Knicks Morning News (2022.11.16)

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    Dallas’ Doncic continues to terrorize the Clippers, Knicks hand the Jazz third straight loss

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    Morning plan:
    – Read the game thread
    – Go swimming
    – Watch “All Possessions” stream on League Pass (a very nice feature)
    – Read Macri’s newsletter
    – Read the game boxscore

    Everything as planned, you can’t lose a game after a “players only” meeting where the focus was on accountability, or you’ll become the joke of the league, this game was ours from the get go
    (and let’s be honest, who didn’t count the Jazz’s games as two sure wins before the season?).

    Casual observations, in no particular order:

    – Cam’s second straight good game. His talent is glaring but his defensive effort is a good surprise (but did he really lose a jumpball against 35 years old 6’1 Mike Conley?);

    – Sims jumps as if he has secret springs in his shoes;

    – Was RJ sick? Going to the line 14 times is very good, missing 6 times is not. I had the impression that he was better in the 1st half, is that true?

    – 4 TOs but some clutch play for Brunson (8 ASTs and 3 STLs too). He’ll never be a good defender, but he’ll try and I’m happy we signed him.

    – Randle. I watched some ugly turnovers and a “curious” body language, plus his statline isn’t so shiny. How do the KB Hive value his game?

    – I’m happy my pal Simone had some moments (including a nice block on Brunson), only the second game in which he play more than 6 minutes, but he’s a well rounded player that can do a lot of things, he’ll adjust.

    – Will Hardy. I didn’t know 16-years old kid can legally marry and coach an NBA team in Utah. I still think he can’t drink.

    Back-to-back in Denver tonight, Jokic’s out so it’s time to break a losing streak that started the year Will Hardy was born and make this western trip a success…

    Did the team that erased us from the floor 6 days ago really lose by 32 to the Kings?
    Did the team that held us to 85 points let the Kings score 153?
    The Kings are sneaky decent this year…

    Great work, guys. This roadtrip could’ve turned ugly and starting with a win was the best way to avoid that. 🙂 Nice to read that IQ and Sims kept playing great. And Brunson is steady. Next stop: Denver. Can’t watch because it starts at 3AM here, control the game, guys! 😉

    Yeah, Max, RJ was sick. Not sure why Thibs kept him in at the end of instead of IQ, but what the hell can you do with our stubborn coach at this point? See also Obi being rewarded for a spectacular alley-oop pass to Sims with an immediate seat on the bench, followed by Randle coughing up the ball and then pouting about it. Again.

    Yes, losing after a players-only meeting would have made us a laughingstock. But I am ready, even eager, for us to be a laughingstock again. Shit needs to change. It’s good that Cam is stringing together multiple good performances, that IQ is coming out of his shooting slump, that Obi is kicking ass in the pittance of playing time he is being given. But none of this matters. Thibs needs to go, and Leon needs to have a come to Jesus moment somehow. And every win we get — whether against a team that’s been playing over its head like Utah, against a team in turmoil like Minny, or a team missing its top player (like Philly, and potentially like Denver tonight) — makes it harder for either of those things to occur.

    I hate being a downer, after so long on Team Optimism, but I’m just tired of running in circles.

    Tonight is going to be a lot tougher to muster up an effort than last night – Jokic or not. Being on a back to back on the road going into Denver’s altitude is a problem. Fortunately, Thibs was smart enough to only used 9 last night. So when a couple of our starters need oxygen tonight he’s got a fresh bench and a very fresh Grimes and Fournier available. If we somehow steal a win tonight (and to be honest I’m not expecting it because this is a really tough B2B), the road trip will practically be a success already just because it won’t be the expected disaster.

    I agree that we need changes, Alan, but can’t we have a front-office that sees what’s happening beyond wins and losses? I can’t bring myself to root for Ls, unless we should be tanking and it’s the last 20 games of the season. But the front-office should be analyzing what’s best for the team and clearly keeping Thibs, Fournier and both Randle and RJ is a mistake, and they should see it without the need for the team to get embarassed.

    I think we should start talking about how much it’s going to cost to keep Cam.

