2020-21 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nets

The Knicks head to Brooklyn to take on the Nets in part one of a rough back-to-back affair, with the Nets tonight and then the Sixers tomorrow night. Both the Nets and the Sixers have been on crazy hot streaks, with the Nets seemingly poised to take over the top spot in the Eastern Conference, except for the Sixers continuing to win just as much as them, so they never quite get the top spot.

The most amazing thing about the Nets is that they’re doing all of this without Kevin Durant, as James Harden has absolutely taken over the Nets and made them his team very quickly. Durant has now become this astonishing, like, luxury for the Nets. They’re playing really well and they can still flip the switch and add Kevin freakin’ Durant to the squad! It’s really remarkable. Meanwhile, the Sixes lost the previous odds-on favorite for MVP, Joel Embiid, to a knee injury and then they went out and beat the Spurs by something like 245 points o something like that.

These are two tough games for the Knicks.

Now, the bright side of things. One, the Nets just barely edged out the shitty Pistons (granted, Jerami Grant played and, as I noted about the Thunder, it’s shocking bow different some of these teams play when their best player is missing. It’s like they fall apart), so it’s not like they’re invincible and two, the Sixers are still playing without Joel Embiid, after all.

The Knicks will be underdogs in both of these games, but I just have a funny feeling that they’ll find a way to at least split these two games. It’d be awesome if they got that first win tonight and then play with house money tomorrow night, all loosey-goosey (instead of having to worry about dropping below .500).

Let’s go beat up one of the best teams in the NBA, Knicks!