Real, actual statistic: Randle, one turnover.

So if Fournier and Cam are out, Deuce and Obi are not dependable scorers, who do we trade for to strengthen the bench and how?

Burks anyone? 😂😂😂

Reacquisition rule prohibits a team from reacquiring a player they traded away that season, i.e., we can’t get Burks till after this season.

There’s a few exceptions involving him going to a third team before returning to the Knicks but that’s getting pretty convoluted.

In the near-immortal words of Zach Harper from The Athletic as per earlier:

“Should they make a move? I don’t think so. Let’s see what this Knicks squad can do with as much continuity as possible. And if it falls apart, you address the next step in the offseason. They have a good thing going, and it seems sustainable.”

I agree with Zach. I wouldn’t mess with the starting lineup unless something great was available. But we do need some scoring help on the bench if Thibs is going to insist on not playing Fournier and Cam. Deuce, Hart, and Obi are not giving us enough. When Obi is back to 100% we should get more from him against some matchups, but Deuce has to start shooting and scoring efficiently or Thibs may have to break the glass in an emergency and use Rose.

Drove my kid back to college in The North Country of NY today, spectacular winter scenery in the Adirondacks. Had to listen to game on XM radio with Pistons announcers. Makes me count my blessings that our announcers are light years better.

I love the idea of Deuce but the reality of Deuce is making me give up hope. Obi too.

Not sure if we can survive the Toronto games with this kind of bench play. And if we keep on running Branson out there 42 minutes a night, he’s going to break down sooner or later.

I have a hypothesis on Deuce, which is that he simply gets his ass blocked on drives to the basket in the big leagues. His drives to the rim work in the G League, not here. He’s had runways to the basket all day long, game after game, and he isn’t taking them. And the few times he does (once this game I could remember, once the previous game) he gets blocked like Barrett.

And I think that throws his whole game off, leaving him to take threes, but now he’s all a bit cautious about that, too. Overthinking everything.

Basically he needs to take Brunson classes to learn how to be crafty in the paint.

It’s not easy being small. What Brunson does scoring in the paint with those floaters, learners , and fadeaways is nothing short of magic.

I am stunned Jones has turned out as good as he has. Imagine what he could do with a real receiving corps and better interior line play.

Jones looked pretty promising his rookie season under Shurmur, past 2 seasons playing under an awful offensive coaching staff did him no favors.

I was totally wrong on Jones, as a lot of folks were.
I know Minny wasn’t a “dominant” 13-win team but damn, for this team to be where it was a year ago to now, more than a few guys deserve standing ovations, and Jones is one of them.

Shots all around!

Seems like Jones is like a lot of NFL QBs. Give them protection and they look a lot better. Every time I turned on a Giants game the last two years he was getting sacked. This year has been different.

One downside to the win today is that we probably get rolled by Toronto tomorrow because Julius is going to be exhausted

The Giants aren’t very good, but they can say they were less of a fraud than the Vikings. Danny Jones is pretty decent-that offense would be good with a legit #1 WR. Maybe they can get Jefferson to force his way off the Vikings.

“One downside to the win today is that we probably get rolled by Toronto tomorrow because Julius is going to be exhausted”

Julius is pretty resilient. If I’d worry about anyone it would be Brunson.

what a day, what a day…

knicks take care of the pistons fairly easily, and what do you know – the giants with a bunch of the roster gettleman put together not only made the playoffs, but won a game…

today was a good day…

some folks mentioned mitch getting no love from his teammates after posting down low…

even if it’s just a handful of oissesiins each game it’s definitely something we should add to our offense…same julius, less RJ, same amount of brunson, more grimes – much more mitch…

he’s an athletic freak, limited touch, but, I think he can figure things out from about 10 feet in…

who knows, maybe he racks up a bunch of offensive fouls…if he can at least draw some attention down low and pass or shoot (more often) it could free things up more for grimes and RJ…

it doesn’t seem like either brunson, quik or julius have much trouble injecting themselves in to the offense, it would be nice to see both grimes and mitch much more involved…

every once in a while I get surprised when grimes gets introduced as our “shooting” guard…

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