2020-21 Game Thread: Knicks @ Thunder Without SGA

The Knicks head to Oklahoma City this afternoon to take on the SGA-less OKC Thunder.

The Knicks are in the midst of a tough four-game road trip and holy shit, did they need to hear that SGA wasn’t going to play today! He’s by far the best player on OKC and pretty much where all of their offense comes from, so the Knicks really should be able to get this one and get back over .500 ahead of a tough back-to-back in Brooklyn and Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday night (I swear, even though they’ve been in Brooklyn for almost a decade, I still instinctively think of them as the New Jersey Nets).

No Elfrid Payton or Derrick Rose today, so Frank Ntilikina is starting once again. It’s hilarious how it feels like he is either starting or glued to the bench. I imagine that this means that we’ll see some Point Burks today, which is gross, but, well, I mean, it’s the SGA-less Thunder, the Knicks could have Eddy Curry (2021 Eddy Curry, even!) playing the point and they should be able to pull this game off.

Let’s go get over .500, Knicks!