NY Post: Tom Thibodeau didn’t look pleased as flat Knicks fall to Bulls

From Marc Berman:

Tom Thibodeau isn’t used to losing in Chicago. So no wonder the former Bulls coach looked more hostile than usual Monday night at United Center, lashing out at referees and his players in a dispiriting 110-102 loss to the mediocre Bulls.

The Bulls broke a three-game losing streak as Thibodeau’s club fell to a season-worst four games under .500 at 9-13. The Knicks coach said the club didn’t play with “great effort for an extended period of time.’’

The Knicks have lost five of six games as they had defensive breakdowns, offensive breakdowns and even Thibodeau’s postgame Zoom call got interrupted, sustaining technical difficulties due to Bulls’ arena issues.

The Knicks were as cold as a snowstorm from the 3-point line (6 of 29) and didn’t come up with any clutch scoring plays late. They looked flat to start the game and fell behind by 11 points in the opening quarter, then came out in a fog to begin the third quarter and a four-point halftime deficit grew to 11 again.

“I just think we’ve got to mentally lock in and get off to better starts, first and third,’’ said Julius Randle, who finished with 23 points, 11 rebound and seven assists. “Specifically the third, we dig ourselves out of holes. We’ve got to come out with more of a sense of urgency.’’

That was a rough loss. They really were flat for so much of the game and hoo boy, this offense is, well, you know, not good.

There seems to be a bit too much smoke about Zach LaVine. How would a trade for Zach LaVine make any sense with the Knicks? He’s not going to come cheap, so what is the point? I’m not necessarily against trading some of their assets for a star, but Zach LaVine is, you know, not a star. That’s why the Bulls are willing to trade him in the first place!

With each game being Game 7, this one must have really hurt Thibs, since it was to Chicago. Hopefully Thibs gets his revenge on Wednesday.