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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Wizards – It Takes Two

The Knicks head to Washington DC to hopefully beat up on a banged up Wizards squad that is literally starting Taj Gibson, that’s how pathetic it is.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Happy B’Day to Lady Z! We were down 7 but now we’re on a 12-0 run and are up 5.

Ugly first quarter, very bad start for Grimes and RJ…

We’re much better!

Let’s Go Knicks!

Not to jinx it , but this Wizards team really stinks. No excuse for not getting a W tonight

Obi is looking better, IQ is making great outlet passes and at least Hart is rebounding well (i think, didn’t check it).

It’s jarring just how bad the Knicks bench is after the last couple of years where they were top in the league.

Pretty confident we pull this one out by just riding the starters + IQ.

We’re on the same page, Max.

They showed the Deuce Week 11 highlights and I remember none of that. He totally looked like an NBA player, then I checked his actual stats and, well, not quite yet.

Only down 3 at halftime is not so bad considering how poorly they played. Time for Thibs to read them the riot act.

In games where we look like we just don’t have it, Brunson is the reason we don’t get blown out.

I think that was the first ball Grimes touched in the quarter and RJ still hasn’t, JB and Randle kidnapped the ball for 3 minutes 🙂

Maybe we’re avoiding having a big lead because of all the articles about giving away big leads. 😀

It feels like the Knick are not going to try to find a way to win this game. We are dependent on the Wizards finding a way to lose.

We should have challenged Taj’s interference on the foul on Brunson, I’m surprised the refs didn’t see it…

Hart has been a real mixed bag tonight. That foul was terrible. Done some good things though.

Let Avdija open, he can’t shoot

Cyber! Never jinx an opposing player 😀
You can think it but never write it 😉

I don’t understand how the Knicks play excellent defense to build a big lead and then immediately start completely not giving a shit about defending the 3pt line. It’s half ass backwards.

Wizards really threw their challenge away. Couple much better challenges. Honestly no idea what they wanted on the Randle dunk

Big three from Randle. That shot does not go down for him in seasons that start in odd years.

Mitch did the same to Kuz that Kuz had done to Randle in the previous play (with no foul called).

“OMG This is Randle dumbest foul ever…”

Most players couldn’t be this dumb if they were tanking on purpose.

Never in doubt.

I put some college game on and Dayton has a 6’8″ freshman PG from Mongolia who weighs 180lbs. Kid obviously needs to bulk up but he looks like he can play a bit.

Brunson is pretty good.

I have been on the, “get good players” train for a while. He is a good player.

“Brunson is pretty good.

I have been on the, “get good players” train for a while. He is a good player”

We need one more like him.

The bench looks a little shaky at times to me right now.

Obi will probably take a 2-3 more games to get rolling, but with him less than 100%, Deuce not much of a shooting/scoring threat yet, and Hart struggling a bit, we’ve gone from one of the best benches in the league to maybe having to tweak something. Quick can’t carry everything. Thibs often keeps one of the starters with the bench unit (Brunson or RJ) but I’d rather not run anyone ragged. I love Deuce’s defense but we need more out of someone. We may be missing a bench piece with Cam and Fournier out of the rotation.

Listen, I know we don’t have a superstar on our team but I think our top six players (starting five plus IQ) stacks up against anyone in the league. If we can’t land a star anytime soon, the next step for us would be to get one more guy to turn that top six into a top seven bc after IQ right now there is a noticeable drop off.

Maybe McBride can eventually score a bit more. Maybe Obi will come around (we’ve seen flashes before). Maybe hart is nursing an injury and can get better. But if we had one more dude to add to that top six, I think we could make some noise in the playoffs. I will say this though. If we do keep this up, whoever we face in the first round is not going to have a cake walk like Atlanta did. With Brunson here and RJ, IQ and Mitch much improved, we’re gonna be a tough out.

Yeah I just wish we still had Alex Burks. Who is out there who isn’t Alex Burks but serves the same role that we could get?

Weird feeling I was looking at a mock draft trying to think what position we needed and all I could come up with was superstar

I put some college game on and Dayton has a 6’8″ freshman PG from Mongolia who weighs 180lbs. Kid obviously needs to bulk up but he looks like he can play a bit.

so amazing the talent all over the globe…

Another 4Q double digit lead frustrates our attempts to blow these games in pursuit of Wembanyama

I was confident that they’d pull it out in the end, but, well, yeah, puke is right. What a disgusting win. But hey, it was a win!

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