2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Jazz

Rudy Gobert returns for the Jazz tonight as they host the Knicks on national television.

That is not a good thing for the Knicks, but hey, this team makes no sense, watch them do really well against the Jazz even with Gobert.

Let’s go? Knicks?

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If Knicks selected Donovan Mitchell instead of Ntilikina, would we be any better? Would he play PG?

Mitchell has been solid for a rookie, but not good for an NBA player. We’d probably have another win or two.

Worst case scenario: Trey Burke is called up and takes our rookie’s minutes instead of Jack.

I seriously need to take a long look at myself and ask WTF am I doing spending my Friday night watching this basketball team.

12 players getting minutes in the 1st half, with everyone healthy Hornacek has no fucking clue what lineups to use.

Knicks grab their largest lead of the game of 9 pts early in the 4th quarter, game is tied 3 minutes later.

This has got to be a stealth tank near the end of the game jesus christ


Most surprising part of this season might be that TH Jr is proving he might actually be underpaid.

See what happens when you give Lance Thomas’ minutes to an NBA player?

As long as Frank plays defense there will be a place in the rotation for him.

Hardway trying to make up for us losing out on Towns because of him in 2014 huh

Thank you Utah for giving the Knicks this game. It was not so much a win for the Knicks as it was a game the Jazz lost. The collective IQ of this team is embarrassing.

What do you call a 7’3″ PF that gets 2 rebounds?

A shooting guard?

Hardway trying to make up for us losing out on Towns because of him in 2014 huh

Hardaway could stop a Panzer.

46 games in and horny is still throwing shit up on the wall to see what sticks…

not too thrilled with beasley out on the court at the end of games with timmy back…

thank god lance didn’t start…

burke seems to definitely have an effect on the team – frank in particular…

here’s to hoping jack starts the next game on the bench…

I’d love to know what the Knicks’ defensive rebound % is when KP plays the five- it’s just incredible how many offensive rebounds they give up. It’s not all on KP- Lee is an atrocious rebounder and Hardaway isn’t a whole lot better but man, those lineups are an adventure.

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