    It’s Cam. He’s going to have those brain fart moments where he tries to do too much or takes a bad shot, but the issue with him has never been “talent”. It was whether he could learn, limit the mistakes, get is attitude straight, and play DEFENSE. I think the answer is YES. He’s playing OK on both sides now and has upside on both sides. He’s way behind his age in development because of all the injuries and missed time going all the way back to college and he’s still quite young anyway. I think the best is clearly yet to come 2-5 years out. I think he’s got a good chance to become a starting wing on a very good team. Next up rebounding.

    Thanks Alan.
    I feel you, you know where I’m about Thibs…
    But I’m resigned and for my mental health I made peace with myself.

    It doesn’t matter how many rational points of contention we bring, maybe only a 25-win season can change things, but it will never happen, the Basketball Gods are with him (that’s why so many opponents are out in our games) and this team is too deep to avoid fighting for the play-in.

    He’ll be the coach this season.
    And if we get to the play-in, he’ll be the coach next year too.

    It’s clear that we aren’t using Hartenstein the right way, but it’s just another thing in Thibs’ pile.
    Just another thing that will not change.

    And I know I’m naive, but I’m with Cyber on this, I can’t root for losses.

    And if we get to the play-in, he’ll be the coach next year too.

    Max, are you trying to crush my hope in a better future? 😛


    Last year at the ASG Dolan gave Rose “carte blanche” to fire Thibs, in the midst of a terrible string of embarassing losses.
    Rose didn’t.
    This year we’re still more or less afloat, and we’ll be all season long, We’re just too good to be too bad.
    Rose was his agent and he’s his friend.
    He’ll never do it if not to save his job and I don’t know when that time will come.

    “But the front-office should be analyzing what’s best for the team and clearly keeping Thibs, Fournier and both Randle and RJ is a mistake, and they should see it without the need for the team to get embarassed.”

    They unquestionably know that RJ, Brunson, and Randle do not fit together, especially with Mitch and his defender always in the paint.

    The issue is moving players.

    We aren’t competing for a championship here. We are developing a young team and trying to get them into the playoffs to accelerate that development.

    Fournier has been outcompeted for his spot by Cam (which is great news because he’s there on MERIT) and we still have Grimes available once he’s back to being 100% sharp. So Fournier is definitely out, but you want to limit the cost of moving him not maximize the speed at which you do it. You also want something that at least improves the flexibility going forward if you can’t get anything else . I’m sure they’ll offer a 2nd rounder or two if nothing materializes, but they aren’t going to throw away a meaningful asset just to trade him. That would be really dumb. He’ll ride the bench until next year if they can’t move him.

    The same thing applies to Randle. IMO, we don’t really have a long term solution at starting PF if Randle gets traded. They can put Obi there and he’ll fill up the stat sheet “on average” but he’s going to get stopped and abused by really good teams or in the playoffs. He still has to expand his game further and get better defensively. I guess all that is OK since we are years away from being a serious team anyway, but it will be harder to move Randle. And again, the priority is not the speed at which we do it. The priority is limiting the cost or maybe even getting something worthwhile back.

    Cyber, based on everything I have seen and heard about the Rose administration, I just don’t believe they are capable of seeing what is the real state of this team and the proper path forward. And the only way to shake them out of their complacency is disaster. It was sort of like the Giants with Gettleman and Joe Judge. John Mara was going to keep one or both of them until Judge became a national embarrassment and forced his hand.

    But here’s the thing: if Thibs is gone and Johnny Bryant plays a more sensible rotation and introduces some offensive creativity, and then we win under him? I can live with that. But every win more deeply entrenches Thibs, and I can no longer abide that. I want him gone, yesterday. And as a result, I have to root for losses.

    “This is a joke, right?”

    Absolutely not.

    Thibs knows what a treacherous B2B Utah to Denver is. He spread the minutes out fairly well last night (other than RJ playing 37 which made no sense since he’s been sick) and he’s got fresh legs for tonight. Expect Grimes to get minutes tonight and if he’s not playing well expect Fournier to play.

