NY Post: Win-now Knicks monitoring Bradley Beal, Victor Oladipo

From Marc Berman, who, let’s be frank, seems to be kind of stirring the pot here, right? He could be correct, but it still seems like stirring the pot:

The Knicks did not make Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina or any of their first-round picks available in the Derrick Rose trade on Sunday, The Post has learned.

Though Knox and Ntilikina are out of the rotation, the Knicks are saving as many young assets as possible for a future significant deal.

The Knicks — as well as several other teams — are monitoring the situations of shooting guards Bradley Beal and Victor Oladipo. The Knicks (11-15) get an up-close look at both players in a Friday-Saturday back-to-back.

The Knicks face Beal’s Wizards (6-15) Friday in Washington, then host Oladipo and the Rockets (11-13) on Saturday.

Beal always seems a step away from being put on the trading block, and league executives think it’s more a matter of when, not if, he will be dealt.

“Eventually I think the Wizards will [trade him],” one NBA executive said. “They want to treat Beal right. I think Beal will get frustrated enough to ask for a trade and they will accommodate him.”

One league executive also wondered whether the Wizards would trade Beal to an Eastern Conference team.

The player who is already available — and who would be much less costly — is Oladipo, whom Houston obtained from the Pacers in the blockbuster trade of James Harden. Sources contend the Rockets are amenable to trading Oladipo, since he’ll be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

If the Knicks were to seize Oladipo, it would show that general manager Scott Perry still has considerable power in the organization. Perry, while with the Magic, drafted the University of Indiana product with the No. 2-overall pick in the 2013 draft.

“The Knicks were definitely sniffing around Victor when he was with the Pacers,” one NBA source said.

Knicks president Leon Rose is said to be not as high on Oladipo’s future, but coach Tom Thibodeau still is looking for roster upgrades because of his team’s scoring woes, league sources affirm.

“The team can’t shoot! I know, let’s go get Victor Oladipo!” is not something that I think has ever been said.

I can truly see the Knicks being in on Beal, though. They probably shouldn’t be, but I could totally see them being in on Beal.