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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors – Revolution Number Nine?

The Knicks host the spiraling Toronto Raptors tonight at the Garden, and since the Knicks did so well against the last spiraling team they took on (the Bulls), that bodes very well for the chance for the Knicks to match their nine-game winning streak from the empty arena season.

49 wins might be the UNDER!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Glue-Grimes is out and Thibs “hinted” that he can go with an 8-men rotation… (sigh)

Let’s Go Knicks!

IQ starting

Most the Knicks played less than 30min (except Grimes, ironically) so 8 man rotation on the back to back isn’t the craziest thing Thibs has done.

Deuce Deuce

the revolution number nine lyrics were my go to when the kids were young and would endlessly repeat the same shit…

instead of telling them to stop saying the same thing over and over again – i would hit em with:
number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine

until they relented in repeating whatever weird shit they were saying…

yeah, number nine was my go to for years and years…

hey EB…

yeah, too funny, no doubt E will haunt us with that atlanta series will until the day comes we finally win a playoff series…hopefully julius doesn’t poop the bed again when he gets another chance at the playoffs…

as far as the much more interesting Atlanta series…still somewhere early in season 3…

right now i’m watching Limitless on Disney…what an absolutely amazing niche Darren Aronofsky has found for himself with these nat geo/disney series…

All that crap I said about Barrett? I take it all back (pretty much mostly because of the feed to Mitch, but he’s playing well so far…).

IQ is unfortunately stuck with the “fifth option, stand in the corner every set” position tonight.

Yeah, what a weird lineup.

Barnes couldn’t hit the broad side of a… what’s the word?

Gotta tighten up the D, Toronto is aiming to score a little over 100 at the end of the first. Unacceptable.

The extra-big lineup was actually a smart move by Thibs since this Raps team is so long… I didn’t know Thibs could react in real time like that.

We’ve all opined that IQ might score more playing off ball, but that starting lineup hasn’t read our advice.

Interesting that Thibs (almost) seems to be rotating guys in without much regard for their usual positions. Is this Total Basketball like Total Football from the Dutch? Haha.

Raps are totally in a zone, at least on a lot of possessions. Juancho or Barnes at the top.

Juancho isn’t guarding any of the Knicks bigs because they don’t have to be guarded. The Raps prepared.

Okay, you know all that shit I said about Barrett? I’m saying it again. Six turnovers for the team, half by Barrett. Just did a classic Barrett drive-into-triple-team nothing-burger that SHOULD be a turnover. Not to mention a few drives with wide-open folks in the corners, but nobody exists on a drive other than RJ. Certainly not the help defense.

Our halfcourt offense is the usual swamp, overdribbling against this long defenders and/or a zone defense is not a smart way to play…

Siakam running super hot, hopefully the second half we’ll tighten up and eke out a close win.

Also, nice meeting you Z-Man! Was a fun time. Everyone should do KB meetups more often!

“Siakam running super hot, hopefully the second half we’ll tighten up and eke out a close win”

Yeah, lacking Grimes, I hallucinate that Sims should just come on and shut the guy down, but that don’t seem to be on offer, sadly.

Yup, Mitch on Siakam, IQ taking all the shots (from three). That’s winning Knicks ball.

Are there any Knickerbloggers down here in the Northern Virginia/Dulles area? (I’m in Ashburn.) Probably not, but worth a shot.

Knicks shooting 57% and 50% from three
Raptors shooting 48% and 29% from three.

We should be crushing them but for the turnovers.

Sorry, if they win this it’s a Randle win. He’s got half the turnovers RJ has.

A sad little comedy of errors there these last few minutes. Admittedly not helped by the refs, but the missed layup, the ball between the legs…

It was nice while it lasted and this reminds me a lot of pre-streak home losses…

Despite all the turnovers, Siakam’s monster game and JB’s bad night we had a chance but IQ’s traveling destroyed our momentum.

And those missed FTs…

Turned it on a couple minutes ago. Some really terrible basketball. Really just grabbing and holding onto the ball was a struggle for some reason.

Good game overall, and good eight game run. Hopefully we can bounce back on Friday

Hopefully Mitch is alright, because the drop off between him and Hart is huge

We got muscled off every ball, but credit to the Raptors. That travel by IQ started our comedy of errors at the end, but let’s re-set and crush Chicago Friday. Interesting it was Julius at the end on Siakam after all other options were exhausted. Didn’t look half bad. We should remember that next time.

PS — when the opponents figure out Jalen, we got a problem.

Streak had to end eventually. A little annoying because we could’ve stolen it but second night of a B2B without a key player is not an easy situation.

If IQ is back, that’s more important than anything else that happened this game.

“Hopefully Mitch is alright, because the drop off between him and Hart is huge”

This was so apparent down the stretch.

“If IQ is back, that’s more important than anything else that happened this game.”

A thousand times this. I’ll trade this loss without any complaint.

Tough loss, but it’s been a nice run. Take the Bulls out again Friday.

Meanwhile, go Jets in the storm supposedly due Thursday night!

What happened to Mitch?

If we’re missing Grimes & Mitch again… well we know how that goes

“What happened to Mitch?” — inadvertent punch to the groin. left immediately but stayed on the bench.

hart and sims bith really struggled tonight. add in brunson’s inability to solve the raps’ strength and size on d and it’s kind of impressive we hung in. but that still sucked.

That fucking sucked. (No, not my meet up with Alecto/Silky, that was the bomb! pt he’s way smarter than u)

Knicks need to do something about Fournier and Cam cause they’re just wasting roster spots right now and the Knicks could use some help for the bench.

Knicks need to do something about Fournier and Cam cause they’re just wasting roster spots right now and the Knicks could use some help for the bench.

It’s super weird how long they’ve just been banished, right? I mean, I get the concept, but then when a guy gets hurt they just…stay banished? It’s weird.

Anyhow, tough loss. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out would have been perfect for the game thread on Friday night with the cold snap a-coming.

By the way, the Bulls pulled out another one, and Hali beat the Celtics. The NBA is unpredictable.

I thought Indiana looked like a good team when they played us. I’m not surprised they beat Boston given that Boston has not been playing so well lately.

i’d just like to share – to heck with you Handout 8.1: Challenging Beliefs Worksheet…

trying to convince myself most people are not distracted and dysfunctional while driving…yeah, both started and finished that worksheet at a 100% belief rating…

need to put Werewolf by Night on my watch list…squirrel…

i guess the good news is my Stuck Points list is kind of shrinking…you know, if it wasn’t for the 8 billion other people roaming around the globe – i’m pretty sure i’d have most of this shit figured out already…

okay, i’d still be stuck with me, so, probably not…

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