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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Warriors

The Knicks head to the Bay to take on the defending NBA Champions, who have been playing very sporadically lately, with Klay Thompson, in particular, looking like he just fell off a cliff, production-wise.

So there is a very good chance that the Knicks could start this West Coast trip 3-0!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Richard Jefferson talking about our weak schedule is impressive commitment to the trolling bit

Yay, four of our first five shots would have been worth three points each if we’d made any of them!

Randle really is madly in love with the 3 these days, which is much better than being in love with the long two but maybe less than ideal in general. To be fair the same is true of Obi this year too. Might be part of them adapting to playing with true centers all the time.

I’m watching the local broadcast…they’re talking about what a great coach thibs is…..yeesh…

Whiny Knickerbloggers: there’s no way we’ll be bad enough for Wembanyama 🙁

RJ Barrett: hold my beer

If they keep making 3P after 3P, no team would win against them. Let’s see if they cool off.

I would like to apologize to everyone for wasting valuable board space earlier today by suggesting we might be able to trade Julius Randle

Yay, just like Barrett is now perfect with his last 20 three pointers, the whole Knicks team is perfect with their 10 three point shots tonight!

If we win one more game the road trip was a success, so no need to panic because of one game.

enjoy the show hubie!!!

smashing pumpkins is gonna be way cool, good rock there…real emotional driven stuff at times…

you’re right about different show prices, when all the tickets are above $250 or whatever, definitely gives pause to attend…

I remember looking at some nine inch nail tickets and thinking – oh hell no…I don’t know, I’d really like to see him perform, so, I don’t know…I’ll probably eventually grab a ticket…it will have to be at a primo venue…

i like small venues, outside of a general admission situations, i could though see myself in the future paying a little extra for seats to see someone I really enjoy…

the whole comprehension thing may not always be so reliable, my ears seem to be working okay, my eyes though do kind of suck these days…

i’m big with visuals, so yeah, think I may start looking to get a closer view for seated shows…

Hey thibs…there’s a French guy on the bench who can shoot…maybe try him…oh wsmait.. you’re committed to a 9 man rotation…wtf…

Let’s try to take this to single digits in the 2nd quarter. Looks like if it’s super late here, i turn into Cyber, the optimist. 😀

We make 3 3s and those 2 Obi dunks and we’re right in it but instead it feels like game over

The Warriors aren’t even doing anything particularly special, we just can’t score.

For the love of god can we defend the perimeter just a little more? This feels like a weird Thibs hang up at this point.

Stubborn ass thibs won’t play grimes or Fournier because 15 games into an 82 game season he decided he can only play 9 guys…what a moron

I mean this is pegged as a pretty sure loss but we’re making it really easy for the Warriors. And Steph is taking the night off so far.

I used to be addicted to eating late, chocolate included, and playing video games…mostly just jacked on adrenaline and avoiding tomorrow…

I’m kind of getting addicted to good sleep now…slow progress…

I’m kind of getting addicted to good sleep now…slow progress…

It’s saturday, so i’ll sleep until late tomorrow

you guys ever feel like we’re the npc team from an 80’s basketball movie where we need to be just credible enough that the real protagonists rallying win over us isnt a gimme

I’m not a big Thibs hater to be honest, I could take him or leave him. But this year’s team does not look like a well coached team. So many possessions end with low quality shots, and then on the defensive end the rotations and assignments are a complete mess. The Knicks are currently down by 19 but are getting thoroughly outclassed.

They just make the game of basketball look very difficult.

there’s a bunch of gear to help monitor:

– your bed, don’t have this one 🙁
– this ring thing called oura, I don’t really enjoy jewelry
– apple watch, samsung whatever it’s called, others too I’m sure
– fitbit, I have bought way too many of these things over the last year or so…they’re cheap and they work…

it doesn’t really irritate my skin, so that’s good…I got it to monitor my heart rate, cuz of the anxiety stuff…

Geo, it was just a (bad) joke. No, i don’t monitor, although i have a smartwatch and could do it if i wanted. I don’t like to go to sleep with the watch.

you guys ever feel like we’re the npc team from an 80’s basketball movie where we need to be just credible enough that the real protagonists rallying win over us isnt a gimme

now…that’s just being mean…

honestly, since donnie slipped that knick fan philosophy of his in my head couple/few years ago – I don’t really give a shit what happens…

sorry, not sorry…

it’s like free time to do whatever I want…

now…that’s just being mean…

this plus the knicks having a little life in them has talked me back from the ledge of turning this off and doing something else

Yay, Knicks are actually really the #1 scoring team in the NBA in the second quarter of games, and ended that one down by just 11…

Well, i leave the game in a good position to win (LOL) and i’m going to sleep believing that you guys will control the 2nd half and get the W. See you tomorrow, people.

the ring bothered me…the watch thing is thin and loose…

the data is useful, the habits more so…

my go to is: black screen piano music…

yeah, I still got some work to do on my sleep schedule, fluid intake prior to sleep…

sorry for the sleep tangent cyber…i’ll leave you in peace now to enjoy the game…

Some nice play by Brunson and Randle at the end of the quarter there, got this back to being a manageable game despite the Knicks looking horrendous for much of that half.