    I agree with Strat, wanting to trade Fournier, Randle and Rose is much easier than being able to make a real trade, unless we’re ready to lose a lot (at least a 1st for Randle, and maybe more).
    They’ll probably try to find the right partner until the trade deadline.

    I find the players-only meeting somewhat disturbing. Who called it, its topic, it being made public, the timing.

    “This is a joke, right?”

    Absolutely not.

    Having a fully rested Fournier for tonight’s game is a stroke of genius.

    “Can’t watch because it starts at 3AM here, control the game, guys! 😉”

    cyber getting soft on us…

    I just don’t believe they are capable of seeing what is the real state of this team and the proper path forward.

    I disagree. They got Brunson after Elf and Kemba failed. They even used picks to trade Kemba. They also got rid of Noel and got a “stretch” big with Hartenstein. I think they know what needs to be done to improve the team. But like deefense said, moving Fournier and especially Randle is easier said than done. We’re impatient but Randle is better than last season. But upping his value enough where it doesn’t cost us serious assets to move him isn’t going to happen in just 12 games into the season. Especially with him having multiple years left on his contract, even with the salary not being bad.

    Randle is going to have to play at the level he’s been playing (or better) for at least another month before any team might consider taking him on at the trade deadline. Most likely he will have to get moved next season.

    It sucks for Obi for sure but every single poster here was cool with Randle getting extended after his all NBA season at the price/years that he got extended for.

    Hopefully we can hold on to Obi long enough to move Randle and then he will be that much better and can start.

    I think Fournier is the one to move right now if we can. He is a “worse” player than Randle but probably going to be easier to move because he can provide shooting to any team.

    I hate to break it to people, but we’re going to be a 500ish team. Instead of constantly lamenting that fact, let’s just enjoy the team for what they are. We won on the road in Utah. That is NEVER an easy thing to do even when Utah isn’t “good.”

    IMO, Thibs is not going to get fired based on just wins and losses unless there’s a total meltdown.

    Hopefully, he’s not going to get fired because NY beat writers, newsletter writers, and fans shit their pants after every bad loss.

    He’ll get fired, like Nash, when he loses the locker room. If guys stop listening to him and by their actions and body language make it known they want him out, he’ll be out. But it won’t be because of minutes allocation or the offense/defense he chooses to run unless they are protecting their own asses from Dolan.

    Hopefully, they are at least smart enough to know we have 4 guys in the starting lineup that do their best work in short mid range and around the basket (I guess 5 if you count Cam now). That’s a problem that’s on THEM to address. Same with the defense. They jettisoned all the veteran defenders for more youth, but now we have issues on defense. That’s on them to address.

    I don’t see any evidence he’s lost the locker room at least yet. I see evidence of issues with the players and team construction.

    Wow, is this what we’re headed for, a hand-wringing session after every gutty win?

    I get wanting Thibs fired, I never wanted him in the first place. And I feel even more so now, mostly because I can’t stand the sound of his constant bellowing on the sidelines.

    I sort of accepted the reality that this FO and coach aren’t going to commit to tanking. An accidentank is possible (and we shouldn’t assume that this one win is going to prevent that) but it seems premature to root for one. Alas, to each his own.

    And if anyone thinks that by firing Thibs and Leon, some new braintrust is going to commit to a 5-year down to the studs rebuild, I have a lovely bridge built in 1884 to sell you.

    “See also Obi being rewarded for a spectacular alley-oop pass to Sims with an immediate seat on the bench, followed by Randle coughing up the ball and then pouting about it. Again.”

    AND — End of the first half. Olynik scores on an alley-oop layup then steals from Brunson and puts down a dunk with 35.8 seconds to go. Jazz up by 3. Our guys could/should have hung their heads, demoralized. Instead Obi grabs the ball with fire, throws a quick inbound pass, races down the court and hits a quick three on a return pass from Cam. All in 7 seconds as if to say, “Let’s go m-f-ers.” Jazz come back with 28 seconds, dawdle, miss. Obi gets the defensive rebound, throws a sharp outlet pass to Randle who hits Brunson for another three as the half expires. We go to the locker room up by three. In my view these are 6 *free* points mostly off of Obi’s good work and we won by 7. Thibs is insane about Obi. I don’t know why.

