2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nuggets

Well, at the very least, we get to watch an awesome young 22-year-old center tonight.

Hopefully Dotson gets some burn!

Let’s go? Knicks!

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So, is THJ missing out on all back-to-backs?

This Noah thing is bonkers. This team is never not a mess.

So, was Noah suspended or is he just on a DRose Holiday?

To be honest, if he’s pissed and wants out, that could be a good thing… buyout?

Can’t believe Horny is playing Burke with Frank. Thomas kills the lineup, but still! a good sign!

Burke took that shot too soon near the end of the quarter. Gave the Nuggets a free hoop to cap off an awful quarter defensively.

You know what you never hear from a color commentator for Knicks games? “Man, you couldn’t have played any better defense than that, very tough shot by X”

Tonight it’s all dunks and uncontested 3’s. I may have to shut this shit show off.

Burke, Frank and Willy all look fine. But they need someone to guard Chandler. Where’s McD?

Willy and Burke aren’t great on D, but having anyone in place of Jack and Kanter on that end is a breath of fresh air.

Bettor’s special: This is the Knick’s third consecutive game in a city where marijuana is legal.

It feels like the “tank” has unofficially started.

Guys are starting to sit out games, the rotations are different, and there’s not much energy. Everyone is just waiting for the trade deadline to see who’s gone.


It feels like the “tank” has unofficially started.

I felt that way after the LA game.

I’ve seen enough of Burke to think that Jack should not be playing any more. Burke and Frank should share all the PG minutes.

I can see why Willy sits behind Kanter. They should just trade him for whatever they can get.

New York is 6 games out of the #1 slot in the draft, but quite frankly I’d settle for the #6 or #7 pick. I think the goal is obviously Trae Young, but if we can’t sink low enough to add him and get stuck picking in the late lottery, I’d target a guy like Chandler Hutchinson. Hutchinson dropped 34 against Utah in the NIT last year when one Kyle Kuzma was guarding him, and this season he seems to really have put it all together offensively. He projects as a plus-rebounding wing (9.2 rebounds/40 through four years at Boise State), can shoot the three ball, has the ability to create his own shot off the bounce, has really good speed in the open floor, and has an ability to get fouled. At pick number 12 or 13 I think he’d be excellent value. A lot like Donovan Mitchell last year, his overall TS% is lower than his .632 TS% for conference play. He looks like a guy who could be a difference maker from day one with his shooting and transition scoring.

I coudn’t watch the game, but the box score bears out the comments above. We shot 55% including 38% from three and scored 118 points. But they shot 60%, including 50% from three. Our defense must have been horrible. Only Beasley had a positive plus minus for anyone who played significant minutes.

Awful performance on defense tonight. Just pitiful. If it wasn’t a wide open three, it was an and-one in the paint. The points were coming so fast in the 2nd quarter that my head was spinning. I guess that it’s a moral victory that the Nuggets only scored 130. they were on a 150 pace at the half. Could missing THJr, O’Quinn and Noah be that much of a handicap?

I like Trey but yeah, he’s never going to be a shut-down defender and bigger point guards will take advantage of the miss-match.

We’re now only half a game ahead of Utah and Charlotte. Time to start sinking. Let’s go!

This is so tantalizing, but we know that they’re going to screw this shit up.

Could missing THJr, O’Quinn

Yeah. O Quinn is limited in space, but he’s a good shot blocker and a good rebounder. Timmy is not exactly a stopper on defense, but he’s also not Lance Thomas. Lose two of your 4 best players and it’s going to be hard if you’re not golden state

It’s amazing that Beasley had the best plus minus. He’s making me want to keep him. And he apparently wants to stay in NY, if only because he doesn’t want to keep moving, so we have a chance.

He has trouble against certain centers I would say. But as a weak side defender helping on defending people who drive to the basket, he’s really good.

He’s a great rim protector. Not much else, but in the right system he can be truly special. Anyway I think this All-Star nomination is the worst thing that could have possibly happened to his development. He’s far from a finished product and he’s not a great player (yet? I don’t know, I’m losing faith).

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