You know at some point Steph will decide enough is enough, but at least we’re not rolling over (so far)

It feels like Golden State just took their foot off the gas a bit but sometimes that comes to bite teams. Not counting on it though.

RJ is reaching all-time high levels of “I’m positive that shot isn’t going in” for me and I’m a Knicks fan who started following the team in the 2000s

Yay, that leaping Randle looking to pass — oh fuck — coming down — pass to a Warrior play made me laugh out loud in a way that frightened the family.

i think ive seen enough tonight fellas… have a good one for those of you brave enough to see this one through

Fournier was awful and deserved to lose his rotation spot. That said, at least he was willing to actually shoot the 3 on kickouts. Our entire starting lineup just looks to catch and drive.

Do the Knicks ever run a clean 3 on 1, 2 on 1, or 3 on 2 fast break? I’ve seen CYO teams in Queens run the fast break better.

Sims could use some work on his touch around the basket but he seems to do a lot of good things out there

RJ Barrett just keeps shooting. Unbelievable. He’s the worst shooting guard/wing we have and he has the most or 2nd most shots in the game almost all the time. At what point does Thibs stop this! It’s getting comical, but in a very bad way. He should be 4th option. I know it’s somewhere between difficult and impossible to bench him, but something has to be done.

So Grimes is healthy enough to play garbage time, but not healthy enough to relieve RJ Barrett from playing 40 minutes when he’s allegedly sick but more importantly playing like shit

Now that Evan is getting the full Kemba treatment, let’s look at Leon’s blunder as a whole:

He committed $91 million to a starting backcourt that doesn’t even play.

He’s already given up one lottery pick to unload Kemba. And it really looks like he’s going to use another one to unload Evan.

This is really hard to top.

I couldn’t watch most of the game, but I see Sims has the best plus minus by far of any Knick who played substantial minutes. His stat line wasn’t gaudy, but he must have done something right.

Something’s gotta give with RJ. I don’t understand how he’s getting all this leash from Thibs, but surely it can’t last forever. We’re not the best team ever but he’s cost us games and has given us almost nothing. Just embarrassing stuff

What do you want to bet Grimes goes from situational to starter if Cam can’t go against Phoenix? And what do you want to bet Cam misses at least 2+ weeks- it’d be so totally Cam to miss a month just when he’s starting to make some progress.

Serious question: who can we trade RJ to?

RJ for Jordan Poole- who says no? Obviously the Warriors even though Poole signed a much bigger deal than RJ, hasn’t played great, and might have a chemistry issue with one of the franchise cornerstones.

That gambling article was fascinating. That’s why my weird gambler brother uses many different gambling sites.

He does it all as a weird hobby, so he’s been fine so far, as he doesn’t bet that much. He’s just good at it and he enjoys it. Way too much in my opinion (as I am met with these long sprawling texts about his various gambling thoughts all the time), but at least he’s not bad at it.

I was right in the middle of suggesting that it was fair enough for Rose to not be willing to risk giving Sims the backup role this season, but as I thought about it, is it fair enough? Shouldn’t he be able to judge this stuff better and realize that maybe backup center wasn’t where the Knicks should use their extra free agent money this season? I like Hart, but if you have Sims on your team already, shouldn’t you know your own talent well enough to be, like, “Okay, we actually have an in-house backup already, let’s use this money on a defensive wing” or whatever. Like Bruce Brown, for instance. Wouldn’t Bruce Brown play a lot on this team?

The argument against trusting Sims is basically that the Knicks couldn’t afford risking a key backup spot on a young player in case Sims turned out to not be for real, but, like, why think that way with a team that already needs a lot of help to take the next step?

In other words, I love Sims and I think Mitch/Sims is an awesome center pairing (if you want to play these types of centers, that is).

Mitch hasn’t exactly been an iron man so far in his career so I’m guessing that probably factored into their thinking.

But then you have Randle/Obi lineups as backup to the backup, and Randle/Obi lineups made sense to use more anyways, right?

I 100% believe that IQ has been very good on defense this year. I am not knocking him at all this season on defense, even if he got burned a lot tonight. However, the important thing tonight is how the Warriors know how to create looks for players. It is a lot harder to stop a guy when his team is specifically trying to create looks for him.

It is what still makes me shake my head at Jamal Murray’s stupidity last game. Everyone in the world knows they need a three pointer for the tie, so he just dribbles the ball with Quickley on him, like, assuming that Quickley will just say, “Okay, fine, shoot the three” at some point. Quickley played fine hard nose defense on the play, but Murray should have taken it for granted that his defender would be guarding him not to shoot and he just then…dribbled the ball and assumed that he would get a look still. What a foolish possession.

It reminded me of the possession following LJ’s four-point play when Jackson was triple-teamed him and he still tried to shoot it!!

Hart is still a good young player, not sure you can fault the Knicks for signing him.

I wouldn’t call the Randle/Obi lineup a good insurance plan.

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