    I would guess that if Thibs gets fired it’s not going to be based on anything that happens on the road. It will be because of more home losses like ATL and OKC, especially if Dolan is in attendance, where the boos and “Fire Thibs” chants start raining down, and where the media starts mocking the team and its leadership on a daily basis. Dolan doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for that kind of stuff, and WWW is in his ear and doesn’t like Thibs in the first place. Another thing that would help move Thibs out the door is if the Nets start winning and taking over the back pages in a positive way.

    And in the center of that scenario is the play of Julius Randle. So far at MSG there’s been nary a peep of negativity carrying over from last year. So long as the home crowd stays quiet about Randle, that’s a sign that fans are OK with Thibs being the coach.

    One thing about a rebuild that isn’t mentioned much. When teams like OKC, UTA, SAS and even NOP commited to it by trading away stars, they jump-started the process with oodles of draft picks. We don’t really have anyone to trade for multiple unprotected first rounders. So that process would probably take like 3 years longer for us.

    Brunson, IQ, Cam, Obi, and Sims were our best players last night both in energy and skill. For a tiny bit they played together. It was a joy to watch and, perhaps, the glimpse of a bright future.

    30/54 shooting
    9/19 from three
    26 boards
    17 assists
    8 steals

    Toppin was +23
    IQ was +18

    My 3 big takeaways:

    (1) Sims finally looked like last year’s Sims, and then some

    (2) Cam had his 2nd big offensive game

    (3) Fournier finally got benched

    BTW, we all know Cam is going to get the RJ deal then return to being Cam Reddish, right?

    “Wow, is this what we’re headed for, a hand-wringing session after every gutty win?”

    It felt like a terrible win — worst win of the year, to revise one of our favorite lines.

    Brunson was gutty. He had an early stretch of playing like poo, then came back and basically willed the team to a win. Good for him.

    Obi, IQ, and Sims were all stellar. Not perfect, but hard-working and game-changing. And fun.

    Randle was his (lately) usual sucky self. Half-assed on D and a turnover machine. His only good point was he didn’t force much in the second half so his egregious, self-inflicted errors didn’t result in a team loss.

    Barrett was… sick? It was certainly sickening to watch. Whatever he had must have badly marred his peripheral vision as it seemed every single drive resulted in a forced shot. He was 5-18 and it felt like every one of those misses was a wild toss into traffic at the rim. and his 8-14 in FTs felt like seven more wild drives where he was bailed out by a foul.

    Hartenstein was exposed, which was sad. Cam did well, but again he’s caught Barrett disease, bailed out on occasion by his amazing athleticism at the rim.

    It just feels like the usual head cases are getting worse, while some of the kids are getting better (which is great to watch!), but not playing enough.

    I’m glad they won, and hope they win tonight. But I don’t have enough hair left to keep pulling it out this way.

    dream came true last night…

    there’s this geeky forum in town where the company I work for and the local university put on these science talks…

    been going on for a bunch of years now, but never felt like attending when I worked over in the warehouse, which is a block away from the campus…

    when I found out my new office would be a couple of floors upstairs from where the auditorium is that they hold these talks – I was super excited…

    last night got to get up from my chair and walk down the stairs and go sit and listen to this scientist person describe her trip to the bottom of the ocean, it was so cool…

    initially I was curious as to how she may have overcome her fear in order to climb in to that submersible for a nearly 11 hour trip to the bottom of the mariana trench…

    turns out she’s been doing similar stuff pretty much her whole life…probably not much fear at all for her to push through…

    not sure how much scientists get scared…maybe they simply have too curious a nature…

    the question I have now though regards what type of commercial opportunities are there down at the bottom of the ocean – mining? geo-thermal energy? tourism?

    one less than cool thing about the talk, they have a picture of a beer bottle down there sitting at the bottom…freaking ten thousand meters below the waves, way out in the ocean…a beer bottle (it was green) sitting at the bottom of the world…

    maybe it just coincides with all the shit that gets left up on everest…

    A bunch of our young players played well. Our big free agent signing of the off season played well. It was a road win in Utah, which is always tough.

