2020-21 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Worst Team in the Eastern Conference Playing Without Their Best Player

The Knicks host the Detroit Pistons in their final game before the All-Star break with a chance to go over .500 ahead of the break.

And now the news is that the Pistons’ best player, Jerami Grant (which, of course, says a lot about the Pistons) will miss tonight’s game.

Derrick Rose, despite a few more negative COVID tests, will miss tonight’s game, but there is a chance that either Elfrid Payton or Frank Ntilikina will play tonight despite both being considered day-to-day. I imagine whichever one of those two plays will then also start the game.

The Knicks blew these guys out in Detroit, the Pistons played last night and they’re playing without Jerami Grant. The Knicks should absolutely win this game. It’d be a shock if they did not. Obviously, the Raptors should have also beaten the Pistons last night, but seriously, this has got to be a win.

Entering the break with a winning record would be awfully sweet.

Let’s go, winning record at the All-Star Break Knicks!