2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

Mike Miller, when asked why Taj was still starting over Mitch, replied, “How well Mitchell’s playing. It’s that simple” Oooooooooph. That’s rough. That’s….that’s rough. That hurts, Mike Miller, that hurts. Anyhow, let’s go? Knicks!

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Sixers

No Joel Embiid tonight, so maybe the Knicks will have a chance! I sure would love to see some Trier/Barrett 2/3 pairings tonight! Let’s go? Knicks!

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hornets

This will be tough for them to lose. Let’s go? Knicks!

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Rockets

The Knicks continue their second half playoff push by heading to Houston, where I think every player is shorter than Frank. Or something like that. The Knicks better win the rebounding game tonight, at least! Let’s go? Knicks!

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers

The Knicks start their second half playoff push tonight against the Indiana Pacers! The Knicks won their last matchup and almost beat them the time before that, so this could be a big win in their race to the #10 seed. Let’s go? Knicks!

Allan Houston lining up for promotion in Knicks front office shakeup: source

From Stefan Bondy: As Leon Rose prepares for his imminent takeover, Garden constant Allan Houston has emerged as a candidate for a front office promotion, a league source told the Daily News. The former All-Star, 48, is currently the GM of the G-League affiliate in Westchester and has been a Knicks executive since 2008, surviving […]

2019-20 Game Thread: The Super Cool, Rebranded Knicks vs. The Loser, 1997-Branded Wizards

“We don’t want to remind people of shooting deaths!” Boo! That’s so 1997 branding, Wizards! Be like the Knicks! They have a marketing guru! The dude’s a freakin’ GURU! And the Bureau of Guru-ing is a really serious deal. You have to work at that licensing. You can’t just put on an expensive T-Shirt and […]

Knicks Continue to Perpetuate “LOLKnicks” By Disavowing Steve Stoute’s First Take Interview

The Knicks’ official PR account released the following statement: That’s such a massive self-own. I love that Stoute’s response is not even to REALLY apologize, but to just note that he inadverently insinuated something. That’s not an apology! That’s not even “I was wrong in what I said!” That’s just, to quote the Simpsons… It’s […]

NBC Sports: Steve Stoute: Raptors ‘brought in Drake to bring that thing. The New York Knicks brought in me’

From NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman, a collection of some of the dumbest moments from Steve Stoute’s disastrous outing on ESPN’S First Take (he also has a link to the video, so you can see Stoute flop sweat through the awfulness)… The biggest thing is getting free agents and players to know that this is a […]

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hawks – 10th Seed, Here We Come!

“Heaven has no brighter star than our next stellar guest, that omnipotent master of the east and former manicurist to Howard Hughes, Carnac the Magnificent… Welcome once again, O Great Sage… I hold in my hand these envelopes. As a child of four can plainly see, these envelopes have been hermetically sealed. They’ve been kept […]