    That’s the definition of a good win. Randle and RJ are worrisome but we shouldn’t let them alone cloud our judgement about the team or are future.

    Fournier is a non-issue. He can sit on the bench if we can’t trade him. RJ is still super young. We aren’t competing for a title so it shouldn’t matter if he has bad games right now. He’s here and he can hopefully get better.

    Randle is the biggest issue but we can’t want to move him and expect the FO to be able to move him if he doesn’t play. He’s better than he was last year. That’s a start. But that alone after 14 games isn’t going to be enough to move him.

    Patience is key right now. The team is 500, which is what we all basically expected.

    ‘they have a picture of a beer bottle down there sitting at the bottom…’

    In 2015, National Geographic reported that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean (Parker, 2015), and The Washington Post projects that by 2050 the metric tons of the plastic will outweigh the metric tons of fish living in our oceans, if the current rates of plastic dumping continue (Kaplan, 2016).

    Am I being a drag today? I’ll try to go all Geo and have a good day on purpose. And Walkerandbender, you’re right too — I get transfixed by the unforced errors — watching Randle literally just drop the ball, like he’s two years old — it just sucks the Obifun out of me. I’ll try to be better.

    I hear ya. Randle is super frustrating. Honestly he’s like the most frustrating player I have ever rooted for. Besides maybe Melo LOL.

    Cause most dudes are either just not that talented and you ultimately can’t get mad at them for playing up to a certain level or they’re all-stars and you can expect consistent production at a high level. Or they’re just like a role player.

    But Randle is this super talented player who can score, rebound, get assists and even play defense when he’s engaged. But his head is all over the place. He can have brilliant games and then have huge stretches where he just does dumb shit. It’s frustrating to watch.

    Am I being a drag today?

    No, you are not. The climate change talk has been rising, but it’s a lot of talk and not the same level of action… we need to act now, but we’ll probably only act when the problem is a lot bigger, i hope it’s not when it’ll be irreversible, but i wouldn’t bet on it.
    And by the way, one of the biggest problems on planet earth, besides if we are efficient or not about wasting the planet’s resources, it’s the population… we just reached 8 billion, it’s sad times that we live in, because if we keep putting this amount of people on the planet, all possible actions won’t stop the collapse… every human being is a pollution emitter since the day it is born, so one of the most important goals should be to lower the earth population, not increase it.

    Geo, a trip to the mariana trench must be amazing. I would’ve loved to be in the talk. 😉 And i don’t think there’s business opportunities at the bottom of the ocean, i think in this case it’s 100% science like on the south pole station, for example.

    I am happy about the win.

    I am happy Cam played well. As I said last night there is something so beautiful and inscrutable about a peripheral statline that reads 1112111. You can read anything you want into it and it’s also your grandmother’s email password.

    I loved watching Cam, Sims, Obi, IQ and Brunson last night. The Knicks at least have some entertainment value this year.

    All the rest, 20 games….

    Vis a vis climate change, I’d have a lot to say if we ever had a thread on it. I have huge beef with modern environmentalism.

    We should be trying as hard as we can to trade Cam once/If Grimes is healthy. Thibs playing Cam 30 minutes instead of giving a lot of them to IQ is inexcusable

    Echoing Owen, I continue to be amazed we were able to pluck Brunson in unrestricted free agency. The guy is playing at a borderline all-star level. It’s hilarious that there was a contingent of Knicks fans who didn’t want to sign him, and not even for tanking reasons! Ironically enough, the best argument left against signing him is that without him we’d be firmly in the Wemby sweepstakes.

    Re: Cam, this season is pretty much a microcosm of his whole career. People are talking about how much it’ll cost to retain him as he rocks a 98 TS+ and -2.0 BPM. He has played 14 games and no more than 5 of them could be described as “good.”

    And yet, I get it! The kind of player we’ve seen for the last two games would materially change the trajectory of the team if he showed up (way) more often. I guess I’ll remain skeptical until the flashes turn into something more consistent, and I don’t hate the idea of selling high on him if we get offered something real.

    “Fortunately, Thibs was smart enough to only used 9 last night.”

