2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Anthony Davis’ Team Before He Joins the Knicks

Marcus Morris is not even playing, so there’s really no point to this game anymore. Morris doing well against a top team might have helped his trade value, but instead, the only thing you can root for is Mitch maybe doing okay? Frank doing something? Knox perhaps playing a little?

This team is so depressing. I don’t even think I could celebrate Mills being fired all that much (I mean, I would celebrate it) unless I knew Dolan wasn’t going to just replace him with, like, Allan Houston or whatever.

Dolan is so annoying. He just dampens all possible theoretical excitement with this team.

But hey, Dwight Powell, the Mavs’ actual good big man, is out for the rest of the season, maybe that will help the Knicks with the Mavs pick they own in…2021. Ugh. There is nothing to root for with this team.

Morris is playing tonight! Go for it, Mook! Score 40!

Let’s go? Knicks!