2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Sixers

No Joel Embiid tonight, so maybe the Knicks will have a chance!

I sure would love to see some Trier/Barrett 2/3 pairings tonight!

Let’s go? Knicks!

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Tatum has played the most minutes on a top-4 team as a 21 year old. He leads his team in VORP, is second to Kemba in BPM, and is the highest usage player on the team (even higher than Kemba!)

To give a sense of the scale:

+10.0 is an all-time season (think peak Jordan or LeBron)
+8.0 is an MVP season (think peak Dirk or peak Shaq)
+6.0 is an all-NBA season
+4.0 is in all-star consideration
+2.0 is a good starter
+0.0 is a decent starter or solid 6th man
-2.0 is a bench player (this is also defined as “replacement level”)
Below -2.0 are many end-of-bench players

saying “Jayson Tatum is somewhere between good starter and an all-star at age 21 and that’s really impressive” is something I would agree with. Saying Jayson Tatum has blossomed before our unworthy eyes into a superstar after a month in which he took 6 off the dribble 3s a game and made more than half of them seems to be a bit premature. Tatum played really, really well recently. We are probably evaluating him at the apogee of his season.

Anyhow, on to the knicks. I wish we had a good player young we utilized in a system tailored to his strengths.

DRed, respectfully, that is nonsense. It is exceedingly rare for a 21 year old to have a 1A (to Kemba’s 1, and it could be argued in reverse) on a top-4 team, and he is arguably the best player on his team. Pretty much everyone who has done that has gone on to he a superstar. For example, he’s having a better season than Paul George did as a 22 year old in 2012-13. He may be having a better season than Melo ever did.

No one here is claiming he is a top-10 player (I certainly am not) but he’s certainly a top-10 player still on a rookie contract, maybe even top-5. He’s not a superstar yet, but he’s on that path.

And the scale you illustrated is pretty arbitrary. Why don’t you run it again for 21 and under players?

Clyde: “I said Mario [andretti] are you rooting for the Knicks tonight and he started laughing”

Having gone away from the give mitch the ball and let him dunk it offense we are struggling to score.

Getting blown out by the Sixers who are without Simmons and Embiid and starting a guy named Shake feels about right.

Tatum is a Celtic so he sucks.

That’s the scale from whoever built bpm.

Well even so, he’s clearly within the margin of error of “all-star consideration” and that’s pretty much what he is, a legit all-star candidate, meaning one of the best wings in the league. No one is claiming that he’s anything more than that, but at his age, and given his outsized role on a top-4 team, he’s on track for becoming an all-NBA player in short order. Would you bet against it?

You can be All-NBA without being All-NBA. As Carmelo proved.

I like Tatum though. Why are we talking about Tatum?

I would love to watch Mitch play. Because I can’t think of any other reason to watch this shite. The fact Shake Milton outjumped RJ Barrett is a little distressing.

the tatum stuff is my fault.

not sure what has been worse this half, the offense or the defense.

I’ll sum up my feeling about the Celtics. I’d be thrilled with Tatum, Brown, Walker, and Hayward. The problem is if they were playing for NY the young players wouldn’t develop as well and team would be less productive because we’d be playing the wrong players at the wrong positions in the wrong combinations. Oh yeah, they can keep Kanter.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a player take this big a step backwards without an injury/layoff being involved the way Knox has. We can’t even send him down to the G league. They’d kill him down there too and then his confidence would really be shot. He’s basically in a coma.

Re KP, after yesterday’s game he said this: “I feel like also me playing at the five now more I’m more involved with him in the pick and rolls and not standing around on the perimeter as much. I’m more involved rolling, popping (and) then I have the option to pick what I want to do and play off of Luka. We have a better rhythm now.”

One positive thing about getting Thibs — we’d get to see Mitch for 40 minutes a game. At least until his skinny legs snapped, that is…


I saw that article.

Haralabos Voulgaris was screaming on Twitter that he should play C from as early as his rookie season in order to maximize the value of his ability to space the floor. HV works for Dallas now. Maybe some of that is his influence. Carlisle/Cuban also said they like him better at C to open spacing for Doncic.

I’ve had mixed feelings about it. While he was on the Kncks he was getting pushed around by small guys, let alone the really big tough Cs. I also felt that he was more likely to get hurt banging with those guys. But I was in favor of it against some matchups.

He’s clearly stronger now though. You can see it in the rebounding numbers, but if you watch the games he doesn’t get pushed around and stripped as much as he used to.

If they think he can handle the banging without getting hurt and he likes it playing that position better, I’m all for it. At one time he hated the idea.

It’s clearly better for him to not have to chase faster PFs around on the perimeter on defense. He gets beat by the really fast guys a little too often. Id rather see him protect the paint and help instead. He can also use his ability to shoot from 3, drive, or roll against slower Cs better.

Well, Trier gets buckets no matter how long he sits on the bench. It’s kind of impressive honestly.

God, we stink.

Also, an Ellington buyout would be real nice right now. DSJ has a concussion, Frank’s groin injury won’t go away(*), Kadeem is still sick or hurt or something, and it would be nice to be able to roster Lamar Peters for a bit.

(*) The only thing I ever think of when I hear the phrase “groin injury” is, of course, this.

It legit is. Friend of mine has been talking about since it was announced, his take was that it was the show that were the drivers behind the whole thing and bearing most of the burden of cost but he’s a theater buff so who knows. An excellent thing to do, all around.

still can’t believe we started bobby portis

We do need more shooting in the starting lineup. Seemed to free up Randle, Payton, and RJ

I had a great sleep instead of watching this one live.
I’m so masochist that i watched it in the morning despite the fact that i knew the final score due to league pass’s faulty ‘hide scores’ mode on the cell phone.

Do numbers lie ?
Checking at the box score you have the impression that you found an ALL NBA/Future Hall of Famer talent in Julius….
Watching the game tells you the shitty truth.

Mrs Development died young.
I’m sorry to admit it but i feel like Miller has lost the team too….just as Fiz did.
The body language says:
Play for yourself and let the team Go fuck itself.
Development seems impossible to my eyes right now under these circumstances and the best way to go maybe is to bench the mercenaries and play ONLY the kids to let them feel the league’s burn and also Tank hard.

Well of course the team isn’t going to really care what Miller does. They’ve been told in the press he isn’t going to be the coach next year already.

>I really feel like Randle is the second coming of Zach Randolph<

Pretty good comparison.

Randolph was probably a little better, but that may be the path Randle is on.

I’ve pretty much lost interest. With the way our young guys are playing, the path to respectability seems so far away it’s starting to feel hopeless. There’s no one on this team I’m genuinely exited about. I like Mitch a lot, but he’s very limited and there’s been a noticeable lack of progress. A great rim runner is only going to get you so far.

Our great rim runner broke 30 minutes today, but only took three shots. He was three for three, which you’d think would count for something, but well, this is the Knicks.

I agree with Bidiong. The public announcement there will be a new coach made it very hard on Miller. I also think Miller may be getting direction to tank discreetly and maybe to give everyone a shot. Either way, it makes for not very watchable basketball.

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