    In his infinite wisdom, Thibs didn’t play the guy with the .474 TS% or the injured guy, saving both of them for tonight. Denver will have no idea what hit them.

    “The same thing applies to Randle. IMO, we don’t really have a long term solution at starting PF if Randle gets traded. They can put Obi there and he’ll fill up the stat sheet “on average” but he’s going to get stopped and abused by really good teams or in the playoffs.”

    I think the long-term solution at PF is the PF we drafted in the lottery who has excelled in all of his playing time for the last two seasons.

    Concerns about how Obi will fare in the playoffs are completely fair, but it seems like we’re forgetting 1) we are probably not going to make the playoffs and 2) we know how Julius Randle fared in the playoffs–he somehow managed a .279 2PT% over 5 games. We’ve got posters here who could’ve done better.

    In an unfortunate development, RJ’s early season success at the rim is drying up. He’s back down to 58%, good for the 38th percentile among wings. That ain’t gonna get it done, especially not when paired with 29% from 3.

    I said earlier in the season that his strong(er) finishing numbers surprised me because his attempts mostly still looked like prayers that left a lot to chance. Seems like all that was happening was a strange number of those were going in for a bit. Sucks.

    There are a lot of tenuous aspects of our current position within the NBA, but man, if RJ Barrett can’t even be a good player, we are going nowhere fast.

    I have huge beef with modern environmentalism.

    howdy owen, you mean like them folks who go around splashing paintings with – whatever…

    or more like this stuff: Modern environmentalists and particularly their academic supporters are attempting to change a number of economic and scientific ideas and principles fundamental to Western Civilization that have helped humans to achieve much of our dramatic progress in living standards in recent centuries.

    i don’t think there’s business opportunities at the bottom of the ocean

    this would be my guess: Deep-sea mining is a potential source of critical and other minerals that may enable new technologies, such as extended-range electric cars, lighter rechargeable batteries, and more weather-resistant wind turbines.

    It’s estimated that the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone contains more commercially viable mineral and metal deposits than all of the surface-level deposits on Earth combined.

    it may not be economically viable at the moment, but yeah, probably lots of good shit down there in those underwater mountain ranges…

    irony being, i’m fascinated by it, but the whole notion of mining kind of turns me off…

    Jalen Brunson is currently top 30 in BPM and WS/48, as well as top 10 in RAPTOR (IQ is top 30 in RAPTOR), and he hasn’t even been shooting well from 3. What a get he was–we’d literally be Lakers level without him.

    I think the impact of his defensive struggles on our team’s overall performance is rather overrated. He’s definitely not a point of attack defender, but that role isn’t really that useful in any high-leverage NBA environment, as there is so much switching at that level that elite isolation guys will find the matchup that they want. In general, our issue is that we can’t contain penetration at any spot from 1-4 (except when IQ is playing), and this surely isn’t just Brunson’s fault. He’s not an awful team defender–he’s usually in the right place, he just can’t really contest. He rebounds decently for a 6 foot guard and gets timely steals and charges (he also gets lots of blocking fouls because of his willingness to take charges). His box score defenses is eerily similar to Kyle Lowry’s, though Lowry is obviously the better defender. He’s not an asset on that defense but he’s certainly not as bad as, say, Evan Fournier, Derrick Rose, Bad Julius, or RJ Barrett (yeah, I said it–he’s been a bad defender this year and is a nonentity in general despite being assigned to the main guy every night).

    TUKBeing, this from The Strickland link Cyber sent, re IQ and Brunson:

    ‘Some worry about [IQ] playing with Brunson because of size. Nonsense. They have a +20.4 Net Rating & 91.5 DRTG together.’

    Brunson is really good. I am going to bang the drum on that take while it’s still even remotely in question. He’s really good and super affordable. Tyson is the only guy who was remotely as good a pickup.

    IQ played fantastic last night. He took some shots that were vintage “no no yes!” shots. That’s kind of the thing that works best for him. Those two threes he hit in the fourth quarter were a perfect example of him thriving with no care for consequences.

    If Thibs had taken him out when he got that 4th foul I am confident we lose that game

    GEO – I am completely sympathetic with the goal of reducing climate change but I think most of the people involved with the modern environmental movement are ill equipped to do that.

