2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Anthony Davis’ Team Before He Joins the Knicks

Marcus Morris is not even playing, so there’s really no point to this game anymore. Morris doing well against a top team might have helped his trade value, but instead, the only thing you can root for is Mitch maybe doing okay? Frank doing something? Knox perhaps playing a little?

This team is so depressing. I don’t even think I could celebrate Mills being fired all that much (I mean, I would celebrate it) unless I knew Dolan wasn’t going to just replace him with, like, Allan Houston or whatever.

Dolan is so annoying. He just dampens all possible theoretical excitement with this team.

But hey, Dwight Powell, the Mavs’ actual good big man, is out for the rest of the season, maybe that will help the Knicks with the Mavs pick they own in…2021. Ugh. There is nothing to root for with this team.

Morris is playing tonight! Go for it, Mook! Score 40!

Let’s go? Knicks!

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DSJ is apparently available for the game tonight, so I have a good feeling about this one.

In lieu of getting a 1st for Mook (preference), I wouldn’t hate getting a young guy like Shamet. That being said I don’t think there is anyway the Clippers let him go for Mook, despite how well he has played.

Yeah, I would imagine that there are very few untouchable players on the Clippers outside of Leonard and George, but Shamet is as close as you come to untouchable. A valuable rotation player on a rookie deal? That’s like manna from heaven for capped out super teams. The Clippers can keep Shamet on the team through 2022-23 if they want without giving him a non-rookie contract raise!

On July 8, 2010, I woke up hoping to see LeBron James announce that he would be moving to MSG. I saw that he was going to make the announcement in suburban Connecticut and convinced myself it was strong evidence he was coming to NYC.

Of course, I was wrong. The Knicks never had a chance.

Tonight seems like an appropriate time to mine that pain.

Wow, Damyean is lit tonight….

If the 24 footer isn’t there take the 28 footer. I like it.

C’mon Mike. Just let Frank and Dot play all the minutes together from here on out.

Despite Frank’s 0/5 i love his aggressiveness tonight.
Box score fuckoff !

And of course, after the young bench played really well, we have to watch the fucking all-mercenary lineup for the last 4:30 of the first half.

sounds like a good one so far…blacked out on the lakers games…they went in the same direction the dodgers did a few years ago and are now on “spectrum” tv…i got fios…oh well…got the tv though tuned to nbatv so should be able to catch some”look-ins” throughout the game…

I remain one of the utter fools who cannot see how good Frank Ntilikina is going to be in 3-4 years

Like imagine Frank played like he did tonight, but like 4 of the shots went in and he got fouled a couple times.

I remain one of the utter fools who cannot see how good Frank Ntilikina is going to be in 3-4 years

Well, he’s vastly improved in propensity and ability to get by his guy on offense, and offensive aggression generally in just like the last month, or so. He’s like a different person in that category. Everyone was complaining that he was too passive and not quick-twitchy enough and, lo and behold out of the blue, that’s not the case anymore. That’s what happens with young players, and we just have to be patient and hope he continues developing. That’s what rebuilding means; that’s what developing young talent means.

He’s still missing the second part — actually making the shots he can now get off with his new-found aggressiveness. He has good shooting form, so the hope is that eventually he starts making them. To this end, the Knicks should be giving this growing and improving Frank far more reps, in lieu of playing a mediocre and tapped-out mercenary — but if they did that, they wouldn’t be the Knicks.

Great loss.
It’s sad that I have a better outside shot than Ntilikina.
And Zion was a beast last night.

I turned off the Pellies at about 1115. It appears I missed a real explosion from Zion. He wasn’t great in the first half. 4-4 from three!

Wow, 17 straight points. That is mythic.

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