    Cam has played better than anybody has anticipated, but:

    1. He’s still not that good
    2. And now you gotta pay him

    He’s an UFA after this season, so if you want to bring him back it’s gonna cost market rate. I suppose there might still be some upside in there, but I just don’t know how much upside we’re talking about given Cam’s inability to stuff a boxscore.

    No, JK, Cam is still on his rookie contract, so he’ll be a RFA at the end of the season. We should wait for proposals and then decide if we want to match it or not. Or we should work the phones and get a trade for him while he’s looking like he’s an ok player, like DRed suggested. I prefer the latter, and if we somehow can use Cam as the sweetener to be able to trade Randle, then that’d be the icing on the cake.

    If Cam can turn into a genuine night in night out lockdown defender guarding 1-3 (he’s too weak to deal with 4/5s for now) it’s worth the low assists/rebounds as long as he’s not a disaster offensively. I think his defensive awareness level has really improved since the year began- if can maintain constant defensive focus the ceiling there is really high. The offense just needs to be consistently okay- his long stretches of utter invisibility that are only interrupted by terrible decision making need to become a thing of the past. He’s earned his rotation minutes- now he needs to earn his next contract.

    I’d love to see an IQ, Grimes, Cam, Obi, Sims get some run tonight.

    If Cam can turn into a genuine night in night out lockdown defender guarding 1-3 (he’s too weak to deal with 4/5s for now) it’s worth the low assists/rebounds as long as he’s not a disaster offensively.

    that seems to be it there nico…his effort and attitude have been a really nice surprise this season…

    “Look at our starting lineup. Edmond Sumner, Royce O’Neale, Joe Harris, [Nic] Claxton and me. It’s not disrespect, but what are you expecting from that group?”

    that’s some funny stuff right there…no disrespect, just saying, the other four guys i’m out on the court with kind of suck at professional basketball

    Raven – It’s a long conversation and this isn’t the right venue. I think opposition to nuclear power, one of the foundational pillars of early modern environmentalism, was a massive tragedy and an avoidable one. A close contact was involved with the movement throughout the 80s and 90s, and their behind the scenes stories had me disillusioned long ago. People back then in the movement understood climate change and understood what they should do and didn’t do it because of financial and political considerations.

    I think the current state of the modern climate movement is similarly fraught. It’s sad but the truth is that a lot of what the environmental movement has done on climate has turned out to be highly self defeating, at least measured in carbon emissions. The kind of people confidently asserting that wind and solar are the cheapest forms of energy also are the people completely ignoring the fact that only 200 miles of transmission lines were built in America last year, when we will conservatively need 200,000-300,000 to achieve electrification. And the people stopping it are not Trump voters.

    I don’t know if it’s farce or fantasy or fraud but it’s very frustrating. One of the least understood inconvenient truths out there is that the largest reductions of carbon emissions America has ever experienced has come directly out of a drill bit. It’s come from fracking. Nuclear power would be up there too if it weren’t in terminal decline. Add in led light bulbs, car emission standards, some basic home efficiency, offshoring of jobs to places that burn coal. And sure some wind and gas. That’s about it.

    Anyway, rant over. I hope it all works out but not feeling that confident at the moment.

    no disrespect, just saying, the other four guys i’m out on the court with kind of suck at professional basketball

    It’s hilarious. He’s a terrible leader, how the f*ck does he think those guys are feeling right now? Highly motivated to play with him again? Should they thank him, in case they manage to win? I don’t regret not getting KD and Kyrie at all, they are a disaster, even if they’re great basketball players, all the rest is a disaster that i don’t want on the Knicks.

    Owen, as someone who personally knows a lot of people involved in environmental activism let me see if I can put you at ease a bit.

    I get the strong impression there’s a next generation of sorts that is far less antagonistic towards nuclear, and understands that for most renewables to be viable at scale we will have to build, build, and build some more. The latter might involve upsetting some people with Biden signs in their yards, and I also think this is understood by the next generation.

    Now, whether these realizations will translate into policy wins/change is an entirely different question I couldn’t begin to answer. But I think the kind of environmental activist who has understandably frustrated you is going extinct.

    according to DARKO & EPM Cam is a bad offensive player who is mediocre on defense fwiw. He’s playing like a homeless man’s Klay Thompson we don’t have to start worry about what to pay him.

    The environmental movement has largely been centered around preservation since its inception so pivoting to the build, build, build, necessary to reduce carbon emissions is tough. But of course the only real solution for the longterm health of the planet is to drastically cut consumption not mitigate its effects and that seems to be an impossible sell.

    TNFH – I agree with that. It is better. But the damage is done. Some of it was bad luck. If Fukushima doesn’t happen German nuclear doesn’t shut down (not dead yet, thank you Greta!) But not that hopeful. The permitting challenge in place is so immense.

    Nicos- drastically cutting consumption is doing a lot of work as a phrase there. It’s not possible, not politically. People will never agree to it.

    Anyway, I am a downer. Back to the Knicks

    Not only the Joker is out, Bones is out too and Gordon is questionable. Back-to-back at altitude are hard but things are shaping well…

    I think the problem of modern environmentalism is the fact that so much of it is focused in the wrong place. We cannot stop pollution by changing peoples behavior besides it puts the impetus on the wrong things. We need a massive paradigm shift when it comes to profit and greed at a macro level before any choices myself or my neighbors make even start to matter.

    It is a capitalism issue first and a conservation issue much later. We want people to use less plastic then we need to produce less plastic it is not on a struggling family trying to survive to have to make that choice it is on the billion dollar corporations to make cleaner choices not you or I.

    As long as capitalism exists and profit and wealth are the goal environmentalism will always fail.

    I am a downer.

    near term (within the next 100 years) I definitely agree…longer term, I’m confident the issues regarding our abuse of the planet will be addressed…if for no other reason than the people living then will be forced to clean this place up…

    dang double post…

    good news owen, this discussion will fade away for us in another few hours 🙂

    ha, we all have as much chance of improving global climate change as we do helping the knicks win games…

    growing up never imagined buying water in a bottle…can’t wait to buy my first bottle of air…

    Exactly! And people should try to conserve and recycle and fly less, etc. but just from a pure practicality point of view, getting a dozen or so multi National corporations to actually really change their behavior should be easier than getting billions of individuals to change theirs. But it does have to be both. As individuals we have to try and do better but we also have to demand better from the corporations that rule our lives.

    Owen, I agree 100% about nuclear power. How many people has the use of nuclear power killed? Not very many. How many people does global warming kill? Probably millions by now. But nuclear power has highly publicized accidents and people are scared of it. Having one third of Pakistan under water is worse, but people don’t think of that as global warming kills people.

    As someone who previously worked in recycling outreach, a lot of recycling is kind of a joke. People don’t understand how to recycle and end up contaminating batches so we need to throw out a lot of it. A large part of the problem is that it can be confusing to figure out what is and isn’t recyclable, and there isn’t a great way to resolve that.

    Plus, at the time (and probably now with supply chain issues), recycling wasn’t profitable for a lot of materials and just won’t happen.

    Even if recycling does happen effectively there is questionable environmental value because of the emissions created transporting materials to a sorting facility and from the sorting facility to a processing plant.

    I strongly encourage people to recycle and compost but it’s not a solution by any means.

    Also, with regards to a lot of environmental issues there’s a lot of NIMBY-ism. Lot of people want solar panels or wind power, they just don’t want to see any of it from their porch. Goes doubly for a power plant.

    great, if some collider somewhere doesn’t trigger some kind of warp field, this gun will get it done…

    in the future some alien will revisit our solar system and wonder where the earth disappeared to…

    ha, now we know what whiterose’s machine was meant to do…

    Which game do you care less about anyone winning, with best result being a sink hole swallowing each stadium — Celtics-Hawks, or Cowboys-Packers?

    almost game time…

    watching pence talk on cnn…he has such a “I am a complete prick” kind of countenance…

    scary guy, maybe even scarier than cheney and his hunting rifle…

    I mean, he is full with God and the good word…can’t be all bad right.

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